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Published on the eve of the fortieth anniversary of Designers Guild, this lavishly illustrated portfolio showcases the latest interior designs by one of the world’s most acclaimed designers. This is Tricia Guild’s most ambitious and sumptuous book to date: a stunning survey of interiors that feature her signature sense of "contemporary traditional" style with layers of pattern, bold colors, and varying textures. Always at the forefront of interior design, Tricia Guild has achieved critical acclaim with her up-to-the-minute collections of fabrics, wallpapers, and furnishings that showcase her unparalleled gift for color, innate understanding of space and proportion, and sheer brilliance at mixing patterns and textures. She blends femininity and understated elegance in her uniquely innovative yet classic approach whether designing a sleek Manhattan loft, a casual English country bedroom, a rustic Mediterranean-style hacienda, or an eclectic Parisian apartment. Truly a feast for the eye, the book features layers of pattern and color, a stunning binding with several different materials and textures, and three different types of paper. Original six-color photographs and a text rich in insights from the designer’s own design briefs and sketches make this a useful sourcebook for professionals and will inspire anyone aspiring to decorate their own home.


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Really Small Gardens is the essential guide to making a success of a compact garden space. The book contains over 250 photographs of truly small gardens and is packed full of invaluable advice on initial planning and choices, ways of exploiting the space, and suggestions for evoking a particular atmosphere. Different chapters address in detail all the challenges and restrictions that a small space can create and offer practical and attractive solutions. There is also a directory of 150 of the best plants for small spaces.

Genius of Design

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Dostępność: na zamówienie This landmark book takes a unique, original and engrossing approach to design. Whether or not we are consciously interested in it, design is omnipresent; it affects and influences us all in every aspect of our lives. The Genius of Design illuminates what design is, how it works, and how it has shaped the world we live in. Taking a broadly chronological approach, the book shows how the story of design has developed and explores major themes, with chapters including the birth of mass-produced design, domestic design and the contemporary home and the legacy of wartime design. The book shows how design reflects the political, cultural and economic themes of our times, how it connects both to the macro forces of history (industrialisation, consumerism, technology) and the micro forces (taste, money, desire) and how it manifests itself everywhere, from battlefield and boardroom to supermarket and schoolroom. More than anything, though, the book tells the stories that lie behind the iconic designs of our times. It tells how the first fitted kitchen was based on the principles behind the Ford production line, how wartime research ultimately led to the biro, latex condoms and aviator sunglasses. It celebrates the heroes of design and the lesser know people responsible for some of the everyday objects we take for granted. And it examines the role of the consumer and the issues of taste - what really is good or bad design? Provocative, absorbing and packed with images, this enthralling book reveals what design means to us - the trivial and the mundane, the life-saving and the world-changing.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie "Urban Eco Chic" shows how we can all recycle materials, use sustainable products and become increasingly energy-efficient in our own homes, without compromising our sense of style. The fact that we must become more eco-aware of the way we live is not in question; the issue is how can we do so without sacrificing the level of comfort and luxury to which so many of us are now accustomed. "Urban Eco Chic" is about balancing function, practicality and performance with style, sophistication and comfort, proving that eco-friendly practices and chic aesthetic ideas are not incompatible. Renowned eco-designer, Oliver Heath, has a philosophy for decorating which is based around the three elements of Technology, Nature and Vintage.This book demonstrates how a clever combination of pioneering technologies, sustainable materials and recycled or recyclable products can create a functional yet beautiful home. The result is a contemporary look that is ethical, eco-conscious and yet as individual as each homeowner. The book is packed with ideas on how to green your home, how to power it and save energy, as well as simple lifestyle changes to improve your carbon footprint.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie THINK COLOUR TRICIA GUILD Colour is the most difficult problem facing the home decorator. In Think Colour, celebrated designer Tricia Guild uses her instinctive understanding of light and space to create dynamic and inspirational settings for contemporary living. Colour can be used to create of change the mood of a room and the six chapters feature an exhilarating mix of moods highlighting the choice of colours with which they are created: Joyful and Vivacious - citrus and cerise; Serene and Pure - aqua and sea-green; Soulful and Contemplative - neutrals and naturals; Dynamic and Sexy - rich berry shades; Relaxed and Restful - lavender and blues; Fresh and Stimulating - turquoise and lime. In each chapter, Tricia explains how she creates rooms, from the first assessment of their atmosphere and dimensions, to the choice and juxtaposition of colours, materials and furniture, not forgetting the all important details such as flowers, table settings and display. Settings vary from open modern spaces to contemporary town houses and apartments to gracious country houses. Personal insights and stunning illustrations of the ideas, places and paintings that inspire Tricia complete this beautiful book.


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Scandinavian Modern was the most influential and enduring design movement of the twentieth century, dominating the international scene in the 1950s and continuing to shape the way we live today. Architects and designers from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland - four countries that at the time had a combined population no greater than New York City - were responsible for a range of contemporary homes, furniture, textiles, ceramics, glassware and other products that defined an entire approach to modern post-war living. Scandinavian Modern Home traces the development of this perennially popular style within its countries of origin from the late 1920s, and explores how that look was subsequently exported throughout Europe and the USA, introducing the most important designers and their work. What characterises Scandinavian Modern is its approachability; the use of natural materials and organic forms combined with clean lines and attention to basic practicality and comfort. These are all key design trademarks that are detailed within this book to give a clear understanding of what constitutes the Scandinavian Modern style.


