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For anyone considering going Vintage, The Vintage Home will show them how to shop cleverly, mix creatively, and put together unique, welcoming and eclectic interiors that are perfect for modern living.


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SHED CHIC offers inspirational guidance to planning, sourcing and decorating your own individual garden building, from location and utilities to materials, style and furnishings.


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With David Stevens experienced eye, readers learn the practical elements to designing, planning and making a room or space to enjoy outdoors, whether it is for lounging, cooking, dining, playing or even working.


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In this book, Stephanie Hoppen shows the vast variety of neutrals, from pea green to washed out lilac, and how to put them together and add accents. The colour swatches tie into a variety of ranges available - both paint and fabric, including Restoration Hardware and other paint companies. In the photographs, Stephanie shows how to balance the colours, how layering works with different shades of colour, how to add texture with fabric and the importance of accents. She will show the work of different designers who are successful at achieving this balance.


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In Perfect Lighting, leading designer Sally Storey offers expert advice on all aspects of home lighting.


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Paper is readily available, versatile and inexpensive. It is also, as Labeena Ishaque brilliantly demonstrates here, an easy-to-work with material that can be used to create stylish, yet practical, objects for the home.Drawing on ancient Asian skills and influences, "The Paper Home" shows how perfectly paper can function within a modern interior environment. Using a variety of materials ranging from tissue paper to corrugated cardboard, Labeena Ishaque offers a fresh approach to the traditional crafts of paper folding, cutting, layering, and weaving.


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This is an essential guide for anyone contemplating life on the hot side: international location photography. A fantastic resource book for anyone interested in contemporary style, it is a 'must have' for those building or decorating a home anywhere: tips on efficiency and tricking nature are invaluable. It has been compiled by a highly respected journalist and authority on interior design. With global warming affecting the world, and with more of us adopting second homes as an escape, we must ask, how do we cope in a hot climate? There are high-tech and lo-tech methods to cool a house down, but first we must select our materials for building and witness what others have done. Suzanne Trocme analyses the methods and devices for successful hot living.


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Kelly Hoppen is one of the UK's leading interior designers and has designed houses for many famous people. In this book, she covers furniture and home accessories.


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Best-selling interiors and antiques author Judith Miller looks at how country traditions from around the world have continuously influenced the decoration of homes everywhere. Judith explores the origins and development of each style, the natural resources and design elements used, their characteristics, and the different strands that make up the fabric of the individual country styles - from the rustic simplicity of an American shaker interior to the comfortable clutter of an English cottage.


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Dostępność: na zamówienie The bedroom is in many ways the most important room in the house as it is your personal sanctuary and is nowadays often used for much more than just sleeping in, being the hub of home life. This book provides a host of ideas for creating an attractive, comfortable bedroom for adults or children. There is excellent advice on how to organise the room, the best styles of decoration, the appropriate lighting and also choosing the bed. The book is broken down into the following sections: Making the best use of space, The initial planning, Decorative options, All about the bed, Choosing the rest of the furnishings, and, Where to go for what.


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Dostępność: na zamówienie Bathrooms are a focus feature in the 21st century home, and where space allows there is usually more than one. The most desirable configuration is an en suite shower room - a streamlined space for a quick and efficient cleanse and preparation in the morning, and in addition a separate, larger and more indulgent room where there is a bath and possibly a steam enclosure and enough space to pamper, relax and unwind. As a valuable resource book, "Bathrooms" proves that it is no longer just the bath versus shower option that needs to be considered.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie We are all born collectors. In childhood we hoard marbles, ribbons, toy soldiers, postage stamps - all manner of knick-knacks - and experience an instinctive thrill in finding the next and better one. This stays with us through our adult life and this book looks at collectors around the world, and the things that they have graduated to collecting. The book is not only about the various types of things that people collect, but also the innovative and stylish way that they choose to display their collections for the world to see.


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Unless you are in the enviable position of commissioning a house designed to your own specifications you are probably living in a home that was built decades, if not centuries, ago. What we require from our living space has led us to rethink the way we use and design the interiors of our homes to make them work for us and to make them more contemporary.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Includes ideas for creating small, secluded gardens for outdoor living. This book features 18 three dimensional plans for classic garden styles that can be adopted for all different sizes and uses, from the classical garden through renaissance courtyards and Mediterranean styles to classical Japanese gardens.


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There is perhaps no style of garden more emotive and evocative than the cottage garden - imbued with a sense of romance, idealised by writers and painters, and so alluring to garden makers all over the world, it has been fashionable for nearly two centuries. But, today we often think of it as outdated, old fashioned, past its sell-by date. Wrong! With the hustle and bustle of today's frantic lifestyle, the cottage garden has never been more appropriate.