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Mitchell Beazley

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An opening chapter, The Poetry, explains how the modern garden has evolved. The book is then split into a series of thematic chapters. The Grammar looks at the basic structure of garden design from initial thoughts, inspiration from the landscape, understanding of proportion, and underlying influences such as art and architecture; The Narrative considers styles of different types of modernist gardens, including roof gardens, courtyard gardens, urban gardens, country gardens, and landscape gardens; this chapter then looks at creative ways of using an ever-changing palette of plants in the modernist garden.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Following a brief introduction to the history of the Cotswolds, this volume is divided into chapters that focus on one of the individual and stylish interiors belonging to a tradesman or woman. Their professions, which range from bee keeping to knitwear design, have had a strong influence on their homes, as seen in the choice of decor and objects within each interior. Each home tells its own story, while the photographs themselves are an evocative record of life in the English countryside. All the different styles of period Cotswold houses are included, such as a mill, a shooting lodge, and a converted barn, as well as all types of rooms.


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Today, architecture is not always only about buildings but also about the spaces between them. This is the first book to showcase the best and most diverse examples of public space from all over the world. Architectural authority, Sarah Gaventa, considers new public spaces all over the world within themed chapters (see overleaf). Each chapter is finished with either an essay by, or interview with, a high-profile contributor. After each chapter introduction follow case studies of permanent, temporary, large-scale, and tiny interventions (a small percentage will be unbuilt). Each case study is illustrated extensively with a ground plan to provide a thorough understanding of the site. This book proves that public space no longer refers to just public squares and parks, it now includes: dead space around housing estates, roundabouts, car parks, and reclaimed dockyards and waterfronts. It is an important part of contemporary architecture and a competitive area as cities try to out-do each other to attract investment and tourists.