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Architecture Today....

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Bogato ilustrowany zlbum Architecture Today. Commercial Space to książka dla architektów, architektów wnętrz i menadżerów siedzi detalicznych.

Hotel Bristol. Na rogu...

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Książka Hotel Bristol. Na rogu historii i codzienności

to napisana ze swadą historia warszawskiego hotelu od XIX wieku po czasy współczesne. W treść książki wpisane są także losy pierwszego wlaściciela hotelu - Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego.

Hotel Bristol w Warszawie

to niemy świadek historii, wielkiej polityki, chwilowa siedziba rządu, miejsce pobytu najznamienitszych gości stolicy: polityków, artystów, finansistów – przedstawiony w faktach, anegdotach, materiałach z epoki... i plotkach.   


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For "Hip Hotels: USA", Herbert Ypma has taken to the road, travelling the length and breadth of that vast land in search of Highly Individual Places to stay. Every HIP hotel has its own unique character. It is timelessly stylish, it is attuned to its location in design, ethos and cuisine, and it achieves that subtle balance between attentiveness and discretion that marks the best of modern service. The natural magnificence of the US is stupendous. Many of these hotels invite you to immerse yourself in wilderness. Restore your perspective in a spectacular private treehouse 50 feet up a giant cedar in the heart of Mount Rainier National Park, or come back to earth in your own lakeside cabin in Wisconsin designed by a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright. Experience Old World gentility in the Renaissance palazzo of Wheatleigh, amid the steeples and clapboard farmhouses of New England, where an immaculate makeover has restored the grace and understated privilege of the world of Edith Wharton (but added all the discreet modern luxuries you might mention). Or live out your Rat Pack fantasies as you lounge poolside with a cocktail surrounded by mid-century modern classics - furniture by Bertoia, Eames, Saarinen - in an authentic 1950s motel in Palm Springs.


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Getting away from it all is as much a part of modern life as late nights at the office and rush-hour traffic. We can all use an escape to exotic destinations, but free time is scarce and the choice of where to go is more important than ever. Paradise is the aim--perfect weather, great food, and breathtaking surroundings--and Hip Hotels: Escape features an extraordinary collection of Highly Individual Places in idyllic locations around the globe. Mexico, Morocco, India, South Africa, Tahiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Colombia, Chile, Bali, Portugal, Spain, the Australian outback--Hip Hotels: Escape covers the full range of potential escape experiences. From the Renaissance beauty of J. P. Getty's villa on the shores of Italy to a handful of luxurious tents on a remote jungle island in the China Sea, from the unique mud-hut architecture of the Mandawa Desert Camp in Rajasthan to the lush surroundings of the famous Marrakesh palm grove, escape hotels combine the impact of extraordinary geography with architectural ingenuity. Simple yet sophisticated, rugged yet refined, these hotels cater to both our instinct for escape and our city-bred taste for comfort and luxury. Like the hotels featured in Hip Hotels: City, some of the most famous names in contemporary architecture, design, decoration, and gastronomy have had a hand in creating these seductive retreats. From Jean Nouvel's design of the Htel St. James outside Bordeaux to Renzo Mongiardino's classic renovation of a thirteenth-century monastery near Siena, from Ralph Lauren's styling of Nelson Rockefeller's former lakeside lodge in the Adirondacks to French superchef Alain Ducasse's conversion of a Provenal farmhouse, these hotels offer paradise exactly the way we want it: perfect.


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Hip Hotels: Budget. Doesn't that sound too good to be true? But true it is. All the ingredients that make a HIP HOTEL - fantasy, originality, style, location - are available at less than astronomical rates, if only you know where to look. No less surprising is that they are truly global in range. Urban or remote, historic or post-industrial, Sunset Boulevard or Australian outback: take your pick. These are hotels created by enthusiasts, and it shows. They include an original canal house on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, a collection of thatched huts overlooking a black-sand beach in Bali, a palace in the heart of the Marrakesh medina, and a vast converted power plant in Hamburg, its massive stilled machinery looming like sculpture over the interiors. Budget or not, style doesn't get more authentic than this. So plunge in and discover for yourself this latest fabulous - and fabulously affordable - collection of HIP HOTELS.


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With Hip Hotels Atlas, Herbert Ypma created the ultimate guide to the world's best places to stay. Now in a travel-friendly new format, the book is ready to be tucked into a carry-on as you venture off to one of these eighty remarkable destinations. The book is divided into six sections—Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America, and South America—each with its own introduction and atmospheric historical map. You will be tempted by, among a host of other alluring possibilities, a stay in a classic Italian palazzo with a romantic rose garden, a magnificent mud Casbah set in a lush oasis, a traditional Japanese inn with a Zen ambience, a contemporary Tasmanian lodge overlooking idyllic turquoise waters, a rugged log cabin in the heart of the American Wild West, and an elegant colonial-style ranch set in acres of horse-riding country.


