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Piet Swimberghe and Jan Verlinde have produced books on architecture, design and interiors and written many articles for European interior magazines. In this publication the authors visit personal and authentic interiors in Belgium, the Netherlands, England and France that have never been photographed before and explore the current trend for vintage design products from the fifties and sixties, revived and incorporated into modern interiors.


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Using a historical perspective and best-in-class examples of retail experience, Ann De Kelver shows how shopping has become a lifestyle that defines us as individuals and as a society. Enjoy it!' Professor Bernd Schmitt, professor and Executive Director of the Center on Global Brand Leadership at Columbia Business School, New York City. Author of Big Think Strategy (2007 - Harvard Press), Customer Experience Management (2003 - Free Press), and Experiential Marketing (1999 - Free Press).

Indoors Outdoors

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Dostępność: na zamówienie In the early 1900s, American entrepreneur Marshall Burns Lloyd invented a particular type of loom that was able to weave twisted paper, reinforced with steel, into a woven fabric that could be used to make furniture. Today, as a traditional manufacturer, Lloyd Loom continues to make furniture in the same way they did eighty-five years ago. They still use the same loom, the same twisted paper and produce many of the traditional chair designs. They supply furniture to boutique hotels, architects, interior designers and cruise liners - to name but a few. Indoors Outdoors provides an historical overview of Lloyd Loom and the high-quality production process. Beautiful photography illustrates stunning furniture combinations for indoors and outdoors.


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The stunning images are by photographer Jan Verlinde. Verlinde has produced numerous books on interior design and has been working for internationally renowned interior decoration magazines.