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An intoxicating and magnificently fearsome travelogue trolling through 20 gay houses in Europe. The author sets out to discover if, beyond the stereotypes of curtains and so forth, there genuinely does lie a specifically gay style of living. From the Buddha-idolising townhouse of a Dutch football fan to the kitsch and flower-filled haven of a Berlin skincare specialist, via the mindblowing castle of one Paolo Calia, a stunning agglomeration of graffiti, plaster gods, glowing soft furnishings, trashy gilt and pictures of weird cats, he discovers a cornucopia of creativity, a revolt into style. These interiors pulse with personality, wit and gossip, and are most bona indeed to vada.


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With more than 288 pages of full-colored, detailed floorplans of each project, the book shows an exhaustive selection of the most interesting public garages, parking structures and lots from an international sampling. An ample vision of the change thes urban spaces have undergone during the past few years


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In recent years, bathrooms have been subject to greater attention on the part of designers, who give full rein to their creativity to turn bathrooms into an experience for the senses imbued with great artistic value. This book presents a selection of very diverse projects in which toilets enjoy special status as a vehicle for emotions, various artistic and cultural expressions, corporate values and requirement of different social groups. Over the course of four chapters – Leisure and Culture, Residential Bathrooms, Working Environment and Commuting Spaces – the book follows a global survey of bathrooms belonging to different types of buildings, including bars, theatres, gyms, public institutions, airports and train stations, with special emphasis on the means used to bring together creativity and functionality.