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The spirit of an era is reflected by its architecture. The worldwide turbulences of the past years have led to a correspondingly unparalleled diversity of buildings. This compendium presents an international exhibition of contemporary architecture against a backdrop of global trends, local traditions, functional demands, economical constraints and individual styles. The selection includes stunning designs from the most sought-after architects and talented up-and-coming companies, demonstrating new interpretations of forms to suit anticipated future demands. The Atlas of World Architecture sets a benchmark for buildings of all typologies from the past five years that have earned their place in architectural history.

Convention Centers

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Although convention centers are in high demand, the competition is tough, and new concepts are constantly in demand. Convention centers come in a range of forms, shapes, sizes and contexts. They can form part of a hotel, an airport, a skyscraper, a mountain-chalet or stand completely on their own.

Fire, Crime & Accident:...

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Architecture for rescue services has come a long way in the past decade. Buildings for the police, fire brigades and ambulance stations have lost their often primitive and shed-like appearance and have begun to strive for recognition as an equitable architectural typology since Zaha Hadid s trailblazing Vitra fire station in Weil am Rhein. This certainly is a challenge because there are numerous conditions to be taken into account in terms of functionality and especially security. The examples chosen for this title show an amazing diversity of emergency architecture.

Masterpieces: Roof...

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Affordable building lots in central locations in the large cities and metropolises are rare. When there are no available gaps in the urban structure, attic conversions and extensions are an interesting and favored form of redensification. This volume explores approximately 60 attic projects, as extensions, conversions, or new construction, which utilize the previously used storage space for new use. Existing buildings are expanded upwards and adapted to the contemporary desires and demands of their use. Some constitute a homogenous extension of the existing facade and augment the view in a barely noticeable way. Others use the design freedom above the eave height in order to create a 21st century architecture which contrasts with the historical building substance.


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Like in the past the towers of the cathedrals, sky scrapers became the defining features of cityscapes with the advent of the 20th century. Since the turn of the millennium they are again among the most prestigious and coveted architectural challenges. The design freedom of contours and the plastic volume of blobs have long since superseded the purely orthogonal towers of the past. Most current projects are being implemented in the Arab-Asian realm, such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world's highest building.

Playground Design

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Auf Spielplatzen konnen Kinder rutschen, wippen, schaukeln, klettern, skaten und vieles mehr, was die motorischen Fahigkeiten maßgeblich fordert. Das Sozialverhalten, das Kinder dort entwickeln, pragt Fahigkeiten, die bis in das Erwachsenenalter wirk- sam sind. Studien belegen, dass Spielplatze zu den wichtigsten Orten fur junge Menschen außerhalb des ha¿uslichen und schulischen Bereiches gehoren.Dieser Titel widmet sich den internationalen "Kidscapes" von heute und prasentiert die inno- vativsten Konzepte und aktuellen Trends dieser anspruchsvollen Gestaltungsaufgabe.

Airport Architecture

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Airports today are much more than gateways to cities, countries or continents. They have developed into city-like complexes and multifunctional systems, which while being set up to serve the needs of smoothly running air traffic, at the same time have taken on all the functions of a normal community: sleeping, shopping, work and leisure time and all that increasingly with 24-7 access. After an era of purely functional architecture, the nodal points of air traffic have become one of the most prominent architectural tasks of the present. Drawing on 60 examples, this volume shows the exciting multiplicity of contemporary airport construction and design.

Facades: Design,...

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Die Fassade ist die "Haut" eines Geba¿udes. Sie bil- det die Grenze zwischen Innen und Außen, Form und Funktion, zwischen Nutzer und Passanten. Neben funktionalen, konstruktiven, gestalterischen und stadt- ra¿umlichen Aspekten spielen heute Nachhaltigkeits- Parameter eine immer wichtigere Rolle.

Masters & Their Pieces

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What makes a classic piece of furniture? Which living design is timelessly popular and always contemporary – and why? Aesthetic quality as a function of clarity of design, rigorous color and styling are just as important as the durability of high quality materials and perfect workmanship. And of course, if not more important, is the functionality of this furniture that is right from every standpoint.

Masterpieces: Villa...

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Die Villa steht für repräsentative Wohnkultur und gehobenen Lebensstil. Sie ist jedoch mehr als ein großzügiges Wohnhaus mit Grundstück in der Stadt: Die Villa bietet ihren Bewohnern einen "urbanen Landsitz", und vereint das Beste aus Stadt- und Landleben: Repräsentative Architektur und hochwertige Materialien, im Grünen gelegen und doch nah an den urbanen Attraktionen. Es lebt sich ruhig und zurückgezogen, aber dennoch in direkter Verbindung zur Stadt. Für Architekten bietet die Planung oder der Umbau einer Villa die spannende Herausforderung, eine klassische Bauaufgabe neu und zeitgemäß zu interpretieren.

Light in Architecture

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"Licht erst ermöglicht die räumliche Wahrnehmung weswegen Licht integraler Bestandteil von Architektur ist. Die Lichtgestaltung wird seit einigen Jahren zunehmend farbiger und lebendiger. Die ausgewählten Projekte zeigen, wie gute Architektur durch den Einsatz von Licht an Qualität gewinnen kann. Bei der Gestaltung von Innenräumen ist es die Funktion der Tageslichtführung und des Kunstlichtarrangements ein räumliches Erlebnis zu schaffen: Besondere Stellen werden akzentuiert, Raumeinheiten abgegrenzt und verschiedene Atmosphären hergestellt. Und auch am Außenbau spielt die Beleuchtung - nicht nur nachts - eine Rolle. Neben der den Baukörper betonenden Ausleuchtung ist es hier auch die plakative Beleuchtung, die dem Bau eine emblematische Einzigartigkeit zu verleihen sucht."

