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Event Art

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Exciting corporate events planned by architects and designers! Explores new opportunities for design professionals. Dozens of projects, complete with commentary, full-color photos, and plans.

The Architect

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Dostępność: na zamówienie An architect’s head is filled with thousands of details: weight and resistance, size and specifications, acoustic protection, properties, and on and on. How can a busy professional keep all those details straight? With The Architect’s Handbook, an easy-to-use, exhaustive reference book packed with all the facts. Conversion tables, legal standards, technical specs, properties of material, and much more put all the information at an architect’s fingertips, any time, any place. Includes detailed plans, drawings, and sketches, and 80 charts full of handy technical information.

Factories and Office Buildings

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Used to be, factories hovered on the forgotten outskirts of cities, bland heaps of brick and concrete. But today’s factories are more than just containers for industrial activity. Worker-friendly and environmentally respectful, the remarkable buildings featured in Factories and Industries represent the best in factory design. Striking yet sensible factories, offices, warehouses, even waste treatment plants, are show in full-color photos plus construction details that show the present and the future of industrial planning.


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New technology has created a revolution in the way we work--and in our surroundings at work.Office Interiorsreveals how more pleasant working environments are evolving through intelligent construction, ergonomics, improved ventilation systems, new cladding methods, ecological efficiency, and lighting controls. Hundreds of full-color photographs of innovative workspaces, both new and rehabbed, plus detailed illustrations, sketches, and plans, makeOffice Interiorsa working vacation for architects, designers, and business managers.


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Architects, designers, and anyone renovating an older building will find dozens of fresh, new ideas and information in New Domestic Interiors. The focus of this title is rebuilding, and more than 450 full-color illustrations plus 130 black-and-white illustrations and plans showcase ingenious solutions for giving old structures a dynamic new look and for creating effective spaces for domestic use. Each project includes detailed commentary with plans, sketches, notes, construction information, materials lists, and photographs. Enter the world of New Domestic Interiors and find design breakthroughs that are anything but tame.


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This book presents a selection of the most interesting proposals in interior design, showing a return to more humanized concepts based on the profound relationship of humankind with its inhabited space. You will find solutions of the most diverse types, an effort to strike a balance between function and aesthetics, between the essential and the non-essential. Included are floor plans, technical specifications, materials used and commentary on each project, all provided by the designing architects themselves. Eldridge Smerin, Drewes Architects, GAP Architetti Associati are just some of the architectural luminaries who have contributed to this fine selection


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Dostępność:na zamowienie This inspiring book takes readers on a visual journey through Asia, with stops in elegant rooms that reflect eight different cultures. Decorating Asia reveals how to incorporate the distinctive design elements of the Far East in homes, offices, and other interiors. With a focus on the colors, shapes, and symbols that define each culture, the book uses full-color photographs and clear commentary to show designers how to capture Asian themes for exotic interiors.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Zen interiors are a reflection of the modern urge to simplify, to pare down, to slow down. This book features serene, uncluttered havens from the outside world, created through the central concepts of Zen: simplicity, inner calm, harmony. In home design, this means simple layouts, subtle light, calming tones, and clean lines. Original floor plans and rich full-color photography, plus detailed commentary from the designers, show the process of creation and the final results. Zen Interiors will produce a sense of inner calm in any architect or designer.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Pure geometric forms. Clear surfaces. Recurring themes. The remarkable projects featured in Minimalist Interiors prove that less really is more. Full-color photographs, floor plans, and detailed commentary from the architects and designers themselves reveal the thoughts and ideas behind these simple, superb spaces. Practical examples provide inspiration for everyone planning a minimalist interior.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Everyone will think they’re turning Japanese with this up-close look at the hippest lounge designs in the world’s hippest country. These bars, lounges, cafes, and teahouses feature the latest in glam lighting, sensuous styling, and experiential drama. Stunning full-color photographs let designers, sophisticated clubbers, and fans of Japanese pop culture enter the world of trendy lounging.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Hip Dining Japan showcases the most contemporary and hip restaurant designs in Japan. Reinterpreting the traditional spatial requirements of the Japanese dining space, the designers have created new ways to address these constraints as features. Often injected with a twist, some of the featured projects expound the private dining concept as fantasy structures integrated into the dining space, to create a sensational experience for the guests. Others mastered the art of applying über modern lighting in contrast to their Zen design sensibility, to enhance the encounter and dramatize the ambience. Creating extraordinary interior expressions that are unique to the dining scene in Japan, the restaurants featured reflect a hip dining experience that is visually psychedelic and stylistically flamboyant. Breaking away from the stereotypical conventions of Japanese rural styles of Inns and Ryokans, the contemporary Japanese restaurant continues to influence cross-cultural trends, by striking out to redefine what it is to be hip and funky with a cutting-edge perspective that is Japanese in it roots, without compromising its position as an international trendsetter. Curated for the trendy designer and the hip restaurant proprietor seeking inspiration for restaurant concepts that are unique, sophisticated and exceptional, Hip Dining Japan sets itself out as a unique advocator of visual dining experiences. Printed in full colour, the book contains visually stunning interiors that feature the latest works illustrated with inspiring images and introductory texts.


