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Architecture Today....

129,90 zł Cena

Bogato ilustrowany zlbum Architecture Today. Commercial Space to książka dla architektów, architektów wnętrz i menadżerów siedzi detalicznych.

Haute Spaces: Restaurants

254,10 zł Cena
The cutting-edge interior designs featured in this series of books were selected from talented designers worldwide. Particular attention was paid to the artistic styles of the interior elements including wall decorations, furnishings, lighting, colours, materials and textures. The outstanding interiors here are results of an artistic selection process. This book is a must for designers and artists in interior design and architecture and contains high quality colour photos, floor pans, design concepts, and highlighted descriptions of outstanding elements which provide inspiration and display technical understanding of each project.

Very Small Cafes and...

124,95 zł Cena
Very Small Caf s and Restaurants features 40 projects from around the world by such designers as Wonderwall, Marti Guix , and Thomas Heatherwick. Almost all of the establishments featured measure less than 150 square metres so the designers must make a big impact with very little space. The book will be inspirational for designers faced with the challenge of a tiny caf or restaurant, as well as for independent food retailers looking for fresh new ways to present their product.


145,95 zł Cena
Imagine having a romatic dinner in a tram as it is making its way through Milan city center. Or would you rather visit an underwater restaurant? Would you even consider dining on a toilet seat and wiping your mouth with toilet paper? Or does the idea of sitting at a table suspended at a height of 50 metersseem more appealing? Extreme Restaurants takes you on an amazing journey through the world's most bizarre restaurants, from a UFO eatery and a skyscraper restaurant to a bistro in a revolving cable car and a restaurant with only one table. Grabbing a bite to eat has never been so adventurous.


141,75 zł Cena
Small Restaurants presents the latest work from great architects the world over. These cutting-edge and innovative designs are intended for small spaces; some find their dining rooms occupied by a single table, or one where only a limited number of diners can fit, yet none forget the care and detail that goes into each room and space that conform their interiors and personality.


114,45 zł Cena
New Restaurant Design showcases 45 of the best-designed, most exciting new dining venues around the world. Featured establishments include Patrick Jouin’s Senderens in Paris, Christian Liaigre’s Buddakan in New York and Philippe Starck’s Bon in Moscow. Fans of Bethan Ryder’s earlier books will not be disappointed by this colourful and exciting new survey of the latest projects from the cream of the international design world. The introduction features interviews with 11 of the world’s most influential interior designers – including Adam D. Tihany, Marcel Wanders, Patrick Jouin and David Collins – who talk about their design philosophy and approach, their favourite eateries and what makes a great restaurant space.


219,45 zł Cena
Eat Out! features international locations, concepts, and designers that deal with the world of food in a timely and surprising way. On the one hand, the book sheds light on current trends and future developments in restaurant design. It presents an extensive selection of locations with a design spectrum varying from glamorous to minimalist, from romantic to high-tech. On the other hand, Eat Out! examines in detail the different concepts that this variety of restaurants uses to create unique dining experiences. It also documents unconventional events and installations in which shared food experiences are created by eating together in extraordinary places or by unusual serving methods.


173,25 zł Cena
A follow-up to the highly successful New Bars & Restaurants, New Bars & Restaurants 2 takes us on a trip around the world, exploring the newest dining spaces in countries that range from France to Australia. What ties all of these projects together, however, is their original solutions to the venerable problem of dining design. An imaginative lighting system and the symbolic use of color, for example, are just two of the many design solutions that uncover universes of fantasy in a space where the focus is usually placed on the kitchen. With its detailed design comments and more than 500 full-color photographs, New Bars & Restaurants 2 will serve as an indispensable resource for the storeowner and architect alike.

Frame Magazine 64 - 7...

94,50 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie Sześćdziesiąte czwarte wydanie FRAME zawiera prezentacje na ponad 30 stronach projektów biur (bliskie) przyszłości, które zdają się być coraz to bardziej ekologiczne. Ponadto są tu projekty sklepów od Electric Dreams i Kris Ruhs. W wydaniu tym zaprezentowano sylwetkę japońskiego projektanta Nendo i niemieckiej desingerki Julii Lohmann. Polecamy także ciekawy wywiad z Jasperem Morrisonem. Przegląd produktów - panele akustyczne, kuchnie i meble biurowe oraz raport z targów Tendence oraz 100% Design Rotterdam.

Frame Magazine 65 - 2...

94,50 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie Sześćdziesiąte piąte wydanie FRAME to prezentacja par... Pary wnętrz pokazują jak znani projektanci potrafią w sposób całkowicie odmienny podejść do danego projektu. Wśród tych prezentacji jest holenderski twórca Germaine Kruip i jego butik dla marki Jill Sander, nietypowe pokoje hotelowe dla CitizenM i bar w Lodynie projektu Sama Buxtona. W tym wydaniu pokazano także sylwetkę chińskiego designera Ni Haifeng'a, Ilse Crawford oraz Arika Levy.

Frame Magazine 66 - PARTY...

94,50 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie Tom LXVII słynnego magazynu wnętrzarskiego FRAME prezentuje przede wszystkim projekty barów i klubów z wieloma przykładami i wywiadami. Pokazuje także świeży reportaż z "Les Bains des Docks" od Jean Nouvel'a oraz nową strategię sprzedaży firmy Nike. Ponadto widzimy w tym wydaniu organiczne krzesła od Tokujin Yoshioka oraz limitowane edycje mebli od Naoto Fukasawy.

