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A dazzling visual journey through 1000 years of architecture Charts the progression of Western architecture over the last millennium, from the Romanesque to the latest modern trends 148 special features dedicated to the greatest architects, styles, movements and themes, each with a concise introductory text and illustrations of the most important work Thirty-six analyses of masterpieces shed light on particularly significant individual buildings, brought to life through exterior and interior photographs, details, plans and diagrams Includes biographies of 180 architects

Nordic Light: Modern...

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This book celebrates established icons, newly discovered gems and contemporary masterworks that represent the highest expression of Scandinavian design and response to their environment. Fifty projects are featured in detail, ordered according to the way in which different light conditions have imparted particular qualities on the buildings. Henry Plummer treats his subject from a uniquely authoritative perspective in which his words resonate directly with his artfully taken images. Books that give a true sense of the magical light that have shaped great buildings are rare: this is a publication to savour. Nine chapters present established icons, newly discovered gems and contemporary masterworks, according to the way in which different light conditions have imparted particular qualities to buildings. Among the buildings featured are Arne Jacobsens town hall in Arhus, Denmark, Alvar Aaltos Villa Mairea in Finland, Klas Anshelms Malmo Konsthall in Sweden, and many others. Each chapter features an introduction, which traces the nature, quality and cultural history of that aspect of light.

The New Mathematics of...

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New in paperback, "The New Mathematics of Architecture" is a survey of the most advanced contemporary architectural projects in the world that utilize new applications of mathematics for the digital age. From chaos to topology, from optimization to datascapes, architects have been designing and constructing complex, sublime and beautiful buildings that change the way we perceive major structures. This one-of-a-kind survey of 46 international projects, compiled and written by leading experts on architectural mathematics, offers a thorough overview of how recent developments in maths and physics are being applied to architecture through accessible illustrations, lucid text and hands-on experience. Case studies are presented in detail with a project profile, and include Norman Fosters British Museum roof and Gehry Partners Disney Concert Hall, as well as projects by such renowned architects as Minifie Nixon, Kohn Pedersen Fox and Daniel Libeskind. At a time when architects have fewer opportunities to build and more time to consider the future of architecture, this carefully researched book offers students and practitioners new ways of thinking about the future of designing and building. Vital to the future of architectural dialect an awesome turn-on "Architects Journal". "Inside the subdued cover of this modestly sized book you will find analysis, description and beautiful photographs if architecture is like frozen music then this is a big mash-up of Prog Rock and Stockhausen. And that cannot be a bad thing." ("RIAS Quarterly").

Architect: The Pritzker...

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The Pritzker Prize is the most prestigious international prize for architecture. Awarded annually to a living architect by an independent jury of experts, its purpose is ‘to honour a living architect whose built work demonstrates a combination of those qualities of talent, vision and commitment, which has produced consistent and significant contributions to humanity and the built environment through the art of architecture.’ Architect is the first book to document what the Pritzker Prize laureates have said and written about their field, with a selection of their major built works, seen in more than 700 images. Architect begins in 2010 and retraces the laureates back to the debut of the prize in 1979 showing their important built works including schools and libraries, museums, residences, shops, airports, courthouses, stadiums and hotels. These architects, who collectively have shaped our built environment, talk about what matters to them – light, materials and sustainability, for example – as well as their heroes and what buildings they admire – 35 Pritzker Prize laureates who speak directly to us about what they do and why. Along the way, they answer such questions as What did the architect intend? Why is a building a given shape, or made with certain materials? What about the landscape, or the constraints of a city? What about us – how much are we, the public, considered when an architect begins to imagine a building? Ruth Peltason was previously Senior Editor, Director of Design & Style Books at Abrams. Grace Ong-Yan, Ph.D. is an architect, architectural historian, educator and writer who specializes in modern and contemporary architecture in America and Europe.

Total Office Design

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Featuring 50 cutting-edge projects from around the world, this international survey of workplace design is the ultimate resource for anyone creating the workplace of today or tomorrow. Abundantly illustrated with plans and photographs throughout, the book is divided into three colour-coded sections. Part 1 showcases low-cost workplaces created for small companies. Part 2 is a collection of medium-sized projects, all of which place a strong emphasis on environmental sensitivity and getting the most from a restricted budget. Part 3 is a selection of offices designed for large companies; here too the aim is to be as eco-friendly as possible, as well as to provide spaces that promote productivity, creativity and enhanced interaction between employees. The projects in each section are located across the globe. From Selgas Canos semi-subterranean, tubular office in a forest near Madrid, to the living skin of Harmonia 57 in São Paolo, each project proves that our workplaces neednt be boring, expensive or harmful to the environment.

