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Grand Interiors

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Whether capturing imperial residences or public buildings, Massimo Listri excels at chronicling intricate interiors. Florence-based Listri’s works are shown in the collections of the Palazzo Reale, Milan and the Morgan Library, New York among others. This exceptional volume showcases great halls from Trinity College, Dublin to the Vatican Museum and the Palace of Versailles. Much like a portraitist, Listri uses every nuance to support the complete narrative. Nothing is lost, yet Listri’s photographs somehow never overwhelm or seem cluttered. Every aspect is rendered precisely and clearly, showing us how each finely crafted feature contributes to the magnificence of the overall effect.

Luxury Living Ecological

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Harmony with the environment and conserving natural resources come up more frequently on the wish list for dream homes. From around the world, the 33 homes presented in this book show that glamour and green architecture can be ideally combined. The spectrum of approaches range from hi-tech energy- and resource-saving solutions and industrially prefabricated modules, to traditional building methods and local materials. Moreover, all of them successfully work with the climatic and geographical conditions of their surroundings. The spectacular experience of nature up close, comfort beyond compare, remarkable design, and a clean conscience all come together in Ecological Living.

Luxury Hotels Best of...

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This new edition takes us across Europe, exploring the finest hotels the continent has to offer. From Paris to London, Rome to Majorca, these accommodations have exceptional standards and personalized charm. Their styles are wideranging— everything from classic elegance to cutting-edge design. Of course, let’s not forget the attentive service and exquisite dining options. Whatever you desire, you can be certain these lodgings will offer every indulgence you can think of. Whether downtown or on the beach, there’s an extensive range of locations. With this comprehensive reference, you’ll have no excuse for not seeing Europe in the best of style.

World of Private Islands

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From the idealism of Moore’s “Utopia” to the ease of Gauguin’s Tahiti, islands fuel the imagination. Indeed, who hasn’t day-dreamed of an unique slice of paradise? Editor Farhad Vladi presents the many types of private islands in this compelling volume, featuring everything from Canadian lake isles to Pacific atolls. Within its chapters you will discover a world of islands with castles as well as properties owned by celebrities like Johnny Depp and Richard Branson. However, islands are not just for the wealthy; they are as much affordable for those who want to spend less. Lovers of nature and adventure seekers will be intrigued by the independence remote islands offer, while more sociable types will appreciate the many beautiful resort isles. If you can dream it, it’s out there for you.


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Each volume in this series highlights the work of an architect or artist from history. Featuring four-colour photographs of exteriors and interiors, detailed plans, layouts and brief, comprehensive texts, the books are intended to provide an easy reference for work, school or leisure.


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Photographed from intriguing angles that illustrate their utility and beauty, this book is a colourful tour that aims to show why staircases are the architect's ultimate challenge. Different chapters examine the different materials used - wood, stone, glass, metal - as well as the varying functions of staircases - spectacular entrances, escape routes, functional escalators. Photographs of each stage of construction contrast with the pictures of the finished piece - in homes, public buildings, offices, cultural spaces and the the outdoors. The book features the work of more than 40 designers, including Norman Foster, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Claudio Nardi, Satoshi Okada and Le Corbusier.


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Technological developments have transformed ways of working, and in many cases the very definition of a workplace. With this in mind, this book presents a global selection of 30 unique office spaces created by such architects as Mario Botta, Norman Forster and Frank Gehry. From San Francisco's cutting edge design group, IDEO, to DHL corporate headquarters to the studio professionale in Milan, these exciting spaces illustrate the many ways that people and organizations are rethinking what it means to "go to work".


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This sumptuously illustrated, beautifully produced coffee-table book is the third in teNeues' Luxury series. Here is a book on hotels that offer the best in style, service and design - on the most luxurious hotels in the world. Luxury need not be defined in terms of richly decorated formality and the hotels featured in these pages, whether in Australia and New Zealand or in far flung locales across Asia, have been chosen for their distinctive architecture and the tastefulness and simplicity of their interior design.


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New Yorkers are known the world over for their love of sophicticated style. This accessible volume profiles the chicest living spaces in and around this ultimate urban playground. Featuring an array of décor from solidly classical to the ultimate in contemporary glamour, Reto Guntli's photographs take us on an insider tour of the Big Apple's most desirable residences.


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New Yorkers are known the world over for their love of sophicticated style. This accessible volume profiles the chicest living spaces in and around this ultimate urban playground. Featuring an array of décor from solidly classical to the ultimate in contemporary glamour, Reto Guntli's photographs take us on an insider tour of the Big Apple's most desirable residences.


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Known for a style that is both refined and accessible, Malene Birger expands the focus of her design empire from clothing to equally exquisite living spaces. This stunning volume embodies her knack for transforming homes into inspirational works of art. Birger's spaces combine international diversity with glittering sophistication. Bold patterns, thoughtful details, and comfort are her signature. The result: authentic dwellings for either high-edge entertaining or curling up with a good book. Global fashion designer Malene Birger resonates with all those who appreciate detail-focused, classic design that blends quality with a hint of the unexpected. A favorite of international fashion editors, her designs are sold in over 950 outlets worldwide.


