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The Design Hotels Book 2012

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The new edition of The Design Hotels™ Book is a comprehensive overview of the most original design hotels worldwide. By presenting 220 spectacular hotels, including 30 properties that are new for 2012, the book provides insight into trends and developments in hospitality design. With its images of striking architecture and interior design, this opulent hardcover brings the experience of staying in a Design Hotels™ property to life.


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This book offers new solutions for event architecture, scenography, media installations, interiors, and stage design. Thanks to globalization and digitalization more and more aspects of our business lives and leisure time are taking place on the internet. Consequently, there is more pressure to create the proper setting when we actually do come together. The spaces where we come into face-to-face contact with our target audiences have to be precisely arranged in order to make an impact or to communicate information effectively on an emotional level. That is why so many different creatives are currently working on developing designs in physical space. Staging Space presents an extensive collection of work in which images and space meld seamlessly into a single narrative entity. The spectrum of examples includes exhibition and event architecture, interior design, art installation, and stage design as well as multimedia brand concepts and light projections on city surfaces. The book also features an array of hybrid solutions whose focus lies on using space to achieve pre-defined dramatic effects. The diverse international work collected in Staging Space demonstrates inspirational new applications for aesthetics, information technology, and sales pitches. Because this work crosses boundaries between creative disciplines and defies convention, it gives us the opportunity to appreciate the added value of a well thought-out presentation in physical space. This insight is especially relevant for those working as designers, interior decorators, and set designers, but also for those in advertising and marketing.


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Eat Out! features international locations, concepts, and designers that deal with the world of food in a timely and surprising way. On the one hand, the book sheds light on current trends and future developments in restaurant design. It presents an extensive selection of locations with a design spectrum varying from glamorous to minimalist, from romantic to high-tech. On the other hand, Eat Out! examines in detail the different concepts that this variety of restaurants uses to create unique dining experiences. It also documents unconventional events and installations in which shared food experiences are created by eating together in extraordinary places or by unusual serving methods.


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Architecture of Change 2 presents an unrivalled collection of the most innovative architecture that makes a considerable contribution to a sustainable future. Over forty exemplary projects by internationally renowned architecture practices such as Renzo Piano and OMA founder Rem Koolhaas are featured in addition to social initiatives such as Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation. From a zero emission ice station facility in Antarctica to the High Line public promenade in New York, it represents a broad range of environmentally mindful concepts that are outstanding architectonically and also devoted to regional environmental and social conditions as well as their global impact.


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Arcadia is an expansive collection of contemporary alpine and backcountry architecture and interior design. The book profiles architects and designers who are embracing nature and creating provocative rural hideaways that adapt to their surrounding habitats and their topographical and climatic conditions. It features both traditional and progressive examples of private mountaintop homes and hotel lodges nestled in the forest landscape as well as bespoke furniture and interior designs inspired by nature and folklore. Arcadia is an inspiring reference that shows how the archaic idea of life in harmony with nature can be reflected in contemporary living.


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Spacecraft presents projects that meet the changing spatial needs of our modern lifestyles and that are simultaneously expanding our current understanding of architecture. On the one hand, the book features flexible, fleeting structures that only exist for a limited time. On the other hand, Spacecraft focuses on spaces that are used temporarily. Whether vacation homes, urban hideouts, art projects, pavilions or studios, all of the included work is distinguished by a playful, unconventional use of space.

Lord of the Logos

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Dostępność: na zamówienie This book is a collection of work by Christophe Szpajdel, an artist whose fans in the underground black metal community worship him as the Lord of the Logos. It includes hundreds of powerful logos, each of which captures the force of this musical genre anew. Through his surprising use of aesthetic influences such as art deco and nature, Szpajdel has brought a new dynamic into the gothic visuality of heavy metal. This publication, which is done in the style of a black prayerbook, shows not only how he has succeeded in leaving his own visual mark on this music, but how he has also expanded the canon of forms it uses.


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Dostępność: na zamówienie Inspired by the challenge of hands-on tweaks and unpredictable results as well as the tactile qualities of different inks, papers, and binding techniques, today’s creatives are rediscovering old-fashioned printing methods and crafts. Impressive is a topical exploration of the interplay between current trends in graphic design and traditional handiwork such as letterpress printing, hand-cut linotype, chiselled woodblocks, and embossing. In addition to a rich selection of invitations, business cards, stationery, posters, and other material printed by hand, it offers personal insights from designers who are using old-fashioned techniques to create cutting-edge work.

Designpreis der...