The Great Builders

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"The Great Builders" surveys the careers of forty great architects whose engineering skills were crucial to their success. Sixteen nationalities and seven centuries of architectural innovation make for a survey of spectacular scope and depth. From churches and fortresses to bridges and high-tech skyscrapers, it includes masterpieces from all over the world and covers 700 years of architectural history. This book, in the same series as "The Great Naturalists" and "The Great Explorers", will appeal to anyone with an interest in architecture, buildings, engineering, urban planning or the history of the built environment."


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Take a privileged view inside the private sketchbooks of over eighty architects and studios from around the world. Densely packed with over 750 illustrations, "Architects Sketchbooks" is a joyful celebration of how a sketch can become the start of a skyscraper. The 85 practitioners featured range from such starchitects as Will Alsop, Shigeru Ban, Laurie Chetwood, Norman Foster and Eva Jiricna to rising talents from all across the globe. Will Joness introduction explores the artistry behind the built world, and the importance of sketching as part of the design process.

States of Architecture in...

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For six months in 2010 Shanghai has been host to the biggest and most ambitious World Expo in history. Central to the event are the truly remarkable pavilions and halls that house exhibitions of the 189 countries and 57 international organisations taking part. The first to include photographs and architectural drawings of the completed buildings, this important new book showcases the Expos most ambitious buildings and reflects a dynamism and spirit of creativity that will surely influence architects and designers for years to come.

New Architecture in the...

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This is a monograph on nearly a decade's worth of work by Andrew Bromberg, chief designer at the worlds largest privately owned architecture firm, AEDAS. Bromberg has become one of the most prolific and sought-after designers in Asia, responsible for transforming areas of China and the Middle East. The projects span the entire Asian continent, and include the West Kowloon Cultural District, the Singapore Cultural Civic Retail Centre and the Towers of Arabia. Each project is profiled in copious photographs and supported by drawings, plans and extensive captions.


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For over twenty years, Zaha Hadid, the Iraqi-born, English-educated architect, has symbolized the vanguard of contemporary architecture. Although only a handful of her projects have been built - all to great acclaim - her continually new ideas stun the world of design with their commitment to revolutionary forms. As a result she is one of the most respected architects in the world, with an enormous following of students and practitioners, visionaries and designers. In this book - the first record of her entire career - Hadid’s vision of architecture is revealed: at once thrillingly dynamic and intensely thoughtful. She has been asked to countless international competitions, and won many, the most controversial being that for the Cardiff Opera House. Hadid’s complete work is illustrated here by her electrifying drawings and paintings, plus hundreds of sketches, plans and models. Texts written by the architect and her office reveal specific concerns and solutions to each project.


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Will Pryce unveils a world of beauty and genius in this unparalleled, specially photographed survey of the world’s architectural master- pieces. More than 350 color photographs celebrate the finest buildings from over two thousand years of civilization: Hagia Sophia, the Gothic cathedrals of Europe, Islamic masterworks at Isfahan, the Taj Mahal, the Palace of Westminster, Gehry’s iconic Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and much more. There are some eighty buildings featured, more than forty of which receive in-depth attention in detailed photo essays. Pryce’s accompanying texts and commentaries provide an extra dimension of understanding for the contexts in which they were created, and of the evolution of architecture through history. 350 color photographs.


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Swedish country houses are among Europe's best-kept secrets. Little known to the outside world and rarely illustrated, they survive in surprisingly large numbers, often with their original furniture and decoration. This book is the first to tell their story. The twenty examples examined in detail range in type from royal palace to farmhouse, and in date from 15th-century Torpa to 19th-century Stjernsund. They all reflect the talents of many important architects and designers who together forged a distinctive national style.


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"The Scandinavian Home" is the first book devoted to the signature features of Scandinavian design past and present. Over 350 colour photographs cover every aspect of the Scandinavian design aesthetic, organised by type of space: exteriors, front halls and staircases, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Pages of design inspiration are accompanied by useful paint swatches and an extensive list of sources for Scandinavian design. This book will be an essential addition to the shelves of everyone who has ever admired the subtle palette of a Gustavian room or enjoyed sitting in an Arne Jacobson chair.


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Takes the reader on a tour of more than twenty exceptional residences that show the simplicity and fresh allure of Scandinavian country style.


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An indispensable resource for professionals seeking to understand how colorful buildings can animate their environs and engage their users. One of the most appealing trends to emerge in contemporary design is the use of bold colors and patterns inside and outside buildings. Nineteen of the most exciting examples from around the world are presented in detail in this book, which focuses on the dramatic effect of color when used in facades, interior surfaces, and elements. Projects from leading architects include Alsop Architects’ The Public in West Bromwich, Jean Nouvel’s Agbar Tower in Barcelona, and Richard Rogers’s Terminal 4 in Madrid. Vital reading for architects and architecture students, this is a key resource for understanding how the world’s most innovative buildings are designed. 350+ full-color photographs.