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This sumptuously illustrated, beautifully produced coffee-table book is the third in teNeues' Luxury series. Here is a book on hotels that offer the best in style, service and design - on the most luxurious hotels in the world. Luxury need not be defined in terms of richly decorated formality and the hotels featured in these pages, whether in Australia and New Zealand or in far flung locales across Asia, have been chosen for their distinctive architecture and the tastefulness and simplicity of their interior design.


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We all know how fun and exciting travel can be. But as with all good things in life, it's too easy to deny yourself. This accessible Styleguide edition profiles the coolest hotels for more modest budgets. Each featured hostelry offers comfort, style and sophistication. It just goes to show that high-end design can equal affordability.


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It doesn’t matter if you’re London born or just passing through, this happening guide chronicles the hottest places to hang out in the UK’s capital of groove. Find out where local hipsters acquire their gear, have a snack or otherwise live it up. This handy guide profiles the brand new as well as the established bastions of hipdom. Plugging into the fashion-forward insights of supermodel Lydia Hearst and fashion photographer Russell James, we bring you the coolest spots to stroll, acquire beautiful things and savor cocktails or nibbles.


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Berlin is not just the German capital, but also the metropolis for culture, art, architecture, and lifestyle. Berlin pulses like no other city in Germany. From fashion to shopping to hip bars and restaurants, there's more here than anywhere else. Berlin has quickly become a world city known for its abundance of hip places to savor. This straightforward guide showcases both what’s just opened as well as long-time favorites. Your trip through Germany’s cutting-edge capital is led by supermodel Eva Padberg and fashion photographer Russell James. You’ll discover the coolest spots to hang out, strut your stuff or otherwise live it up. Each location gets two double-spreads so you really get a handle on the place. Included is an extensive service section with lots of important addresses and pictures, as well as a convenient map of the city. All of this makes the Cool Guide your best travel companion for this cool city. teNeues presents the Cool Guide series featuring the hippest, best designed and most fashionable spots in the most fascinating cities. Cool Guides give an insider' advice on places to shop, eat, dine, as well as see and be seen.

Beach Hotels

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Dostępność: na zamówienie This lavishly illustrated guide to the most beautiful beach hotels in the world should do for sea-side vacations what Ski Hotels did for winter get-aways. The hotels featured are distinguished by masterly architecture and exemplary interior design and range over five continents. Whether in luxurious European destinations or more exotic locales in Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, or the Seychelles (among others), this book includes an inspiring selection of gem-like resorts in the most heavenly surroundings.

Cool Hotels Africa/Middle East

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Cool Hotels Africa/Middle East showcases a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge hotels in Africa and the Middle East, all of them showcased because they embody the best in contemporary hotel design. This useful flexicover guide is extensively illustrated with approximately 400 color photographs, highlighting the interiors and exteriors of these striking accommodations. This overview includes designs from Enrico Daffonchio, Peter Matkovitch and Ed Tuttle in locations as diverse as South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius and Morocco.

The Design Hotels Book

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The updated edition for 2015 shows design hotels from the most attractive destinations across the globe, along with exclusive information from this international network of hoteliers. Discerning travelers who thrive on unique experiences can choose from the world's most inspring hotels through this book. Featuring one-of-a-kind architecture and design by the sea, in the mountains, and in the world's greatest cities, The Design Hotels Book leads you to new exciting properties and the creative visionaries who brought them to life. With almost 500 pages of stunning accommodations, this is the most extensive edition of The Design Hotels Book to date. The hardcover showcases an exclusive selection of singlular hotels from around the world, and every perfect balance between imagery and text. The publication introduces more than 280 hotels and their makers in 185 destinations with striking architectural, landscape, and portrait photography. Detailed profiles contain information about the architecture, design, and location of each hotel as well as their distinctive features, giving readers valuable insight into the future of the hotel and luxury sectors.

Taschens Favourite Hotels

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Flip through this book and take a trip through 72 of the world's most enchanting, welcoming, and unforgettable hotels. Some are sleek and minimal, others charmingly plush and traditionally luxurious; whether you prefer a secluded rural retreat or the pulsing centre of the urban experience, you'll find a room or suite to your taste. However, what all these establishments share is personality, atmosphere, sophistication and a great location. Similarly, though their rooms range from modest to extravagant, all of them represent excellent value, no matter which end of the price scale, from two to five star hotels. The eclectic mix includes the romantic hotel Spielweg in Germany's Black Forest, where everyone should spend Christmas once in their life; the secret jewel Ksar Char-Bagh in Marrakech; the Al Mamlouka in the middle of Damascus, and the most exquisite Spa hotel in Jordan, the Evason Ma’In Hot Springs. Other highlights are the Shigar Fort Residence, a 400-year-old palace saved and restored by the Aga Khan Foundation in Northern Pakistan; a sensitively restored 1930's colonial guest house, the Boddhi Tree Del Gusto in Phnom Penh, for less than 40 dollars a night; or the outstanding Corbusier-style beach villas in Kep, Cambodia, called Knai Bang Chatt resort. To get away from it all, there's Richard Gere's Bedford Post in upstate New York, or the Golden Rock Estate on the Caribbean island of Nevis, owned by American artist Brice Marden. Finally, nobody who has stayed there will ever forget the stunning Remota, surrounded by the mountains, lakes and glaciers of Chilean Patagonia.


