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Exclusive Architecture &...

89,90 zł Cena

EXCLUSIVE ARCITECTURE & INNOVATION DESIGN to wybór najpiękniejszych współczesnych domów. Na 500 stronach zaprezentowano najbardziej oryginalne i innowacyjne projekty z całego świata.

Monochrome Home. Elegant...

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Decorating in black and white is perennially popular and eternally chic. Hilary Robertson demonstrates how, whether used alone or together, these contrasting shades can create dramatic effects at home, from the classic to the eclectic. Sought-after interiors stylist Hilary Robertson celebrates the stylish simplicity of the monochromatic home – elegant interiors in black, white, and every shade of grey in between. In the first chapter, Living in Black and White, Hilary analyzes successful monochrome interiors, providing moodboards for different schemes. Next, In the Mix takes a closer look at the effective tools of texture, light, and scale and pattern and the roles that they have to play.

The Great Painters of the...

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Dostępność: na zamówienie This comprehensive, two-volume work presents the extraordinary panorama of Italian painting spanning the period from 1300 to 1610, including all the great masters and their most famous works. The first volume is devoted to the artists who dedicated themselves to lines and drawing, starting with famous fresco painters such as Giotto and Piero della Francesco and moving on to Botticelli, Perugino, Pinturicchio and Michelangelo, whose works are the culmination of the first volume. The second volume focuses on the work of the painters who developed their pictures through colour ("colore"), including Leonardo, Raphael, and the famous Venetians Tintoretto and Titian. Throughout both volumes, the texts are written in a lively style and convey a vivid impression of the artist's personalities, of the circumstances in which they worked and their social standing, and even the relationships of the painters among themselves in various artistic centres. The two volumes are rounded off by recent scholarly findings, an extensive appendix, tables summarizing information about the painters' lives and concurrent historical developments, and a bibliography. The Great Painters Of The Italian Renaissance is an indispensable compendium of the fascinating history of Italian art, both for the seasoned connoisseur and for amateurs with an interest in the arts.

Moorisch architecture

47,25 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie Spain owes its special historical position in Europe very largely to his intensive encounter with the Orient. In the summer of 710, a small force under the command of a Berber named Tarîf ibn Mâlik landed to the west of Gibraltar. The Islamic armies that followed in its wake succeeded in conquering large areas of Spain within a short span of years. The conquerors gave the country the name of "al-andalus." Thus began a period of cultural permeation that was to last for almost 800 years. In spite of intolerance and animosity, there developed between Muslims, Christians, and Jews a shared cultural environment that proved the basis for great achievements. Moorish-Andalusian art and architecture combine elements of various traditions into a new, autonomous style. Among the outstanding architectural witnesses to this achievement are the Great Mosque in Cordova and the Alhambra in Granada, recognized and admired as part of the world's heitage right up to the present day. They are described in detail in this book. The main centres of Hispano-Islamic art and architecture, the cities of Cordova, Seville and Granada, are discussed within the chronological framework of developments, both political and cultural, from 710 to 1492. The author traces the changes in architectural forms over the centuries, and concludes with an attempt to identify those enduring characteristics which run like a thread through Hispano-Islamic architecture, for all the different influences to which it was subject. Alongside mosques, castle ruins, and splendid palaces, the reader will find detailed photographs of Moorish decorative art in all its thousand and one variations.

Thinking Architecture

108,15 zł Cena
In order to design a building with a sensuous connection to life, one must think in a way that goes far beyond form and construction. In these essays Peter Zumthor expresses his motivation in designing buildings, which speak to our emotions and understanding in so many ways, and possess a powerful and unmistakable presence and personality.

This book, whose first edition has been out of print for years, has been expanded to include three new essays: "Does Beauty Have a Form?, "The Magic of the Real, and "Light in the Landscape. It has been freshly illustrated throughout with new color photographs of Zumthor s new home and studio in Haldenstein, taken specially for this edition by Laura Padgett, and received a new typography by Hannele Granlund.

Steven Holl...

103,15 zł Cena
With its striking gridded facade and amoeba-shaped internal cavities, Steven Holl's new dormitory for MIT, Simmons Hall, is without question one of the most original and idiosyncratic architectural statements of recent memory. A veritable catalog of ideas -- from the use of color to experimentation with form and materials -- Simmons Hall is an essay in architectural imagination by one of the professions' most celebrated practitioners. This detailed monograph will allow readers to deconstruct this complex marvel of modern design and construction. Steven Holl Architects/Simmons Hall is documented with sketches, models, renderings, working drawings, and photographs at a level of detail that allow complete and careful study of the project. Commentary by the architect and design critics explores both the technical aspects and cultural contexts of the building.