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Sophisticated and enchanting, artful and eclectic, Paris is a city filled with high-class glamour and old-world charm, combining to create a unique style of interiors. From a heritage rich in the decorative arts, Parisians have an acute appreciation of objets and the ways in which they can enrich life. They have also a fondness for nostalgic items, from personal treasures discovered in the famous Paris flea markets, to pricey curios found in local antiquaires. For Herbert Ypma’s investigation of contemporary decorative trends in Paris, René and Barbara Stoeltie have photographed some of its most remarkable and sumptuous interiors, from their own home with its plaster reliefs and objects modelled on Pompeiian originals, to the catacomb beneath the Palais Royal occupied by Denise Orsoni, who has almost single-handedly revived a taste for 1940s Parisian objects and designs. The author identifies the historical fashions that continue to affect French decor today, and the challenge to Parisian grandeur by the witty use of found objects.


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From chaos and complexity theory to topology, from optimization to datascapes: the design and construction of complex, sublime buildings that will change the way we perceive major structures. Ever since building began, architecture has relied on mathematics to achieve visual harmony, structural integrity, and logical construction. For most of the history of building, architects have applied the principles of Euclidean geometry, the description of points, lines, and volumes according to the three axes of space. Recently, however, digital design tools and massive computer processing power, along with an increasing interest in physics and pure mathematics, have given architects the means to describe and build spatial constructs that would have been inconceivable even ten years ago. This carefully researched survey of some forty international projects—largely built—offers an overview of how different strategies are being employed through accessible illustrations and clear text. Each section presents case studies of projects by globally recognized architects through diagrams, photographs, and texts. 300 color and 200 black-and-white photographs and illustrations


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The most beautiful homes in Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Java, Burma, Indonesia, Singapore and Bali, all captured through the lens of top architecture and interiors photographer Massimo Listri. From the sumptuous decoration of the Ming dynasty to the simplicity of feng shui design, the interiors featured here offer a wonderfully rich palette and a variety of decorative themes. The homes range from a simple yet timeless Shinto monk’s house in Tokyo, to a luxurious complex in the heart of an Indonesian coffee plantation, to a charming house made of bamboo near the Great Wall of China.


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This is the remarkable story of one of the masterpieces of Islamic art. Made in the middle of the 12th century, this wooden pulpit, perhaps the finest ever seen, stood in the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem for some eight hundred years until it was burned down in 1969 by a tourist claiming to be acting on orders from God. Its loss to the Muslim world was immense and so the decision was taken by the mosque's guardians, the Jordanian royal family to rebuild it. Nobody, however, could have guessed just how complicated the process would be, nor how long it would take. With the secrets of the original construction all but lost, to rebuild the Minbar of Saladin required not only the unravelling of its astonishingly complex geometry, but also the revival of almost extinct crafts. The solutions to these problems were often to be found in unexpected places, and involved scholars and craftsmen from around the world. This book, which accompanies the television film 'Stairway to Heaven', is the first to document the minbar's creation, destruction and reconstruction. However, it is also a meditation on the beauty of sacred art and the fragility of our cultural heritage. Packed with fascinating images, both of the minbar itself and of other key works, it will appeal to all those interested in Islamic art, sacred geometry, the history of the Holy Land, and the revival of traditional crafts.


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Modern Mexico is an exotic, sensual mix of cultural influences and a fantastically fertile breeding ground for contemporary architecture and design. Featuring the most striking work of architects and designers such as José de Yturbe and Manuel Mestre, Mexican Contemporary explores both the boldness of the new in Mexico and the vibrant and diverse roots to which it remains true. Mexico’s pre-Columbian civilizations, the baroque, tile-clad cathedrals of the Catholic conquistadors, and the rugged and massive proportions of the colonial hacienda are all visible in the work of Mexico’s modern masters. Contemporary architects and designers are bringing to these elements a fascination with texture and monumental scale, creating surfaces from adobe, rusted steel, and weathered timber and stone, and daringly massive spaces.


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Minimalism is more than a style. It is a philosophy and London Minimum features the work of some of London’s most celebrated and creative individuals and superb photography reveals the harmony of minimal design – the true London style. From the elegant restraint of Georgian architecture, furniture and silverware to the pared-down, sophisticated interiors of contemporary designers, London has always displayed a preference for directness and uniformity. This tradition – making use of materials of the highest quality in the simplest and most dramatic ways – continues in London’s penchant for minimal design. Minimalism is about space and light, function and refinement, clarity and precision. It creates calm amidst the chaos of city living.