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Diagrams: Innovative...

117,60 zł Cena

Dostępność: na zamówienie Commissioning bespoke diagrams is an expensive and time-consuming solution. This book offers a collection of exemplary, creative, and imaginative information design, shown in its original application and juxtaposed with the reference material used for each piece of work. Every design included in the book is analysed, and useful templates are included on the accompanying disc, along with clip-art features, such as arrows, flows, and boxes, so that designers can adopt and adapt them in order to display information within their own unique layouts. 

Complete Digital Illustration

136,50 zł Cena

Dostępność: na zamówienie Complete Digital Illustration is an informative and practical guide to this in-demand area of design. Alongside step-by step tutorials, top image-makers from around the world provide real and practical advice on setting up a studio, creating a killer portfolio, and winning commissions. The work featured in the book reflects the wide and exciting range of image-making practice that thrives today, from music and fashion to character and toy design. The book reveals the secrets of the industry’s most successful creatives who transfer traditional illustrative skills into digital dimensions, producing the highest quality, most commercially successful animation, three-dimensional, and vector-based illustration.

Choosing Color for Logos &...

103,95 zł Cena

Dostępność: na zamówienie Featuring hundreds of designs, Choosing Color for Logos and Packaging is not only a wonderful resource for ideas and inspiration, but also a handy manual that shows designers how to best communicate with color. Color is a powerful and extremely important decision in any design because it impacts legibility, promotes an emotional response, and greatly influences the overall aesthetic of a piece. Because of this, color plays a major role in determining the success of a design, so getting it right is imperative.

CD-Art Mini

82,95 zł Cena

Dostępność: na zamówienie He best-selling CD-Art captures the finest CD cover and packaging design from around the world, and provides an international showcase of innovative work. This timely updated version of the original hardcover book looks at developments in the music industry today, and includes new work produced for the growing download market.The book looks at the ways in which designers excite the senses of sight and touch to create a fuller experience of a product more commonly associated with sound. Through a wealth of case studies, it shows how designers exploit the two- and three-dimensional qualities of CD packaging to create unique, collectable items.