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Architectural and Program...

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"The title Architectural and Program Diagrams in the series Construction and Design Manual brings together more than 600 pages from a predominantly international avant-garde and offers an overview of the state of the art in architectural representation across a spectrum extending from simple arrow diagrams to sober graphs and highly elaborate, often somewhat surreal collages and computer animations which trigger a wide range of intellectual and emotional responses. Diagrams tell stories. Those able to read them can follow the process bywhich ideas and thoughts take visual shape, find aesthetic form and, if all goes well, become part of the built environment."


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The German-Chinese forum Urban Academy - organised by the Goethe-Institute Shanghai - focuses on sustainable urban development as well as on the theme of the World Expo 2010: Better City - Better Life. Eco-efficiency in building services, engineering, traffic, water and energy, social transformations and cultural industry stimulated by the City of Shanghai are main issues of these discussions. Chinese best practice examples of ecological building and construction industry are analysed. Renowned Chinese artists present their positions on sustainable urban development, expressed deficits and suggested alternatives.


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When people think about architecture in China, then it is usually the overpowering presence of Western masters conjuring up entire large cities that spring to mind. Be that as it may, Chinese architecture is also undergoing a massive upsurge. This book presents selected projects of eight young architectural bureaus from the Middle Empire, all of which hold their own very well alongside the large foreign firms and are making their very own contribution to the creation of a modern China. Furthermore the volume contains a selection of projects of German architectural bureaus which have successfully risked taking the step in the direction of the East.


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This book presents the wide range of modern interior architecture in the areas of medical practice, out-patient departments, and other medical facilities, extensively documenting the most successful examples. Altogether 60 projects are comprehensively shown with the help of photos, plans, and sketches. The volume is completed by specialists' contributions concerning methods of interior architecture and questions of design.


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This volume of our series Construction and Design Manual addresses what is in fact one of the very earliest building typologies: single-family houses. Ever since antiquity, architects have been devising new ways to accomplish this task. The result is that, today, people wanting to build their own home have a huge range of styles from which to choose. Architecture critic Hans Wolfgang Hoffmann gives a broad overview of the 3,000-year history behind the villa and the country house with the help of floor plans. Architecture photographer Werner Huthmacher opens up his portfolio and guides us with a practised eye through 20 living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.


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The goal of this book is to communicate knowledge and information which help in the planning and application of effective orientation systems in the tourist industry. International examples from all areas of tourism create a valuable overview of the subject. Topics covered include: congress centres, hotels, museums, parking structures, and medical facilities.


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Diagram is one of the most used words in contemporary architecture and urban design. It's almost a common understanding of using diagrams to explain the design concept.


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This new volume in our series Construction and Design Manual introduces the building typologies Theatres and Concert Halls. Expert contributors provide a brief summary of the history of theatre architecture in Europe, an overview of theatre interiors and of theatre design in general.


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Once upon a time a pharmacy was a small place with a cosy yet patrician air, where the all-knowing master of medicine would dispense pills, mix potions and generally perform the offices of a scientific shaman. However, in recent years the nature of the trade has undergone a profound transformation and the majority of these establishments now provide a wide range of health services, including off-the-shelf medicines for minor ailments, prophylactic products and such lifestyle items as cosmetics and health foods. These developments are reflected in modern designs for pharmacy buildings.


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Dostępność:na zamówienie In the last 15 to 20 years there has been massive growth in the scale of construction in Russia, extending across the country from major cities like Moscow to previously semi ignored places such as Kharkov or Vladivostok. DOM Publishers present over 100 Russian projects by German architectural practices that have successfully taken steps eastward.

Accessible Architecture...

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Presents 30 current projects through photos, plans and diagrams that communicate a modern language of form, helping to create and shape contemporary living spaces. A provocative plea for genuinely barrier-free building and an illustrated commentary on the DIN 18025 norms round off this new standard work.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Shirley Surya (Red.) Patterns Design, Architecture, Interiors Demonstrates the modern, playful treatment of patterns and designs in various traditions, styles, shapes and colours in the areas of architecture, design, product design and fashion. With over 250 full-page illustrations Inspiring designs by young, innovative artists and designers such as Catherine Hammerton, Dan Funderburgh, Julia Rothman and Maria Yaschuk


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Interior Design przedstawia szeroki wybór różnych projektów w obszarze architektury mieszkalnej i przestrzeni publicznej, który odzwierciedla różnorodność twórczości niemieckich architektów i projektantów w ostatnich latach. Wysokiej jakości zdjecia są uzupełnione tekstem i rysunkami, suplement zawiera adresy i dodatkowe informacje.


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30 selected projects a wide variety of design approaches for interiors from both established and as yet unknown French architects and designers Stylish, with beautifully designed slipcase


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Shows how a home can change with the seasons using decorative flowers, plants and accessories Original and unusual interior decorating ideas and lovingly arranged table decorations Ideas for a natural yet elegant home A little textbook for the senses


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Decorating Flowers Textbook of Floral Decorating Every garden is rooted in a yearning for paradise lost: even a painstakingly planted flower box on the window sill reveals something of this ancient human need – these are the places explored in Decorating Flowers. From loving detail photo to breathtaking bouquet: simple to recreate and decorate Second volume of the inspiring “Decorating” series


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With the proliferation of global travel, there is a growing demand for well-designed hotels to attract the seasoned traveller. From luxury beach getaways to urban skyscrapers to chic boutique hotels, the hotels featured in this exclusive selection all have one thing in common - their stunning and visually enticing forms. Asian Pacific Hotels showcases hotel architecture in Asia that has literally become the talk of the town. From classic and traditional to hip and modern, the myriad of styles hotels have adopted are all portrayed in an aesthetic array of rich photographs. The book presents 33 of the most exclusive establishments in fine detail. From Blue Sydney to Cocoa Island, Dream Bangkok to Alila Kemang Icon, exoticism and techno-futurism nestle together in a sensual embrace.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie This richly illustrated volume exclusively opens up an unhindered view of of over thirty luxurious ambassadors' residences in the German capital. The spacious houses form a parade of good taste; traditional, modern, above all fascinating interiors await the reader behind the private doors of the given national representative. This book is not only for the diplomatic corps, but for anyone who would otherwise be refused at the garden-door.


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Ein wichtiger Beitrag zur Aufwertung des Krankenhaus-Images.® db deutsche bauzeitungUmfangreiche und aufwändig bebilderte Dokumentation von mehr als 100 Krankenhausbauten in Deutschland. Im Fokus steht der Wandel vom ¯monströsen Technikbauwerk® zur durchaus von Ästhetik geprägten ¯medizinischen Einrichtung der Zukunft®. Die zweibändige Ausgabe enthält zusätzlich Expertenessays zu wichtigen Themen der Public-Health-Architektur; unter anderem F. Labryga, Der Pflegebereich; W. D. Rauh, Funktionsstelle Operation; H. Storcks, Markenbildung im Krankenhaus.


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Daniela Pogade Inspiration Office How to Design Workspaces How modern office design can be turned into a successful business’ calling card Presents 30 selected projects by established German architects (including BFGF, BRT Architekten, GRAFT, Ingenhoven, plajer & franz studio)


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The world’s most beautiful hotels built in recent years are brought together in this impressive coffee-table book: from small country inn and trendy beach hotel to sophisticated luxury resorts. Up to the minute hotel guide with all important addresses