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Dostępność: na zamówienie The German Design Award is the country's highest distinction in the field of design. It is generally known as the Prize of Prizes because no other design award sets such strict criteria on its entries. A company can only enter the competition for the Design Award if its product has already been awarded a national or international design prize. For 2010 more than 1,200 nominated entries were received in approximately equal number for the prize's two categories. Out of these, the jury awarded 45 winners: 23 from product and 22 from communication design. This ratio is a testament that that each prize was duly earned. In addition to documenting the competition and the winners, German Design Award 2010 also contains an evaluation of the current influences on design by the German Design Council, one of the world's leading competence centers for communication and know-how transfer in the design field. This detailed report, with a rich selection of images, puts recent design developments into context. It explains how the various design currents are related to each other and how they are expected to evolve over the next few years. With its almost 700 pages, German Design Award 2010 is an opulent collection of outstanding state-of-the-art solutions in product and communication design. The book not only provides insight into the work of current leaders in the field, but through its selection of winning design ideas, it also anticipates which challenges design will face in the future.

Boxed and Labelled

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Boxed and Labelled is a comprehensive overview of the most intelligent, innovative, playful and attractive examples of current packaging design. The broad spectrum of packaging is illustrated through an extensive selection of products characterised by cutting-edge graphic design, sassy illustrations, striking typography, careful use of colour as well as unique materials. The examples in the book run the gamut from jam jars, chocolate wrappers, wine labels, champagne bottles and perfume flacons to sneaker boxes and shopping bags. It offers exciting solutions and presents the best in packaging design today

The Design Hotels Book

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The updated edition for 2015 shows design hotels from the most attractive destinations across the globe, along with exclusive information from this international network of hoteliers. Discerning travelers who thrive on unique experiences can choose from the world's most inspring hotels through this book. Featuring one-of-a-kind architecture and design by the sea, in the mountains, and in the world's greatest cities, The Design Hotels Book leads you to new exciting properties and the creative visionaries who brought them to life. With almost 500 pages of stunning accommodations, this is the most extensive edition of The Design Hotels Book to date. The hardcover showcases an exclusive selection of singlular hotels from around the world, and every perfect balance between imagery and text. The publication introduces more than 280 hotels and their makers in 185 destinations with striking architectural, landscape, and portrait photography. Detailed profiles contain information about the architecture, design, and location of each hotel as well as their distinctive features, giving readers valuable insight into the future of the hotel and luxury sectors.

Strike a Pose!

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Strike a Pose! documents a new extroverted architectural language. The iconographically charged scenes and futuristic spaces featured are playful and experimental and range from private residences to schools and operas, museums and interior design. Manifested in spectacular structures, eccentric forms and vivid colours, this expressive approach goes way beyond conventional stylistic and geographic boundaries.

Spacecraft 2

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Like its successful predecessor, Spacecraft 2 showcases international projects by architects, artists and designers that meet the changing spatial needs of our modern lifestyles and that are simultaneously expanding our current understanding of architecture. This sumptuous volume further documents a dynamic range of ephemeral structures such as pavilions, art projects and exhibition spaces as well as transient architecture including mobile habitats, and vacations homes that inconspicuously adapt to their natural or urban environments.