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Featuring colour photographs of exteriors and interiors, detailed plans, layouts and brief, comprehensive texts, each volume in this series highlights the work of a 20th-century architect. The series is intended to provide an easy reference for work, school or leisure.


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It's the weekend: 48 hours of free time! Turn off your Blackberry and recharge those creative batteries—or spend some precious time with your partner. manager magazin, the monthly business magazine for professional decision makers, and teNeues have selected the best short-stay destinations in Europe. Illustrated with attractive photographs, this convenient guide shows you just how top executives unwind. Each hotel has unique charm, superb service and unparalleled amenities. The only decision you'll have to make is where to go first.


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When we travel, hotels function as our home away from home. In these temporary abodes, we seek many of the qualities most valued in our own dwellings: confort, style and --especially nowadays--sustainablility. This inspiring volume offers a compendium of stylish yet ecological accommodations across the world, each a distinct example of what it means to be green. Careful consideration in the design, construction and maintenance of these properties ensure they protect the planet. Respectful of local traditions, resources and ecosystems, these top-notch lodgings show a way forward for tourism--and for the Earth.


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Since Roman times, Italy has been a byword for cutting-edge style. There's simply nowhere better to indulge in some elegant hedonism. After all, Italians do understand la dolce vita! And, its cool hostelries are no exception. From sleek rooms to polished exteriors and hip amenities, Italian hoteliers offer the very best. Whether a rural retreat or an urban oasis, if it's a cool lodging, you'll find it here. With tons of useful information, you're all set to go.


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We all know how fun and exciting travel can be. But as with all good things in life, it's too easy to deny yourself. This accessible Styleguide edition profiles the coolest hotels for more modest budgets. Each featured hostelry offers comfort, style and sophistication. It just goes to show that high-end design can equal affordability.


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It doesn’t matter if you’re London born or just passing through, this happening guide chronicles the hottest places to hang out in the UK’s capital of groove. Find out where local hipsters acquire their gear, have a snack or otherwise live it up. This handy guide profiles the brand new as well as the established bastions of hipdom. Plugging into the fashion-forward insights of supermodel Lydia Hearst and fashion photographer Russell James, we bring you the coolest spots to stroll, acquire beautiful things and savor cocktails or nibbles.


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Berlin is not just the German capital, but also the metropolis for culture, art, architecture, and lifestyle. Berlin pulses like no other city in Germany. From fashion to shopping to hip bars and restaurants, there's more here than anywhere else. Berlin has quickly become a world city known for its abundance of hip places to savor. This straightforward guide showcases both what’s just opened as well as long-time favorites. Your trip through Germany’s cutting-edge capital is led by supermodel Eva Padberg and fashion photographer Russell James. You’ll discover the coolest spots to hang out, strut your stuff or otherwise live it up. Each location gets two double-spreads so you really get a handle on the place. Included is an extensive service section with lots of important addresses and pictures, as well as a convenient map of the city. All of this makes the Cool Guide your best travel companion for this cool city. teNeues presents the Cool Guide series featuring the hippest, best designed and most fashionable spots in the most fascinating cities. Cool Guides give an insider' advice on places to shop, eat, dine, as well as see and be seen.


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There's something astonishing and awing about a cool event. All too often, we think such parties are unattainable, too expensive or not for the likes of ordinary people. Lifestyle expert and experienced hostess Stephanie von Pfuel seeks to de-mystify entertaining with creative and innovative decoration ideas and easy to cook recipes. Working closely with Klaus-Peter Kofler, the head of one of Europe's leading catering companies and Germany's Caterer of the Year, she has written an easy-to-use guide for giving the perfect dinner or event up to ten people. Packed with ideas for themed dinner parties to suit every occasion, along with suggestions for accompanying table settings and décor, and carefully chosen recipes that are affordable and easy to prepare, this copiously illustrated book is sure to help you spoil and delight your guests!


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Really getting away from it all is still possible--if you know where to go. This breath-taking guide profiles over 70 select resorts and hotels where you can fall asleep to just the murmuring wind or the gentle lapping of waves. Here, off the beaten track, you can savor the unspoiled wonders of our planet--in chic comfort, of course. From the jungles of Costa Rica to an Italian hill town, the compendium of footloose destinations will whisk readers away from everyday cares.

Cool Berlin

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Dostępność: na zamówienie The very coolest dining spots, clubs, bars, landmarks, and more Often called Europe’s hippest metropolis, Berlin is a magnet for creative types. With an array of cult ural offerings, exceptional buildings and a lifestyle that’s both sophisticated and edgy, this cuttingedge city has it all. Whether it’s the perfect boutique, a trendy gallery or a chic spot to sip and nibble, this accessible guide to the hotspots will make sure you know where to “see and be seen.&rd