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Prefab Houses

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Taking inspiration from art, sculpture, Chicago prairies and folk architecture such as tree houses, Dan Pearson--acclaimed garden designer and "green-fingered guru" at the U.K. newspaper -lays out his design philosophy and working process, giving readers direct insight into his collaborative approach of working with nature, instead of imposing preconceptions upon it. Journeying from New Zealand to Japan via Thames-side barge gardens, Pearson focuses on the spirit of place as it emerges through geography, history, architecture and native flora, extrapolating this sense of place into a new gardening philosophy. Very far from conventional gardening books,


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The shrinking size of homes has led architects, designers and manufacturers to come up with concepts and elements to save space. This book compiles ideas and suggestions to make full use of available space without compromising order and comfort.


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Książka, dzięki której dowiesz się, jak odmienić swą kuchnię i/lub łazienkę. jak zmienić źle wyglądające i mało funkcjonalne pomieszczenie w prawdziwe arcydzieło architektury wnętrz.


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Green Style brings together the concepts of the ecophilosophy prevalent in the 21st century, offering the reader alternative ways of living which reconcile design and aesthetics with sustainable development. This book contains ecological values and basic principles to achieve a better quality of life.


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New interior design shows the application of new materials and technologies and adapts the concept of a home to the present. This book gathers examples illustrating numerous possibilities in contemporary interior design.


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Green homes are often thought of as offering little by way of appearance. Green Living shows how this in not necessarily the case: the application of measures to save energy, water, and resources in a family home for a more environmentally-aware public without compromising on style.