Beyond Architecture

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Beyond Architecture is the first publication of its kind to document the creative exploration of architecture and urban propositions in the contemporary arts. The projects collected in this book demonstrate how not only architects and designers, but also artists are taking architecture as a starting point for experimentation. They range from performance, installation art and crafted sculptures to architectural models, alternative ideas for living spaces and furniture, as well as illustration, painting, collage and photography. Through stunning photography, visuals and complementary texts, these visionary concepts reveal the hidden creative potential for architecture and urban environments in inventive ways.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie The realisation of multidisciplinary objects is a trend that can be seen across many creative fields. While furniture and product design were once largely driven by classical industrial and interior design, these disciplines are now also being shaped by the visual culture of graphic design and high-tech production processes. These new influences are contributing to the creation of furniture and interiors that go beyond much of what as gone before. "Furnish" presents territories that expand upon our current understanding of interior design. The book documents recent work by designers, artists, architects and shows how they are using furniture in pioneering ways: as environment, as art object, as digital-organic growth, as mutation or as insertion. These cutting-edge examples are a sure indicator of the trends that will be influencing interiors as well as hotel, restaurant and club design for the next several years. "Furnish" also explores the new hybrid nature of "occupied" spaces, where the domestic enters the realm of fine art and where objects from pimped heirlooms to rapid prototypes find their homes. The book also presents interdisciplinary work, for example, architects engineering tables, graphic designers creating soft furniture and industrial designers making concept art. The experimental spaces in "Furnish" contain innovative examples of design work that are relevant and inspiring for anyone working creatively.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Once no more than gathering spots with domestic interiors, cafes and bars have evolved into places for relaxation where people go to escape the monotony of everyday life. Seen in this light, the design of a bar's interior is crucial: it's a setting that has to stir the senses, generate a great atmosphere and help create an unforgettable night out. The 40 innovative projects featured in "Behind Bars" are proof that more and more designers rely on high-tech solutions to produce a look geared to these demands. Their interiors not only demonstrate a high level of creativity and variety but also push the limits of style theme and materials. The result is one spectacular space after another. Each cafe or bar in the book is accompanied by quality images, floor plans and a full description based on an interview with each of the designers. "Behind Bars" is an inpsiring compilation of today's trends in bar design.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie House of Concepts opowiada o legendarnej Design Academy Eindhoven, wiodącej holenderskiej instytucji zajmującej się odkrywaniem nowych, utalentowanych projektantów. Książka prezentuje nie tylko sylwetki absolwentów szkoły i ich dokonania, ale także wprowadza nas w świat designu z którego słynie Holandia. Wspaniały materiał graficzny, zawarty w książce, uzupełniony jest obszernymi wywiadami ze słynnymi wychowankami akademii, takimi jak Jurgen Bey, Richard Hutten, Joris Laarman czy Jeroen i Joep Verhoeven. Dutch design is held in high esteem around the world. Its favourable international reputation is based on the work of many designers including Jurgen Bey, Hella Jongerius and Maarten Baas, who all have one thing in common: Design Academy Eindhoven. Design Academy Eindhoven is the Netherlands leading institution for developing design talent and it has produced a veritable who s who of the country s creative scene. The final projects of its graduates often attract international attention; their annual presentation has become a must-see for innovative companies, brands and designers from around the world. House of Concepts presents the legendary school that was founded as the Academy for Industrial Design Eindhoven sixty years ago. It contains outstanding original work created in a top-quality educational environment that emphasises practical skills rather than theory. The book not only features Design Academy Eindhoven graduates and their work, but also gives insight into the conceptual design for which the Netherlands is famous. House of Concepts also includes extensive interviews with renowned alumni such as Jurgen Bey, Richard Hutten, Joris Laarman and Judith de Grauw as well as Jeroen and Joep Verhoeven.


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Putting an ordinary towel down on the sand may well suffice in order to enjoy a sunny day at the beach. But more and more often designers, architects and artists are crafting imaginative solutions that capture or enhance the unique atmosphere that is created where water meets land. Beachlife presents a selection of the best concepts in architecture, interiors and product design that are inspired both directly and indirectly by the beach. The book features structures such as beach clubs, beach bars, hotels, restaurants, vacation homes and pavilions that can be found on ocean coasts and riverbanks. But, more than that, Beachlife also includes furniture and products made for the seaside as well as original projects by creatives from around the world, who have discovered the beach as a location for experimental art, temporary installations and events. The numerous examples in Beachlife deliver new and unusual insights into how the beach can be presented and utilised creatively not only as a place for relaxation and inspiration, but also as an attitude and way of life.


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The Design Hotels Yearbook 2008 is an exclusive collection of the most attractive international design hotels. The comprehensive and elegant hardcover presents a wide range of properties from around the world that are setting standards in the high-end hotel sector. The 668-page yearbook contains detailed information about the architecture, design and location of 162 Design Hotels as well as the distinctive practical features that make each of them so special. In addition to these extensive hotel profiles, the book includes informative essays about the conception and design of innovative architecture. These essays are complemented by profiles of renowned designers and architects, giving readers valuable insight into the future of hotel design. The Design Hotels Yearbook 2008 is not only an essential reference for architects and interior designers, but is also an inspiring source of new and attractive destinations for unconventional, style-conscious travellers.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Lying on the intersection between art and architecture, the Berlin artist duo Franz Hoefner and Harry Sachs create site-specific temporary architecture, innovative performances and constructive interference in the urban environment. The book Hoefner/Sachs documents and illustrates their subversive projects in detail for the first time. Among the projects featured are miniature bee-cities positioned next to prefab buildings, and tongue-in-cheek mounting of laminate, panels and woodchip as a means of upgrading the cityscape.


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This book presents a wide range of projects in container architecture – a contemporary architectural phenomenon. It features container structures used as pop-up stores and temporary exhibits as well as sophisticated housing and office spaces that provoke and inspire while setting new standards in functionality and aesthetics. But the book is not only visually inspiring. Because it documents plans, describes associated costs, and suggests concrete solutions for common problems, it is a practical reference for architects, planners, and cultural activists as well as event and marketing managers, to guide them in deciding what types of containers are best suited to their upcoming projects