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Tricia Guild znana jest z wyrazistych, oryginalnych projektów tkanin i tapet oraz niezwykłej umiejętności wykorzystania koloru i wzoru w dekoracji. Inspirują ją materiały, techniki i motywy z całego świata i z każdej epoki - brokat i adamaszek z Dalekiego Wschodu; bogata historia ilustracji botanicznej; kratka i pasy północnej Europy; wibrujące etniczne projekty Indii i Centralnej Ameryki; wzory malowane na chińskiej i europejskiej porcelanie; abstrakcyjne, geometryczne figury z płócien współczesnych twórców. Dziś różonorodne wzory szybko zyskują popularność. Po wielu latach panowania białych ścian, wzory na tapetach i tkaninach powracają do naszych domów. Tricia Guild jako jedna z najbardziej znanych projektantek ma swój udział w odrodzeniu tego stylu.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Inspired by her travels in the Far East and understanding of the principles of space and proportion, Kelly Hoppen's rooms proclaim an ability to mix materials and textures in neutral backgrounds for a look that is in tune with modern western consciousness. This work shows how you can create this cool modern look on a modest budget. Starting with an outline of her signature principles, the book examines the key topics of understanding space, making an impact, living with the seasons, feeding the senses, defining public and private spaces, creating mood with lighting and introducing improvised and unexpected touches to free the imagination. KELLY HOPPEN is one of the UK's most sought-after designers. Her cool, clean and distinctive style receives regular coverage in the top glossies around the world. Winner of the prestigious Andrew Martin Interior Design Award in 1996, Kelly has international commissions that have ranged from apartments, houses, yachts and Lear jets, as well as the First Class cabins for British Airways. Kelly has also launched her own brand of interior accessories, which include Perfect Neutrals and Indochine paint collections for Fired Earth, wall-to-wall floor coverings, rugs, and window accessories. Her three previous influential books are East Meets West, Table Chic and In Touch


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Status Tricii Guild jako projektanta jest legendarny. Jej firma Designer's Guild sprzedaje kolekcje jej tkanin, farb, tapet i wyposażenia na całym świecie. W tej prawdziwie osobistej publikacji Tricia odsłania wiele ze swoich źródeł inspiracji i daje wgląd w sposób swojej pracy. Ma wiele pasji - sztuka i moda, architektura i design, teatr i opera, podróże, jedzenie, kwiaty i ogrodnictwo. Inspirują ją szerokie płaszczyzny krajobrazu i najdrobniejsze szczegóły natury, tekstury i formy, światło i cień oraz przede wszystkim kolor. Ten wspaniały i eklektyczny zbiór inspiracji z różnych ścieżek jej życia i wielu regionów świata zaprezentowany jest w formie zestawionych kolekcji fotografii i tekstów. Tricia Guild's status as a designer is legendary. Her company Designer's Guild sells collections of her fabrics, paints, wallpaper, and furnishings all over the world. Here, in this truly personal book, Tricia reveals the many sources of her inspiration and gives an insight into the way she works. Her passions are many and various: art and fashion; architecture and design; theatre and opera; travel; food; flowers and gardening; the broad sweep of landscape and the miraculous minutiae of nature; texture and form; light and shadow; and above all, colour. This wonderful and eclectic mix of inspirations from all walks of life, and all corners of the world is presented as a collection of photographs and text grouped together, or juxtaposed, to form a dazzling, thought-provoking cornucopia of visual and literary delights to stir her many fans.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie GLAMOUR AT HOME Seria The Erika Knight Collectables zaprojektowana po to, by wydobyć jak najwięcej z Twojego domu. Skupia się na dodatkach, które potrafią nieoczekiwanie odmienić wnętrze. Pierwsza część książki zawiera kolorowe fotografie gotowych projektów, druga natomiast prezentuje kompletne instrukcje wykonania, wraz z odpowiednimi technikami. Glamour at Home akcentuje wpływ kobiecości pozwalający przekształcić nudny pokój w uwodzicielski salon. Part of a series which is designed to make the most of your home, this book looks at the perfect finishing touches which give a basic project an unexpected lift: a basic silk cushion decorated with a cluster of mother-of-pearl buttons, or an otherwise mundane coathanger turned into a must-have accessory with ribbon, sequins and trims.


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Seria The Erika Knight Collectables zaprojektowana po to, by wydobyć jak najwięcej z Twojego domu. Skupia się na dodatkach, które potrafią nieoczekiwanie odmienić wnętrze. Pierwsza część książki zawiera kolorowe fotografie gotowych projektów, druga natomiast prezentuje kompletne instrukcje wykonania, wraz z odpowiednimi technikami. Classic at Home przedstawia kolekcję spokojnych klasycznych projektów.