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H. F. Ullmann

H. F. Ullmann

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Historic Maps and Views of...

68,25 zł Cena

Berlin was not built in seven days - it took centuries to become what it is today: a glamorous metropolis that sets standards both now and in the past. This brand new, full-colour book features 24 historical maps and city views that are detachable for hanging and give insights into urban developments, from the first city wall to the modern underground train system.

Urban Design and...

219,45 zł Cena
Urban Design & Architecture is a richly illustrated journey in the architectural events of the 20th century. At the same time, it offers an exciting documentation of the interrelation of people, time, and architecture.

WENECJA. Sztuka i architektura

36,54 zł Cena
Wenecja, przez jej mieszkańców nazywana „La Serenissina” - Jaśnie oświecona – od dawna wiedzie podróżnych do krainy marzeń: w świat San Marco i wspaniałych palazzi, stojących nad Canal Grande, arcydzieł Tycjana, Tintoretta czy Tiepola, które emanują niepowtarzalnym urokiem. Niniejszy przewodnik po sztuce zawiera dokładny opis znaczących zabytków, zdjęcie każdego omawianego dzieła, liczne eseje na tematy kulturalno-historyczne, ilustrowane mapki, plany i szkice. Tablice chronologiczne, opis weneckich stylów architektonicznych, słowniczek ważniejszych pojęć, noty biograficzne artystów i szczegółowy indeks stanowią niezastąpione źródło wiedzy.


61,85 zł Cena
Architektura i pozostałe dziedziny sztuki w epoce baroku pojmowały świat jako wielki teatr. Zamiłowanie papieży w Rzymie do przepychu, oszałamiające bogactwo na dworze Króla Słońce oraz malarstwo niderlandzkie - wszystko odzwierciedla różnorakie aspekty boskiego porządku


61,85 zł Cena
Włoski renesans to jedna z najwspanialszych epok kultury europejskiej. Autorzy starają się z jednej strony udostępnić podstawową wiedzę na temat renesansu, a z drugiej uwzględnić jego wizualną prezentację. Czytelnik ... zapozna się z rozwojem głównych gatunków artystycznych - architektury, rzeźby, malarstwa, rysunku, i dowie się, dzięki jakim okolicznościom i od jakich artystów pochodziły najbardziej twórcze inspiracje

FLORENCJA. Sztuka i...

36,54 zł Cena
Dostępność: nakład wyczerpany Florencja, stolica Toskanii, kolebka humanizmu, siedziba wielu znakomitych osobistości i twórców – jeden z najbardziej znaczących europejskich ośrodków kultury. Niniejszy przewodnik po sztuce przedstawia wiele znaczących zabytków i skarbów sztuki, wraz z ich szczegółowymi opisami. Ponad sześćset kolorowych fotografii i ilustracji, liczne mapy,plany i szkice uzupełniają całość. Obszerny aneks, zawierający tablice chronologiczne, noty biograficzne artystów, słowniczek ważniejszych pojęć i opis florenckich stylów architektonicznych, stanowi niezastąpione źródło wiedzy.

Contemporary Houses

93,45 zł Cena

Contemporary Houses presents the highlights of modern living culture, designed and furnished by renowned architects and designers. Plentiful color photographs, artful and intriguing in themselves, portray houses and apartments from all over the world, mirroring the culture and lifestyle of their occupants. Beautiful houses can be remarkable works of art in themselves: on more than 1,000 pages, this volume presents the highlights of modern living culture, designed and furnished by renowned architects and designers. Numerous colour photographs, artful and intriguing in themselves, portray houses that blend clear lines and organic forms with their natural surroundings to form a harmonious whole.

Islands - Contemporary...

176,40 zł Cena

Islands - real, artificial, and metaphoric - have always fascinated people. Buildings near, or even in water transcend boundaries and merge concrete, familiar structures with flowing visions to create symphonies of water, light and stone. Examples of the mastery of this interplay of elements are provided by Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat museum island, artificial city suburbs such as Crystal Island in Moscow, and even entire new cities such as Island City in Japan. Apart from such dynamic urban centres, Dubai's luxury islands or the world's most expensive hotel, the Burj al Arab, are also architectural highlights. Visions of the future by renowned architects such as Jean Nouvel, Frank O. Gehry, Zaha Hadid, and Foster & Partners are also presented.


78,75 zł Cena

This illustrated volume on "Plazzi of Rome" presents the magnificent residences of popes and nobles of the Eternal City in an extraordinarily comprehensive and vivid way. Each palazzo and villa is described within its art historical context. Brilliant photographs capture the atmosphere of these fine palaces and villas in their whole splendor. How tightly the histories of the Borghese, Farnese, Colonna, Corsini, and many other of the grand old Roman families are interwoven with the histories of their stately residences becomes evident in the effort they spent in the construction, decoration, and upkeep of the buildings.


78,75 zł Cena

Von schlichten Zelten bis zu den legendären, allzeit beliebten Behausungen auf Rädern wie Caravans und Wohnmobilen, von Wohnwagen über ausgeklügelte mobile Gebäude für Veranstaltungen oder Krisensituationen bis zu Containern als Module für zeitgenössische Fertigarchitektur: Sie sind preiswert, leicht zu bauen und umweltfreundlich. All diese und viele andere mobile Behausungen stellt dieses faszinierende, originelle Buch in detaillierten Beschreibungen und beeindruckenden Farbbildern vor.


