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Prace na wysokości to, pomimo ogólnie obowiązującej opinii, nie tylko prace budowlane, montażowe czy konserwatorskie. Pracą na wysokości jest nawet wieszanie firan w biurach czy mycie okien, na przykład na podeście (a często na… biurku, krześle – bywa, że nawet OBROTOWYM! itp.) – według reguł prawa, praca na wysokości to wykonywanie czynności pracy powyżej 1 m nad poziomem podłogi lub ziemi. Niniejsza książka nie jest podręcznikiem, nie ma charakteru leksykonu, jest jedynie zbiorem tekstów, jakie na przestrzeni ostatnich czterech lat znalazły się na łamach miesięcznika. Celem publikacji jest wskazanie problemów związanych z pracą na wysokości i pomoc w ich rozwiązaniu.


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This book presents the wide range of modern interior architecture in the areas of medical practice, out-patient departments, and other medical facilities, extensively documenting the most successful examples. Altogether 60 projects are comprehensively shown with the help of photos, plans, and sketches. The volume is completed by specialists' contributions concerning methods of interior architecture and questions of design.


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Once upon a time a pharmacy was a small place with a cosy yet patrician air, where the all-knowing master of medicine would dispense pills, mix potions and generally perform the offices of a scientific shaman. However, in recent years the nature of the trade has undergone a profound transformation and the majority of these establishments now provide a wide range of health services, including off-the-shelf medicines for minor ailments, prophylactic products and such lifestyle items as cosmetics and health foods. These developments are reflected in modern designs for pharmacy buildings. The homely feel of the past has largely vanished - modern stores are still welcoming but in a more efficient, commercial and brightly lit way. This book presents a variety of such projects, comprehensively illustrated with over 300 photos and plans. There are also experts' thoughts on such topics as interior architecture, building expenses and the basics of planning laws as applied to these buildings.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Hospitals and health centres have clearly defined characteristics. Health architecture must therefore be able to offer imaginative responses and flexible solutions to the problems raised by this type of facility: planning, budgets, space, and the idiosyncrasies arising from their special characteristics. This book offers a complete panorama of the best works of health architecture. Architects of recognised prestige present proposals aimed at creating new and better health facilities.