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Positions: Portrait of a...

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This book presents over 40 finished works by Chinese architects, produced between 2003 and 2008. A compelling selection representing a new generation of architects in a country whose building rhythm over the last decade has been unstoppable, as China's architects are making their mark within the backdrop of an avalanche of world class architecture stars. Featuring works by China Architecture Design and Research Group, Jiakun Architects, Atelier Deshaus, Mada s.p.a.m, MAD, TM Studio, Urbanus, Studio Pei-Zhu, Amateur Architecture Studio, Atelier Feichang Jianzhu, Atelier Z+, Standardarchitecture and Architectural Design and Research Institute Nanjing University.

SANAA Houses Kazuyo Sejima,...

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Dostępność: na zamówienie SANAA's housing projects, both finished (House A, S House, House in a Plum Grove, Small House and Moriyama House), and unfinished projects (Flower House, Garden & House, Seijo Apartments, Ichikawa Apartments, House in China and Eda Apartments). SANAA's architecture embraces complexities within deceptively simple appearances. It has many elements that are impossible to understand unless actually experienced. In contrast with modern architecture, SANAA has many aspects that cannot be revealed in representative media such as plans, models, and photographs. The representations of their architectural works incorporate ambiguity and chronological elements. This characteristic makes Sanaa one of the most innovative offices in the current architectural panorama.

Buy Me a Mercedes-Benz

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Dostępność: na zamówienie More than the document of a remarkable project: "Buy Me A Mercedes-Benz" shows how various forms of expert knowledge have been combined and interwoven to finally generate an unconventional, breakthrough museum design. Providing insight into the various ideas, experiences and ambitions behind the project, this book allows visitors to take the museum home. Through photographs, diagrams, text, and drawings, this book explains the unique Mercedes museum design model, developed by UN Studio: the digitally programmed, three-dimensional, cross-connected trefoil. Implementing this model has resulted in a building that radically breaks with many of today's architectural conventions, a building that is highly complex, but still maintains a strongly directional structure, which provides many surprising perceptual experiences.

Ant Farm

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Felicity D. Scott revisits the architectural, art, video, and intermedia practices of the experimental collective Ant Farm, self-described ¨super-radical activist environmentalists.¨ Drawing together archival material on their extended fields of practice, Ant Farm features the first full-color publication of the complete Ant Farm Timeline, as well as Allegorical Time Warp: The Media Fallout (1969) and an archival dossier on Ant Farm's Truckstop Network (1970-1972). The Ant Farm architects produced experimental works on the "fringe of architecture" (1968-1978) and were influential video artists. Felicity D. Scott is Assistant Professor of Architecture at Columbia University and a founding editor of Grey Room.


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Juan Herreros (Abalos & Herreros), Dietmar Eberle (Baumschlager & Eberle), Wiel Arets, Frits van Dongen (Architecten Cie), Felix Claus (Claus en Kaan), Jacob van Rijs (MVRDV), and Jose Morales were among ten tutors that taught a series of intensive housing workshops that included a group of 34 international architects and students during the Collective Housing Master Course of 2006. The book is divided according to professor and features professional work from the master architects, as well as dozens of student projects.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie A short and compelling text, 'Looking for Mies' aims to reveal the man behind the architecture. The now famous photograph of Mies van der Rohe in a steel and glass building smoking a cigar has fascinated and intrigued the author to such an extent, that he has painstakingly researched the events surrounding its taking.


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The world is merging into one global system of goods, people and information.This book explores the social, cultural, and economic phenomena of globalisation through housing. The Chair of Architecture and Design at the ETH in Zürich examines the last 25 years of housing development through a historical criticism with the built projects as protagonists. Housing typologies have been chosen as contemporary architectural prototypes. The selection of housing projects reflects the most innovative and influential built housing projects and proposes important new guidelines in housing. Including: Charles Correa, Paulo Mendes da Rocha, Jean Nouvel, Alvaro Siza, Rem Koolhaas, Riegler Riewe, Hans Kollhoff, Kazuyo Sejima, MVRDV, Lacaton Vasal, Dietmar Eberle, Herzog & De Meuron, PLOT, among many others. The ETH Zürich is a renowned European architecture institute. This is the fourth book in their acclaimed series.


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As a complex organization, an interesting building has always an interesting epic, a story that is embedded in the organization of matter. It is this epic of making a building that is described in this book, the first in the series of "Verb Monographs", as a small homage to all those who were involved in the project. The book is structured as a replica of the way in which the building was developed by the team, with every member taking over a full design package. This editorial structure has two fundamental intentions. First, to depict the design development process as the growth of ideas from rather specific material domains. Second, to rediscover the linearity of the construction documents' ordering system. As an experiment, the editors have decided not to include critical texts, no theorization on the work - just an attempt to describe the set of decisions that made matter evolve into a building.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Architecture needs mechanisms that allow it to become connected to culture. It achieves this by continually capturing the forces that shape society. This book is a graphic guide to ornaments in the twentieth century. It unveils the function of ornament as the agent for specific affects, dismantling the idea that ornament is applied to buildings as a discrete or non-essential entity. Each case exploits specific synergies between the exterior and the interior, constructing an internal order between ornament and material. These internal orders produce expressions that are contemporary, yet whose affects are resilient in time. Initiated as a seminar at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Farshid Moussavi is a partner in leading London-based firm Foreign Office Architects.


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Current architectural intervention has demonstrated a tendency towards the production of the superficial - effects, ornamentation, and embellishments are applied to programs defined by social, economic, and technical conditions that fall outside of the profession. "Verb Crisis" tackles the conflict that marks the collision between the physical nature of the architectural commission and the demands of a world that is increasingly dense and interdependent, a world marked by undeniable environmental problems and economic inequalities. Given the shortfalls of standard professional attitudes, "Verb Crisis" presents projects and investigations that grant the practice of architecture an updated optimism and social relevance.


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The fourth issue of "Verb" looks at two related processes: the conditioning of architectural environments and the conditioning of behaviors. On the one hand, studies of luminosity, sound, atmosphere and temperature expand the range of techniques available to the discipline, allowing the production of ever more extensive effects with increasingly minimal means. On the other, the rise of commerce, theming and the manufacturing of identity produce a different set of effects, directing users and their emotions for maximum commercial success. What are the real potentials of conditioning? Do these new environments merely replicate the existing with increasing accuracy and sophistication, or can they generate qualitatively new atmospheres capable of stimulating not just new effects but new forms of living?


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From the 2006 Marcus Prize Studio at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Winy Maas of MVDRV and Grace La of UWM present the work of twelve students who explored the relationship between infrastructure, architecture, and urban form. This highly investigative studio pushed the physical and conceptual limits of given definitions of city, circulation, and program. Tested in two scenarios (one real in Tianjin, China and the other purely hypothetical), the studio severed vehicular traffic flow from its traditional two-dimensional plane and then forecast the potentials of a new, hyper-volumetric city where given urban activity inflate to fully occupy all three-dimensions. Populated by 5 million inhabitants and rising 800 meters high, this new 'sky car city' is buzzing with the flows of goods and people, as they navigate the airways in several models of newly designed air-born vehicles.


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Written by a cross-disciplinary core of authors from Europe, Asia and America, this anthology comprises articles and images that consider the use of nature for diverse design approaches. Nature has rendered poetic potential to stimulate, as a metaphor, the design process. From formal, conceptual, geometrical to literal engagements, the scope of potential correlations between nature and design is as far reaching as the human imagination.