Jean Nouvel

84,87 zł Cena
The aim of this collection is to offer a series of short monographs which, though brief, nevertheless deal with all aspects of the master's personality: works, constructed or otherwise, primary written sources, critiques and photographic interpretations. The underlying aim is to offer an in-depth, comprehensive overview targeted at anyone interested in learning about architecture including students, professionals or simply those who are interested in the subject, by providing not only basic information but also guidance in terms of gaining more insight into the subject. The volumes are dedicated to some of the best known modern and contemporary architects.

Herzog & de Meuron: Natural...

179,55 zł Cena
More than any of their contemporaries, Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron are challenging the boundaries between architecture and art. Natural History explores that challenge, examining how the work of this formidable pair has drawn upon the art of both past and present, and brought architecture into dialogue with the art of our time. Echoing an encyclopedia, this publication reflects the natural history museum structure of the exhibition which it accompanies, organized by the Canadian Centre for Architecture. Models and projects by Herzog & de Meuron, as well as by other artists, are structured around six thematic portfolios that suggest an evolutionary history of the architects' work: Appropriation & Reconstruction, Transformation & Alienation, Stacking & Compression, Imprints & Moulds, Interlocking Spaces, and Beauty & Atmosphere. Each section is introduced with a statement from Herzog, and more than 20 artists, scholars, and architects have contributed essays, including Carrie Asman, Georges Didi-Huberman, Kurt W. Forster, Boris Groys, Ulrike Meyer Stump, Peggy Phelan, Thomas Ruff, Rebecca Schneider, Adolf Max Vogt, and Jeff Wall. A building is a building. It cannot be read like a book; it doesn't have any credits, subtitles or labels like pictures in a gallery. In that sense, we are absolutely anti-representational. The strength of our buildings is the immediate, visceral impact they have on a visitor. --Jacques Herzog Edited by Philip Ursprung. Contributions by Fernando Romero, Carrie Asman, Boris Groys, Gernot Bohme, Jeff Wall, Thomas Ruff, Alfred Richterich, Adolph Max Vogt, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Reinhold Hohl, Petros Koumoutsakos, Albert Lutz, Christian Muoeix, Hurzeler, Catherine, Rebecca Schneider and Remy Zaugg. Foreword by Phyllis Lambert. Introduction by Kurt W. Forster.

Modern Redux

266,70 zł Cena
DOSTĘPNOŚĆ: OBECNIE NIEDOSTĘPNA Prace portugalskiego architekta Álvaro Siza (urodzonego w roku 1993, Matosinhos) ilustrują rozwój architektury od nowoczesności modernistycznej do trendów XXI wieku. Architektoniczna spuścizna europejskiej awangardy lat dwudziestych i trzydziestych XX wieku w projektach Sizy jest tak samo żywa i widoczna jak transformacje jakim przechodziła od lat '60. Książka ta zawiera czternaście z jego najbardziej reprezentatywnych projektów z ostatnich 10 lat. Pokazują one założenia, które zawsze charakteryzowały jego prace - delikatność konturów, odniesienia do miejsca i kontekstu, subtelne traktowanie przestrzeni.

Alvar Aalto

177,45 zł Cena
Internationally renowned as one of the major achievements of modern architecture, the work of Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) was deeply rooted in the culture and the landscape of his native Finland. A Grand Duchy of Russia until the revolution of 1917, the newly independent state promoted architecture as a means of establishing its identity as a social democracy, and in Aalto found an architect with the ambition and talents to meet the challenge. Throughout a long and fertile career his work embraced almost all the key public institutions - town halls, libraries, theatres, churches, universities and government departments - as well as social housing and private dwellings. He brought to buildings of every type and scale a profound concern for the physical and psychological needs of their individual users, as well as sensitivity to natural sites and materials and to the experimental qualities of architecture. This monograph situates Alvar Aalto in the context of both international modernism and Finnish culture. It explores the key inspirations upon which the architect drew throughout his career, including the Finnish landscape and vernacular traditions, Italian domestic architecture and Greek site planning, as well as the work of architects such as Gunar Asplund and Le Corbusier. Included are investigations of key projects such as Paimio Sanatorium, the Villa Mairea, Saynatsalo Town Hall, Seinajoki Town Centre, Vuokkseniska Church, the Finlandia Concert Hall and the Congress Centre in Helsinki. The complete range of his work is examined in this text through a study of recurring themes - the dialogue between nature and culture, the reciprocity of the individual and the collective, building and place.