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Contemporary Green Prefab

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Today, many architects and designers are reviving the prefabricated house, designing products that incorporate the very best elements of prefabrication and sustainability, and combining them with the individuality and unique quality of traditionally built housing. Available in a wide range of materials, styles and prices, contemporary prefabricated houses are built on the rich history of their predecessors.

Sunlight Houses

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The Montpellier School of Architecture (France), under the tutelage of Nicolas Crégut, devoted a monographic study of our single-family homes, a course we called “Sunlight Houses” and which today lends its name to this book. The title made reference to that other book by Le Corbusier (When the Cathedrals were White) and the Tom Wolfe’s chapter from From Bauhaus to Our House in which he describes the arrival of the modern architects from Central Europe to America in the 40′s as the arrival of the “the white gods”, and he backs a color which is the very essence of the light now being threatened by those in the government who prefer to vindicate earth tones in order to “integrate architecture into a certain neo-rural context”.

Eco Remodeling Green...

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Eco Remodeling Green Architecure features a typological variety of projects and architectural styles, all clearly contemporary but inevitably influenced by the project pre-existences who must, in one way or another, adapt. We also discover different types of renovations, rehabilitations or additions that staged the very heterogeneous and varied ideas of the concept of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation & Ecology...

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An illustrated look at how contemporary architects are overcoming the cahallenges of using environmentally friendly technique and materials in restoration work.

Extreme Architecture

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Architects confront difficult tasks when they are designing buildings and dwellings in extreme locations. Lack of space to build in an increasingly globalized world, and the relatively new interest in sustainability, makes more difficult to find new plots to build. Very steep slopes, hard mineral lands or softer like sand, narrow plots or extreme environments. Original proposals and designs to suit the available building area.

Houses in Extreme Places

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En ocasiones, el arquitecto debe enfrentarse a reto difíciles, ya sean de programa, de presupuesto o, como en los casos que se analizan en este novedoso libro, de emplazamiento. Los terrenos extremos pueden convertirse en proyectos valiosos, ya que un terreno de difícil acceso o construcción puede representar la ocasión perfecta para el lucimiento del arquitecto y la oportunidad ideal de crear un edificio innovador y único. Al llevar a cabo esta recopilación de proyectos se ha puesto particular énfasis en poder mostrar todos los proyectos desde diferentes puntos de vista a la vez que presentar la información de manera detallada y organizada, cuidando las técnicas de estructura, los procesos constructivos y los materiales empleados.

Stands. Architecture for...

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New product presentation needs and the ever-growing importance companies give to attending trade shows and exhibitions has generated a new brand of architecture whose capacity for innovation has drawn some of the world’s top architects and designers. When it comes time to conceive ideas for show stands, these individuals bring to the table a new perspective to combine sales strategy and architectural creativity.

Stairs (Case Study)

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Stairways tend to be loaded with symbolism, and the fact they are seen as a secondary element as well as a necessary one should not interfere with the fact that they are elements which can display somewhat more than the simple functional mechanism that is inherent to their use. They should represent an expression of the dialogue established between adjoining spaces and strengthen the concept of a transition element that either stands out for being different or blends in for being the same.

Landscape Out of the City

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The design of public and private spaces is becoming increasingly important for the development and welfare of the population. Landscape architects are concerned about the way it makes use of these places, because their designs and ideas can bring to towns and cities a unique identity to help stimulate the local economy and enhance the history and culture of a community.

Architectural Shapes

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Architecture is commonly defined as the art of designing and constructing buildings or space for mankind to use, being considered an “art” from the moment a certain aesthetic is sought. The principles of mathematics are used to create functional structures, the right proportions to relate all parts of the building and attain a pleasing appearance. Polygons, triangle, rectangles, circles…

365 Days of Design

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Every year, creative design studios around the world design a calendar as a gift for clients and friends. Traditionally, our society use to hang calendars annually on the walls of our houses and even now have been replaced by digital calendars on our mobile phones and computers, some still harbor the ancestral spirit raising its profit to a mere object of design.

Plus Design: Beautiful...

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Design and Art… Where is the dividing line? On a path stretching from limited editions to industrial production, we present different projects whose language speaks of contemporary creativity and development is owed to diverse techniques. In each we will find that distinct trace of exclusivity which makes them supremely unique. Plus Design is an exquisite selection from a broad spectrum of innovative industrial design trends on an international level, all with the same common denominator… a whole lot of really great design!


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Cities grow at a high pace that outstrips the expectations of growth rates and population in ever more limited space. This books presents cities and urban spaces which have been reinvented to ensure a successful strategy that conserves its heritage and develops the pride of its citizens towards their residential surroundings; parks, squares, public facilities, public transport. etc.


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Small Restaurants presents the latest work from great architects the world over. These cutting-edge and innovative designs are intended for small spaces; some find their dining rooms occupied by a single table, or one where only a limited number of diners can fit, yet none forget the care and detail that goes into each room and space that conform their interiors and personality.


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Mixing cocktails is easier than you think. With basic equipment, adequate drinks, fresh juices and a desire to prepare, nothing stands between you and a great cocktail party. With or without alcohol, these colorful drinks convey the feeling of a Caribbean vacation or a relaxed atmosphere. With these 75 selected recipes from classics to the latest trend ranging from the legendary Martini gin to mojito through the new absinth minded can mimic any bartender. And of course, like any bar, you can prepare snacks to nibble around the world to keep head in place.


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This volume presents a variety of buildings developed with creativity to ensure the structure from the unevenness and topography of a land Housing on a longitudinal and transverse double slope, houses on cliffs at the edge of the sea… different original proposals that are adapted to the wishes of the clients with a single goal: to create a residence to ensure the comfort and well-being of its owner and to adapt it to the available building space.


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The façade represents the building’s outer skin and this skin endows the building with character through the choice of materials, textures and tones used to create the composition in accordance with the architect’s design. These are external, generally exposed elements which also perfectly reflect the cultural and aesthetic changes not only in the course of architecture but also the user’s customs, a combination which has also evolved over time.


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Drink & Food Spaces introduces the latest projects from the greatest archotects and designers, inspiring designs which evoke of special moments and create highly commendable architectural environments. These are innovative and enterprising designs displaying a clear combination of light and colour, minimalist spaces, the calm and the unpretentious, miniature squares transformed into bustling environments, places for reflection and cordial gatherings or simple spaces with a quality touch. Undisputedly stagings of modern life in pleaant contemporary surroundings.

Water Pack!

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Water, so essential to the survival of all known life forms, has recently become an item of luxury among more fashion-conscious and demanding consumers. The designer water phenomena is a trend whose roots can be traced back to Paris and has spread with astonishing success to all the world's major cities. Water Pack! presents a meticulous and international selection of the best packaging designs for bottled water, brands which might be found on the menus in today's most select restaurants, bars and spa shops.

Urban Bags

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Dostępność: na zamówienie URBAN BAG are popular, affordable, and –in recent years– works of art! these comfortable, casual items of bags have become creative canvases for innovative design. URBAN BAG showcases the most significant contributions to this pop-culture/design phenomenon of this wardrobe staple–from do-it-yourself silkscreens to high fashion variations.

Typographic Design

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Dostępność: na zamówienie This book showcases recent developments and tendencies in the universe of fonts. Drawing on leading designers and typographers, it presents a wide selection of complete alphabets and their application on posters, logos, adverts, magazines, flyers and exhibitions.