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Na 528 stronach i 700 kolorowych ilustracjach odnajdujemy wiele realizacji - z wielu kontynentów - z całej Ameryki, Europy, Azji i Australii. Zestaw uzupełniony jest prezentacją najlepszych architektów i designerów oraz najbardziej spektakularnych projektów wraz z bogatą informacją o projekcie wnętrz, planami oraz adresami i lokalizacjami. Książka stanowi znakomite narzędzie pracy - zbiór informacji - dla wszystkich, którzy interesują się tematyką hoteli zwłaszcza jeżeli chodzi o styl, obsługę i niekonwencjonalny design.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Travel has become an integral part of modern life and the geographic setting in which travelers find themselves is constantly changing. To be far from home is at once an adventure and a necessary thing, and as such the expectations placed in the hostelries where travelers spend much of their time rise. Neither their otherness nor their individuality should be a barrier to travelers feeling at home in the foreign environment. The establishments presented here measure up to these expectations in their own unique ways. The conceptualization and location of the hotels and the visions of developers or architects have resulted in places of character that reject ordinariness without sacrificing comfort and a sense of well being on the part of the guest. In this way the hotel becomes the pioneer in the evolution of modern residential experiences. Following the formula of earlier theme publications – Countryside Hotels, Designed Spaces, Historical Ties, Luxury Residences, Mountain Pastime, Urban Hideouts and Wellness Islands – this volume presents more than fifty luxury hotels, all of them remarkable examples of architecture and design. Detailed blueprint material and large photographs serve as dual invitations to readers to undertake a trip of their own to a foreign land.


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Beautifully designed and offering every amenity,these top-class lodgings will make your beach holidays complete. teNeues is delighted to celebrate our 50th anniversary with a number of special editions. Some of our hardcover bestsellers with a total print run of more than 100,000 copies are now available as affordable and handy paperback editions.


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Gdzie się zatrzymać będąc w „mieście miłości”? Książka pt. „Paris, Hotels & More” z nowej serii wymyślonej przez dr Angelikę Taschen nie jest tylko zwykłym przewodnikiem po hotelach. To panorama najbardziej interesujących miejsc – od luksusowych, po tych na każdą kieszeń, ale również restauracji, barów, butików, specjalistycznych sklepów i innych miejsc w ich sąsiedztwie, które z pewnością warto odwiedzić. Adresy internetowe hoteli zebrane na specjalnej, towarzyszącej serii stronie ( pozwolą zarezerwować w nich miejsce i skutecznie zaplanować podróż. Wśród hoteli osobiście wybranych przez Agelikę Taschen znalazły się Hôtel du Petit Moulin zaprojektowany przez Christiana Lacroix, Trocado Dokhans (proj. Fric Mhiche), ultramodny Hôtel Costes (proj. Jacques Garcia), czarujący, tani Hôtel Recamiere, cudowny, acz często nie dostrzegany Place Saint Sulpice, jak również należący do kreatora mody Azzedine Alaia i urządzony przez niego apartament do wynajęcia w dzielnicy Marais. Smak Paryża pozwalają również poznać nastrojowe kawiarnie, luksusowe perfumerie oraz renomowane sklepy z serami. Autorem wszystkich zdjęć jest Vincent Knapp - mieszkający od 19 lat w Paryżu szwajcarski fotografik, który współpracował z magazynami należącymi do koncernu Conde Nast, tj.: „Architectural Digest”, „Vogue” i „The World of Interiors”. Do książki oprawionej w jedwab dołączono dwie fotograficzne kartki pocztowe oraz ręcznie ilustrowaną mapę z wybranymi fragmentami miasta. W publikacji zarezerwowano również miejsce na podręczne notatki.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie What makes a luxury hotel top of the world? The answers might include exquisite linens, museum-quality furniture, stunning surroundings, and of course, impeccable standards and exacting attention to detail. This selection of the world s very best lodgings profiles the ultimate in accommodations across the globe. This generously proportioned addition to teNeues Luxury Hotels series contains an extensive selection of delectable hotel interiors, exteriors and surroundings. Perhaps only a select few will ever get to stay here, but now many more can dream of doing so. This special double edition is over 400 pages in length.


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This latest addition to teNeues' series of luxury hotels around the world takes the reader throughout the Americas; from Vancouver to Rio de Janeiro, from San Francisco to Anguilla. Here you can marvel at sumptuous interiors from the top hotels. From the guest rooms to the lobbies, dining rooms and lavish exteriors and grounds, it's all chronicled in this lushly photographed volume. Whether in the most selected city neighbourhoods, beachside, or in remote pastoral splendor, these really are the Americas' most luxurious accommodations.