628,95 zł Cena

Christianity is the most widespread religion in the world. ARS SACRA pays the due tribute to its art and architecture; a comprehensive compendium presenting just under 2000 years of Christian art, from early Christianity to the present day, with an abundance of illustrations. These include high quality photographs in XXL-format, making this an opulent feast for the senses. This glorious tome impresses with the detail views specifically fitted for the format, which allows the viewer to come within grasp of the displayed objects, often even closer than in reality, and to leisurely indulge in the details.

Wallpaper Tapeten Papiers...

61,95 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie After an amazing abundance of colours and form in the 1960s, high-quality wall covers were increasingly substituted by the ubiquitous woodchip paper. In the meantime, though, wallpaper has evolved into one of the trend topics in materials. Traditional manufacturers are now employing renowned designers to create new patterns which are clearly inspired by current trends or even evolve into trend setters of their own right.

Tokyo Clash

75,60 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie Have an extraordinary encounter with Japanese design culture without boarding a plane or even leaving your home, with Tokyo Clash. Author and photographer, Ralf Bähren, presents Japan’s mega city in a visually stunning collection of images, vividly colorful and rich in contrast. Readers are taken on an exciting trip through the everyday life of the Japanese, a world that doesn’t want to conform to the clichä of Asian reticence in the least. This delightful book promises appealing, provocative, and sometimes absurd insights into a completely foreign world.


160,65 zł Cena

Dostępność: na zamówienie Fashion consciousness interpreted as modern, ethical living - "ecodesign" considers every project a life-cycle that has to be well thought out, from production to disposal. This new "green" approach reflects a dynamic lifestyle that imaginatively brings together design, innovation, and the responsible use of resources. The objects and products featured in this book provide attractive solutions for the demands of contemporary life. A wide, fascinating range of unusual possibilities is presented on 352 richly-illustrated pages: from stylish energy savers for everyday life and multifunctional systems of furniture to the natural cosmetics of the future.

Lofts. Living Working Trading

53,24 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie Designers, architects, and owners have taken the maksimum advantage of these cold spaces, transforming them into luxurioly bright open areas by using original structual elements.

Design Destinations Worldwide

187,95 zł Cena

The finest spa in Bangkok, the most spectacular resort island in the Maldives, the hottest club in Beirut, the hippest hotel in New York, the most exclusive boutique in Paris, the best restaurant in Berlin, the newest museum in Tokyo, and the coolest plaza in Barcelona: all these and more are described in lush detail in Design Destinations Worldwide, a collection of the most spectacular, most exclusive, and hottest places on the planet. Around the globe, new shops, spas, bars, restaurants, and hotels are being established with tremendous fantasy and no expense spared are being interpreted in new ways. Their creation involves not only architects, but also inspired interior decorators, artists, and fashion designers.

Asian design destinatons

257,25 zł Cena

Luxusresorts auf Pfählen, eine Bar, die sich in Bangkoks Straßen ausnimmt wie ein UFO und ein unterirdisches Museum. Was verbindet diese Orte? Sie setzen Trends in Architektur und Design. Asian Design Destinations ist ein Ereignis für die Sinne. Es entführt den Betrachter an die faszinierendsten Plätze in Asien und Fernost. Ist es Kunst? Architektur? Eine Mode? Wird es unserer Zeit einen Stempel aufdrücken, dauerhaft? Wer kann das heute schon sagen. Eines aber ist jetzt bereits sicher. Es ist all das: elektrisierend, verrückt, aufregend, verwegen, märchenhaft – großartig.

World of Contemporary...

55,65 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie The most famous architects and their most recent works, with more than 1000 pages ilustrated in full color. This book presents residential architecture of the most luxurious kind around the globe. The intelligent use of light and space is revealed in the incorporation of each living area. Accordingly, the presentations of the homes are organized according to city, sea, country and mountain environments. The stimulus of the combinations of materials and colors will have an inspiring effect even for owners of less stately quarters.

Historic Maps and Views of...

75,60 zł Cena

Dostępność: niedostępne The 24 unique, fascinating, and beautiful maps and views in this book date from the 12th century to the present, including some of the earliest known maps of Paris as well as topographical maps, views of iconic locations and monuments, transit maps, maps used for advertising, road and bicycle maps, and much more. The images have been carefully selected by photographic historian George Sinclair, who traveled across Europe to mine some of the most obscure historical collections for a wide variety of unique, never-before-published, and visually and historically intriguing images.

Historic Maps and Views of...

20,00 zł Cena

Dostępność: na zamówienie The 24 unique, fascinating, and beautiful maps and views in this book date from the 12th century to the present, including some of the earliest known maps of London as well as topographical maps, views of iconic locations and monuments, transit maps, maps used for advertising, road and bicycle maps, and much more.

Gothic. Architecture,...

86,10 zł Cena
Dostępność: na zamówienie These substantial volumes on art periods vividly portray the most important achievements from the areas of European architecture, sculpture, and painting. The impressive photographs of works from all visual arts movements are at the center of these richly illustrated volumes. The books successfully provide an overview of the artistic diversity of the individual periods, and they couldn’t have been written and illustrated any more clearly. The informative and interesting texts have been written by renowned authors from the fields of the history architecture and art history, providing a multifaceted impression of each period. These books are a real pleasure for anyone with an interest in art.