Water Enjoyment

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Aus dem Inhalt: The Walbrook in London, England (Foster + Partners) Neues Museum in Berlin, Deutschland (David Chipperfield Architects) Barcelona Airport T1, Spanien (Ricardo Bofill) Donbass Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine (Arup Associates) Aqua Tower in Chicago, USA (Studio Gang Architects) Wasser wird absehbar und zunehmend zu den knappen unserer natürlichen Ressourcen zählen. Es ist demnach globale Herausforderung, Technologien, Systeme und Produkte für einen nachhaltigen Gebrauch von Wasser zu entwickeln, zu produzieren und einzusetzen.

Country House Architecture...

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Country houses are becoming more popular as the urban stress rises around the globe living in the countryside means giving a piece of peace back and connecting back to nature. The rural retreats offer a refuge in nature from the hustle and bustle of daily urban life. The natural settings offer challenges and opportunities at the same time. Whether high mountains, canyons, or cliffy coasts, this volume showcases 60 of the best of contemporary countryhouses designs worldwide, featuring the work of well-known architects and innovative designers who pay their respect to nature through sustainable construction methods and an esthetic style that appreciates and highlights the beauty and uniqueness of each landscape.


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Human beings have always entertained a special fascination for the element of water. It is deep and inscrutable, while at the same time the sight of it is calming and energizing. The architectural design with water offers many opportunities and is not just limited to gardens and the outdoors. Especially in the urban context, pools, waterfalls and trick fountains are oases of calm and provide a creative impulse for urban planning. 50 current examples are displayed in this volume with texts, illustrations and plans.

Facade Greenery

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The greening of facades with plants gives a piece of nature back to the city. But a green facade is much more than a charming view: Thanks to its insulating effect, it evens out extreme swings in temperature, protects against UV radiation and improves sound insulation. In that regard one does not have to always rely on the usual ivy. Other evergreen or fruit bearing plants and even exotic flowers can be used as faade decoration. In that way varied and creative greening can be created which lend a colorful aesthetic tone to the cityscape. The 50 projects presented here give an overview of this current trend in landscape architecture.

Automobile Architecture

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The automobile has shaped the appearance of our streets for 100 years now. At the same building types have been created to serve it. Parking garages and gas stations as new species of architecture and showrooms whose exhibition spaces and display windows are markedly different from the usual businesses have decisively changed the cities. This book is dedicated to this type of architecture, showing esthetic and technical solutions of the past few years. Not a few architects have been unmistakable ?car freaks? (Frank Lloyd Wright), or been occupied with the automobile (Le Corbusier: Maison Citrohan), or have actually designed cars (Walter Gropius for Adler). This fascination of the profession can also be seen in the architecture built for the automobile today.


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Architecture and water, solid and fluid enter into an exciting symbiosis in Swim! Best of Pool Design. In 52 projects prominent architects and innovative newcomers from around the world set the stage for the source of life. The designs range from Olympic swimming sites to refreshing ideas for public pools, to the individual solutions for private pools, inside and out. From Singapore to Milan and Berlin to Buenos Aires, this title is an invitation to take a plunge in the spectacular worlds of water.


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Gesellschaftliche und wirtschaftliche Umwälzungen bedeuten auch immer, dass Gebäude ihren Nutzen verlieren. Zahlreiche ihrer ursprünglichen Funktionen beraubter Bauten warten darauf, einem neuen Nutzen zugeführt zu werden. Durch das zunehmende ökologische Bewusstsein, aber auch aufgrund einer zunehmenden Wertschätzung jedweder bestehenden Bausubstanz, wird – auch aus wirtschaftlichen Erwägungen – immer häufiger statt Abriss auf Umnutzung entschieden. Diese bewegt sich in einem Spannungsfeld zwischen den Polen denkmalpflegerischer Anpassung und radikaler Neuinterpretation, zwischen bewusster Einbeziehung historischer Bedeutung und der wirtschaftlichen Nutzung der vorhandenen Substanz als Rohmaterial.


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What is needed to create a how and how much it cost to do this with style? This book offers answers to this question in the form of some 70 projects from around the world. Extraordinary residential structures are created with unconventional building techniques and forms, which in comparison with the customary building practices of the same scale suit a limited budget. The spectrum ranges from starter and minimal homes to vacation homes, including also tree houses as well as residence made on re-used containers.


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Die Anforderungen an Bibliotheken sind im letzten Jahrzehnt enorm gestiegen da sie den wachsenden multimedialen Ansprüchen des 21. Jahrhunderts gerecht werden müssen. Die Institution durchlief einen wahren Imagewandel vom introvertierten Wissensspeicher zum global vernetzten Informationsanbieter und Kommunikationsvermittler. Die Umsetzung in Architektur dieses erweiterten Anforderungsprofils macht diese Bauaufgabe äußerst komplex und gleichzeitig sehr reizvoll. Ob Neubau, Um- oder Erweiterungsbau, dieser Band zeigt die Vielfältigkeit dieser Bauaufgabe im Spannungsfelds von modernster Technik und kulturellen Ansprüchen. Anhand von Texten, Fotos und Plänen werden 69 Projekte aus aller Welt anhand von Texten, Plänen und Fotos präsentiert.


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For too long, kindergarten architects have been seemingly preoccupied with the principles of durability, maximisation of space, and minimisation of cost. This, however, also meant forgetting that these environments should promote fun, learning and creativity. However, the field has been experiencing a revolution and this volume showcases 60 of the most outstanding recent innovations worldwide. The chosen projects prove especially that collaboration between educationalists and designers can be uniquely fruitful for the planning and building of kindergartens.