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Font Family

183,75 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie See how 70 designers interpret typography in a totally new way! Find out about outstanding types! Discover impressive faces and facets of language! Font Family's content is based on graphic material that is strongly influenced by experimental fonts and cutting edge typography. Enjoy the sound of Typeradio and discover the extraordinary dimensions of typography. Read across the views of Rick Valicenti, Stefan Sagmeister and Satoru Nihei, describing their attitudes and backgrounds. Font Family comes with a CD containing 30 free fonts as well as audio and video files by Typeradio, MeekFM and Peter Bilak.

By Invitation Only

170,10 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie An invitation is a means of formal social communication that happens all year round. Whether it is made to inspire or bring memories, the ultimate goal of sending invitations is to draw attention and convince its recipients to take part in the great happenings coming up. Well-executed invitations add credits to party-givers and guarantee them a lasting impression that lingers on after the events. Gathering a rich selection of direct mails and invitations created for day-to-day occasions ranging from business functions to private parties, By Invitation Only - Tempting Invites in DM Design investigates how today's invitation design speaks the hosts' heart and soul and connects people with fresh appeal. From event objectives to designers' brilliant use of simple graphics, materials and tricks, this new title is asking you to forget the torment of opening junk and release the thrill of unwrapping more than 160 collectible invitations at a time!


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How long is it since you last went to an exhibition or an event of any sort? What information or amusement did you get from it? Did you enjoy it?