Frame Magazine 68 – FOOD...

94,50 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie Kwietniowo majowe (#68) wydanie Frame Magazine w roku 2009 koncetruje się na restauracjach, z esejem krytyka Emmy Sturgess i 10 projektami starannie dobranymi przez redaktorów Frame. Ponadto apartament od Marcela Wandersa, 3 japońskie salony fryzjerskie, dwa biura oraz sylwetka skandynawskiej firmy projektowej Guise. Na koniec wywiady z product designerami - Ross Lovegrove oraz Nosigne.

Cool Spots Côte D'Azur

70,35 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie Long a jet set destination, the Côte d Azur is perhaps the world s number one playground. With a stunning array of clubs, shops, bars and restaurants, there s a multitude of places to see and be seen. This guide also features some of the Côte d Azur s finest hotels. Of course, the people-watching here is unparalleled, with a racy mixture of international playboys, models, movie legends, and...paparazzi! This chic guide chronicles all the best places to sip a cocktail, bask in the sun, or boogie till dawn.

Lukullus w sarmackich progach

61,95 zł Cena
Przewodnik po restauracjach w Polsce - dobra kuchnia, ciekawe wnętrza... Album - a zarazem nietypowy przewodnik dla smakoszy - który przedstawia najciekawsze i najlepsze polskie restauracje, bary, puby, karczmy, herbaciarnie i kawiarnie. Ocena autorów obejmowała zarówno kulinaria, jak też atmosferę i estetykę wnętrz, atrakcyjność miejsci i otoczenia oraz historię. Swoją opinię o tych niezwykłych lokalach, gdzie warto wstąpić na ucztę dla ciała i dla ducha, wyrazili przyznając ARKADKI w skali od 1 do 4, zamiast powszechnie stosowanych gwiazdek.


72,45 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie Five recently completed wineries in the European region are examined through photographs and technical drawings. Projects include: JMP and Associates Bodegas Darien and the Winery Gantenbein by Bearth & Deplazes Architekten. Also nine works and projects, the majority designed or realised in Korea, by Italian office MOTOelastico are presented; accompanied by technical drawings, photographs, drawings and several short essays.

Steven Holl LOISIUM World...

95,55 zł Cena

Dostępność: na zamówienie A few years ago, on the edge of Langenlois, Austria, in the midst of rolling vineyards, three neighboring families faced a puzzle: recent technology had made their extensive cellars, some up to 900 years old, obsolete for wine production. What to do with the space? This unique meeting of traditional viniculture, ancient building technology and contemporary architecture and scholarship was the answer.


141,75 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie The cybercafe is a recent retail phenomenon that has become a familiarsight in nearly every town of any size, and this is the first book to bedevoted to its design. Focusing on the more aesthetically engineeredestablishments, there are 30 case studies of notable cafes addressing, indifferent ways, such necessities as privacy, comfort and a serene,non-sterile environment. Such intriguing examples as the mobile, modularKH-2 in Tokyo, McDonald's flagship outlet on Oxford Street and the CafeCompany chain in Japan are well illustrated with plans, photos and text inEnglish and Spanish.

Gourmet Shops of Paris

114,45 zł Cena

Dostępność: na zamówienie Paris, the food-lover's capital, is adept at satisfying the most discerning gourmand. Gourmet Shops of Paris offers a unique guide to the best addresses for savoring the flavors of Paris, where sampling reigns supreme. Beautiful shops and boutiques offer delectable pastry and tarts, chocolate and candy, wine, bread, and cheese, olive oil, tea, and soup: the finest products from France's many celebrated regions and across the globe.

Brasseries and Bistros in...

124,95 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie Photos, stories, anecdotes, and original recipes entice readers to explore 50 historic Parisian restaurants, brasseries, and bistros, all in exceptional settings. Whether antique or contemporary, each introduces a Paris which is hospitable, unusual, and gastronomically delightful. 240 color photos.


114,45 zł Cena

Nie ma zbyt wielu zadań koncepcyjnych poza projektowaniem restauracji, które pokazałyby tak mocno efekt globalizacji. Często nawet ma to mniejszy związek z unifikacją międzynarodowych firm takich jak Starbucks i McDonalds, a większy z indywiudalnymi projektami - głównym tematem tej książki - ich różnorodnością jak nigdy wcześniej. Współczesne projektowanie restauracji jakkolwiek by na to nie patrzeć ma coraz mniej wspólnego z kulturą regionu (przyjnajmniej w miastach). Jeżeli Mark Newson tworzy wnętrza w Londynie lub Nowym Jorku, to projekt pokaże jego podpis, lecz nie zobaczymy tam dużego związku z miejscem.


41,99 zł Cena
French cuisine may be one of the most refined in the world, but that doesn't mean it's easy to find the best food Paris has to offer. That's why you'd be smart to carry this fabulous little guide book along with you, secure in the knowledge that your Parisian meals will be nothing but delicieux. Packed with photos, information and hotspot recommendations, this little treasure will have you eating in not only the yummiest and most chic restaurants, but also being seen in the city's trendiest bars, cafes, and beautiful tea salons.