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Combining good taste and audacity is a subtle art that interior designer Jacques Grange has perfected for over four decades. As a young man working for design legends Henri Samuel and then Didier Aaron, his talent was soon recognized by the likes of the Rothschilds, Madeleine Castaing, and the Vicomtesse de Noailles. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Grange is known for being able to disappear behind his designs; he believes an interior décor should serve as a "self-portrait" of the occupant and not the designer. His prestigious commissions in New York, Paris, London, Venice, and Marrakech blend Oriental and North African influences with Western styles, from rococo opulence to modern chic. But, remarkably, Grange is not afraid to strip everything away, and to make space itself the main focus of a room. Always balancing virtuoso flourishes with tasteful understatement, Grange’s touch is unique


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A thirty-year career has made Jacques Garcia a worldwide name in interior design in the French tradition. In Paris, chic crowds flock to his celebrated Hétel Costes and Ladurée tearoom, and to his many fin-de-siécle brasseries. Garcia's designs also grace the interiors of the Musée Carnavalet and the Musée de la Vie Romantique-and his most recent tour de force is the restoration of Paris' Hétel Mansart. Garcia's most ambitious project to date, the refurbishment of the Chéteau du Champ de Bataille in Normandy, attracts visitors from across the globe and has become a monument to his art and celebrity. This new edition of the 1999 book is a continuing tribute to the restoration of the chéteau and to its magnificent garderns, seen here for the first time. Sumptuously illustrated and updated to include Garcia's latest creations, this new edition provides the reader with a privileged view of true French style.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie The inimitable Jacques Garcia is an internationally-acclaimed interior designer whose work ranges from private residences to museums to upscale hotels from New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Miami to Geneva, Brussels, and Beirut. While Garcia draws inspiration from neoclassical and oriental sources, his passion and genius lie in his unique blending of textures, patterns, colors, and styles. In Paris, crowds flock to his chic Hotel Costes, Laduree tearoom, and fin-de-siecle brasseries and salons; he redesigned the Musee Carnavalet, the Musee de la Vie Romantique, and Hotel Mansart, which was originally designed by an architect of Versailles. This revised edition of the 1999 volume has been updated to include gorgeous color details of Garcia's unique approach to interior design, and his renovation of the chateau Champ de Bataille in Normandy, and its magnificent gardens design by Le Notre, and seen here for the first time, which attracts visitors from across the globe and has become a monument to his highly original style.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Internationally renowned expert Jean-Paul Pigeat sets out to examine both the enduring styles and the bold new trends in garden design. Pigeat juxtaposes traditional and contemporary garden designs, exploring their themes as expressions of a culture's artistic creativity and social structure. Pigeat retraces his steps through famous and lesser-known gardens around the world-from Roman emperor Hadrian's universalist Tivoli park to Middle Eastern water gardens, and from eighteenth-century British garden design to a modern-day lightning field. Each garden has something to teach about the history of garden design, from the ostentatious design of Versailles, where the sumptuous layout reflects the monarch's power, to the inspired innovation of the Eden Project in England, which aims to teach visitors about the environment, our most precious resource; to the cutting-edge design of the Gas Works Park in Seattle, Washington, which reclaimed a former industrial site for the people of the city to enjoy. Lavishly illustrated, with a lush format and informative text this truly magnificent panorama of garden design will meet the expectations of professional, designers, and garden travelers alike.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie France is the world’s style destination, and photographer Sébastien Siraudeau has scoured the hexagon to uncover eighty of its most charming boutique guesthouses, each rich in the design details that epitomize French style. Thirty of these locations are featured in individual chapters with photographs highlighting their particular flair–from a trompe-l’oeil wall mural, to a damask upholstered chaise lounge, or a simple row of ocean-polished stones. Those seeking inspiration for their own home interiors will find this book rich in ideas for a wide variety of styles—elegant crystal chandeliers may take center stage in one room, but a simple wooden bench, worn smooth with centuries of use, can be just as captivating in another. Gently faded neutrals create a quiet harmony in one setting, while another is alive with splashes of vivid color. Sleek and modern or cozy and rustic, each of these hand-picked settings is as inviting as a deep leather armchair. Organized thematically, these destinations will inspire the reader to recreate the same atmospheric interiors at home. This handsome volume includes a black book of the best design destinations the country has to offer—from châteaux, country manors, and farmhouses, to urban apartments, hotels, and B&Bs. A practical guide grouped by region includes price indicators and online tourist information.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Christiane de Nicolay-Mazery, a specialist in furniture and antiques at Christies and Honelon, invites her readers to enter the elegantly luxurious interiors of some of France's most exclusive abodes. From the classic taste of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to the creativity of the nineteenth century, she traces the path to the finesse of the twentieth century, which combines tradition and modernity. The interiors portrayed in these nine exquisitely illustrated chapters pay tribute to the refinement of French taste, a savoir-faire that has been continually renewed. Classic hôtels particuliers in the heart of Paris and romantic châteaux, as well as a surprising isba--a traditional rural log house in the Russian style--are but a few of the examples of the kinds of interiors that will inspire readers as they marvel over the art of French designers, including Madeleine Castaing, Hubert de Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Jacques Grange, François Joseph Graff, and Pierre Bergé. Unlike most books on French style on the market, this book is not only a testimony to timeless French elegance, it is an invitation to discover a synthesis of contemporary and classic décor, in some of France's most exclusive residences, firsthand.


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The magazine-style design and straightforward text introduce the reader to the basics of architecture so they can gain everything they need to know in order to "talk about" this hot topic. "Talk About Contemporary Architecture" provides the general public with the keys to understanding architecture from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and simultaneously recalls the great edifices of earlier eras. The work is broken down into chapters that decipher a diverse range of essential concepts and answer the fundamental questions on the subject: What is contemporary architecture? When did it arise? What is its purpose? What are its newest innovations? Who are the leading architects and their most significant contributions? How can different styles be recognized? The answers to all of these questions are explained in clear and engaging text, guiding the reader to appreciate this art form that pervades all public spaces and is of universal interest. Designed as an accessible introduction, this work highlights thirty essential dates that changed the face of architecture, as well as the movers and shakers of the architecture world who have initiated and propelled movements ranging from minimalism to modernism to neo-classicism. The book is completed by a detailed chronology and a glossary of the essential vocabulary needed to talk about architecture