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Interior design is currently one o f the most innovative disciplines of architecture. Contemporary architects are aware that there is a need for multi-functional and polyvalent spaces and at the same time highly defined spaces that are pleasant and calm and make their inhabitants feel comfortable. The search for bold and completely original forms are adapted to the lifestyle of their inhabitants is often one factor that leads to experimentation and creativity with forms and materials. In the works of architects such as Takao Shiotsuka, Gracia Studio, Jay Kammen and Simone Micheli presents in this volume -included are floor plans, technical specifications, materials used and commentary on each project- we find stimulating answers, ingenious solutions, unexpected points of view and proposals which will certainly influence the concept of architectural interiors


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Technologically smart, streamlined, and aesthetically groundbreaking, the houses featured in Great Spaces: Flexible Homes represent the future of architecture. Hundreds of full-color photographs, site plans, construction details, materials lists, and commentary by the architects themselves show exactly how each home accommodates new, ever-evolving lifestyles. The range of projects and the comprehensive detail about the houses and their construction make this the most complete volume available on this specialized field of architecture


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Publikacja przedstawia nowatorskie wykorzystanie drewna w kilkudziesięciu projektach z całego świata. Fantastyczne fotografie, plany i omówienia autorstwa samych projektantów. The architects and all interiors featured in this book have in common their fascination regarding the richness, the texture, and the strength of wood to enhance their creations. Each of the projects within this worldwide selection is clearly explained by the designers themselves and all of the examples selected share the highest degree of architectural quality due to innovative uses of wood as well as the architects outspoken bid for environmentally sustainable construction. Included in this volume are sophisticated residences, contemporary homes and apartments. Outstanding photographs accompany the working plans and clear text, to achieve an optimal communication of these buildings? main features, the materials used and their defining characteristics.


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This fully illustrated work features dozens of apartment and loft interiors from around the world--all created by internationally renowned architects and designers. The book focuses on the technical aspects of each project and on the ingenious solutions employed in adapting fixtures and furniture to a range of uses for more efficient uses of space. Each of the projects is beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs, floor plans, and sketches. Including every step of the design process?from conception to execution?this guide is indispensable for anyone working in the fields of architecture, interior design, interior decorating and furniture design.


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This collection of outstanding projects for public spaces is an excellent overview of current trends in urban planning; new forms of social existence have led to an increased interest in the definition of urban space. Our cities have already crossed the dividing line between space to inhabit and habitable space and, at present, it is difficult to conceive of a good urban development plan without an equally good plan of the public space involved. This volume has brought together twenty five examples of the best in urban design, with the indelible stamp of the most internationally known professionals. Each of them is thoroughly documented and illustrated with full color glossy photographs and drawings, to capture the full scale of the project’s complexities, technical assets and aesthetic innovations. This book, the fruit of a complete case study, will undoubtedly be of the greatest value to all architects, urban planners and students seeking an introduction to the latest tendencies in the field of public space design.


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Bubbling with life, sound, and color, here are the most superb shops from around the globe. Superb Shops gathers the freshest and hippest shops and packs them into one exciting volume, with hundreds of full-color photos and in-depth architectural commentary. Floor plans and construction details provide the background information architects and designers need to create top shops of their own


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Modern working worlds need not have a complex organisation or be perfectly equipped technologically. More and more, offi ce in-teriors are becoming architectural visiting cards for enterprises. Transparency, openness and modernity are qualities which are often requested in the architecture of company headquarters and adminis-trations. The selection of a three-piece suite in the reception area al-ready contributes to the way an enterprise communicates its image. Outward representation is becoming ever more important and can assume a wide variety of forms: some designs break completely with the traditional organisation of working rooms, others seem intent upon making objects of spatial art out of offi ces and still others work predominantly with the psychology of colours or integrated lands-cape and environment in the working interior.This volume presents approximately thirty offi ce interiors designed by German-speaking architects and designers. With pictures, texts, drawings and a great deal of detailed information, ťInspiration Offi ceŤ investigates the manifold formal language of the contemporary working world.


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This book presents a wide range of hotels, - modern temples of vacations or business periods that has opened recently in different parts of the world. This is a dynamic and colourful collection of some of the most forward-looking and inspiring design in the world, from the studios of some of modern architecture's leading names. Each project is thoroughly documented with the designers' own notes and explanations, sketches, floor plans and glossy full-colour photographs. They show a common inclination towards calm and concise spaces and offer an inspiring range of formal proposals full of glamour.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie A sensible answer to many of our most challenging housing problems, container architecture is the hottest thing in building today. Easy to transport, environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable, container buildings are the home of the future today. Container Architecture presents the findings of three years of research into container architecture, showcasing more than 140 top projects with detailed full-color photographs and full resource lists. Container Architecture can hardly contain all these great ideas and innovative solutions--get it now!


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This exhaustively documented sourcebook will be invaluable to professionals and students of architecture, interior design, interior de-corating, and furniture design. Information is provided on every aspect of the design process from the ground up floor plans, materials, and specifications on furniture and fixtures. The 30-plus illustrated case studies are of homes that are streamlined on the inside and out, and include full-color photographs, floor plans, and sketches. Also revealed are dozens of never-before-seen solutions in storage and an array of ingenious design solutions for furniture and fixtures that serve a variety of purposes.