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Talking Architecture

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Now available in a revised and updated paperback edition, this revealing volume features interviews with twenty of the world’s most influential living architects in which they discuss their accomplishments, challenges, inspirations, and dreams. What makes an architect tick? What is the state of architecture today? How do architects view each other’s work?


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This book shows how the virtual has completely changed the physical world around us. If architecture is the construction of space between people, what happens when that space exists in a virtual world? That question is the starting point for this collection of revolutionary projects by a new generation of designers. The book begins by examining the important issues that have emerged as technology reshapes our idea of place and proceeds to present the four winning projects from the first architecture competition held within the explosively popular Internet community known as Second Life.


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Architecture built for the purpose of living out a fantasy or for pure pleasure is multiplying at a breathtaking pace. This book shows examples of architecture that does not fit into the traditional realm of building and function. It includes: Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Xanadu, Las Vegas, Disneyland, Arcosanti, Celebration, Coney Island, Mall of America, Oktoberfest, Sentosa, Wembley Stadium, the Palm, Tropical Island, and Wolfsburg. Architects, such as Robert Venturi, Le Corbusier, Rem Koolhaas and Oscar Niemeyer have all tried their hand at architainment. This book examines the post-modern desire for escapism and considers the future of this trend.


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This incisive look at the historical, social and economic forces that have shaped China's modern architecture, showcases the top 100 projects to have sprung up in the last ten years - many of these are the most exciting buildings in the world today. The country's economy has expanded at an incredible rate and China is poised to become the world's largest economy in a few short years. The authorities' bold, innovative approach to public architecture has enticed the world's leading designers and engineers to come and build in China.


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Spanning more than two centuries and offering cogent analyses of how we will build in the future this volume presents more than one hundred case studies of built structures that illustrate the marriage of technology and culture. Including color photographs, drawings and architectural plans, this book profiles some of the world s most interesting public spaces, commercial buildings, stadiums and transport stations to reveal how prevailing social mores helped determine these structures materials, appearance, and function.


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A pictorial list of 50 spans, Graf's album exalts both famous and utterly obscure bridges. By including rope bridges in Nepal, and the newest suspension bridge giants in Japan and Denmark, the author underscores the commonality to any bridge's purpose: vaulting chasms and straits to link people and commerce. Florence's famous Ponte Vecchio, with the shops built onto its spans, expresses the idea literally, while other celebrated bridges do so symbolically, like the now-destroyed Stari Most in Mostar, Bosnia. Whatever a bridge's exact physical purpose, it also exudes a powerful aesthetic presence that Graf handsomely displays: the book's design faces a one-page historical description with a full-page photograph, with an oblong format enhancing the feeling of length.


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DOSTĘPNOŚĆ: NA ZAMÓWIENIE Vinoly has designed a lightweight steel-framed column-free building with a wrap-around roof that also forms the walls. The structure floats on a concrete raft foundation over Roman ruins. The building's walls follow the landscape along a curving stretch of trees. At the entrance, huge windows invite the outdoors in and a massive canopy creates the illusion that the building entrance vaults unsupported overhead. Following a narrative beginning with the client's first wild idea and ending when the architect hands over the keys on opening day, this book features an eye-catching design that matches the drama of the building and includes personal contributions from the Uruguayan-born architect, as well as hundreds of sketches, plans and photographs.


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DOSTĘPNOŚĆ: NA ZAMÓWIENIE Entirely self-educated, Tadao Ando is considered Japan's leading architect and his sublime buildings are located all over the world. This book profiles ninety of Ando's projects across the globe from the mid 1990s to today, including museums, convention centres, factories, shrines, residences, and corporate headquarters. Each building is beautifully photographed and is accompanied by drawings, sketches, plans, materials from the architect's own studio, and in-depth commentary. In addition, Ando has written an enlightening essay on his work. An up-to-date collection of Ando's works from the past fifteen years, this elegant book will please all fans of modern architecture.


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This computer age, environmental concerns, overpopulation, suburban sprawl, economic boom and bust have all conspired to bring about enormous change in our everyday lives, and perhaps nowhere more so than in our homes. This collection of photographs, drawings, plans and essays features dwelling spaces by architects, artists and individuals that respond to our increasing awareness of architecture's ability to shape the way we live.


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The newest addition to this highly successful series offers a daily example of architectural splendor, from the Egyptian pyramids and Rome s Coliseum to envelopepushing masterpieces by today s leading designers. Those looking for a gift to delight the architecture lover in their lives will find the answer in this book that provides a journey through history and around the globe. Presented in brilliantly coloured double-page spreads, each day features a photograph of an architectural icon, details about where and when the building was constructed, an appropriate quote or aphorism, and room for personal notes and dates.


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The relationship between contemporary architecture and nature is fundamental to today's creativity. Some architects reject nature or imagine that they can create an artificial world of their own - while others are seeking new ways, aided by science and the computer, to chart new directions for the buildings of tomorrow. From ecologically-oriented designs to the most astonishing new forms, this book shows how essential nature remains to architecture.