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Contemporary Asian Bedrooms opens the door to a new world of slumber retreats, showcasing some of the most eye-catching bedroom designs in luxury homes and hotels in Southeast Asia. Shown here are a range of new design trends, from Zen minimalist to exuberant color kaleidoscopes that make contemporary bedrooms more than just a spot for shut-eye. This book gives homeowners and designers a look at new ideas, shapes, colors and textures that transform the places we sleep into high-style, must-have dream spaces.


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A treasure trove of decorating ideas which capture the essence of contemporary Chinese-inspired interior design, ranging from formal, traditional apartments with priceless antique furniture, through to Shanghai art deco, to modern manifestations of Chinese style including Mao-style.


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Chinese style, long considered staid and traditional, is moving rapidly in a new and innovative direction. The pioneering spirit of a new China is manifesting itself in cuttingedge design and architecture as an insatiable appetite for creative new directions leads designers to infuse their work with a fresh vision. The traditional aesthetic values of elegance, subtlety and proportion are still evident, but modern materials and techniques now form the cornerstones of new design movements. China Living presents a fascinating overview of China's diverse design landscape today.


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This guided tour of Bali's finest traditional and contemporary gardens is perfect for gardening enthusiasts and professional landscape architects alike, and will especially appeal to visitors who have experienced the charms of one of the world's most beautiful islands.

Ultimate Spa

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Ultimate Spa is the definitive guide to the best spas in Asia. Highlighting spas in India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Bali, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines, this book is both a showcase of the region's best spas and a comprehensive guide to their offerings. The first half of the book introduces the top spas in the region, giving useful tips regarding the facilities and different types of treatments to be experienced. The second half of the book focuses on the treatments themselves: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and the beauty and health secrets of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Tropical Asian Style

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Tropical Asian Style showcases contemporary residences throughout Southeast Asia, from Chiang Mai to Bali and Kuala Lumpur to Java. Featured are houses in more than 20 different locations across Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Each home is designed to achieve perfect harmony with its tropical surroundings. Silks, batiks, terra-cotta tiles and lacquer wares from Thailand and Indonesia; stone garden sculptures from Bali; and antique furniture from Java are only a few examples of the many beautiful items examined and illustrated in this book.

Contemporary Asian Kitchens...

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Dostępność: na zamówienie With over one hundred full-color photographs, Contemporary Asian Kitchens and Dining Rooms looks at a wide range of inspirational cooking and dining spaces, from the elegance of open-plan entertaining to the raw, modern look of an industrial kitchen. Few rooms in the house depict the changing aesthetics of design as radically as kitchens and dining rooms. The growing trend toward modern fixtures and fittings in kitchens calls for more interactive and creative dining areas, a trend that is redefining the Asian home.

Troppo Architects

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Historically, the phrase "going troppo" came into prominence in World War II. It meant to be "heat affected", one went "off", a little mad in the heat of the tropics. This is the story of two architects who "went troppo", but in doing so, found another state. For them it meant becoming acclimatised, not going "off" at all, but understanding the place. "Going troppo" was revealing - even enlightening - and it would provide the basis for a new practice of architecture in Australia's Northern Territory.

Singapore Architecture

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Singapore Architecture captures the architectural heritage of Asia's crossroad city. The early temples, chophouses and colonial monuments hold historical significance, while the modern skyline reflects Singapore's role as a 21st-century powerhouse. The recent work of local architects represents a unique and dynamic mix of cross-cultural influences, combining traditional Asian style with a thorough knowledge of modern architecture. This book is filled with full-colour photographs of private houses, public buildings, shrines, mosques and office towers.

Houses for the 21st Century

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Houses for the 21st Century is a forward-looking collection of insightful essays and eye-catching homes that shed the constraints of twentieth-century thinking and suggests a new way of living.


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More than ever before, interior design is a global affair. And more than ever, Westerners are eager to try out elements of Asian design. This book is the ultimate resource for professional and amateur designers seeking to recreate the mysterious elegance, balance, and beauty of Asian design. Through the magic of Masano Kawana's beautiful full-color photography, New Asian Style explores more than 30 stunning contemporary houses and homes from Singapore, all of which stand as examples of decorating and style that transcend their Eastern origins. In an effort to help designers pick up Asian ideas for their own settings, Jane Marsden's essays examine what elements make Asian style and how they might be captured in new settings anywhere in the world.


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A select review of the Indian sub-continent's most unique hotels and resorts. From metropolitan concrete cubes to a renovated 17th century Portuguese fort, each location offers a new look and all have been chosen for their fantastically designed interiors.


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Get into the center of the action with The Stadium, a book that takes you to some of the finest event centers across the globe. Sports fans in the United States can revisit their own home fields such as the Reliant Stadium in Houston, SBC Park in San Francisco, Oriole Park in Baltimore, and experience international attractions such as the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wembley in London, Arsenal in London, and the Olympic Stadium in Sydney. With 250 eye-popping photos and 70 architectural plans,this book defines the stadium as a worlwide cultural icon.


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The spectacular transformation of China in the last decade is symbolized by its architecture. The booming cities of China are evolving at a speed which is hard to comprehend, and their skylines have seen a profusion of new architectural styles. An economic metamorphosis and an invasion of Western culture have created a dynamic environment for architecture and construction, both at the public and the domestic scale.


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This book features extended profiles of leading architects in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Java and Bali. Their major works are fully documented through plans and drawings, photographs and analytical text. Far-reaching and provocative essays by Philip Goad and Anoma Pieris precede the architects' profiles. The pleasures and rewards of designing in the world's most exotic locations are tempered by the realities of architectural responsibility in some of the world's fastest-growing cities.


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Showcasing the work of 14 of Australia's most exciting architectural firms, the text and photos in this book point to a revolutionary design style. Architects featured in the book include Andresen O'Gorman, Donovan Hill, Sean Godsell, Lyons Architects, Stutchbury & Pape, and Kerstin Thompson. Each designer's chapters include an introduction explaining the technique and importance of their work. Mindful of history but with an eye toward the future, the buildings here bring to readers the best of both worlds.