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Architecture for the Gods II

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"This new edition of one of Images' best-selling books, written by the original author, presents all-new projects that reflect the latest trends in the architecture of religious buildings. More than fifty projects are presented in full colour, sumptuous photographs and drawings, with text that explains the design challenges of the projects and how they were met. Included are churches, synagogues, temples, and other religious structures representing all the major denominations. The author provides an insightful preface to the book, and there is an introduction written by religious architecture scholar John Wesley Cook."

21st Century Sustainable Homes

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"Necessity is the mother of invention, and the global necessity of facing the challenges of Climate Change has unleashed the inventive powers of architects around the world, many of whom are tackling the problem in original and highly creative ways. And yet, as the projects contained in this volume attest, sustainable design doesn't necessarily preclude style and comfort, or even a little bit of luxury. With lush full-colour photography, detailed floor and site plans, and informative descriptions of each house's sustainable design elements, 'Sustainable Homes' takes the reader on a round-the-world journey, traversing a range of climates, to see how today's architects are making the most of traditional and modern design principles and technologies to create more energy efficient houses."

Architecture and Automobiles

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"'Architecture and Automobiles' have been intrinsically linked since the dawn of the internal combustion engine - from the assembly plant to the showroom and on to that ubiquitous fixture of the artificial landscape, the service station. The streamlined forms of automobiles have often inspired architects and some have even ventured into designing their own cars. This book features Foster and Partners, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, ONL, Renzo Piano, Populous, Zaha Hadid, UNStudio and Massimiliano Fuksas."

100 Country Houses: New...

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This richly illustrated volume showcases the best of contemporary rural residential architecture from the world’s most innovative architects. The homes featured in 100 Country Houses: New Rural Architecture range from traditional to experimental, exemplifying a recent shift from the conventional country vernacular towards ultramodern, forward-thinking and eco-friendly designs. In many cases, less restrictive planning regulations in remote areas allow architects to push boundaries and flex their creative muscles, resulting in architectural creations of astonishing scope and vision. Stunning full-colour interior and exterior photographs are complemented by detailed plans, elevations and project descriptions, providing rare insight into the extraordinary talent of these world-class architects.


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Continuing the theme of the previous two Small Spaces books, Mimimum Space Maximum Living M2 by Philip Jodidio is a new look at a variety of small spaces from around the world that includes not only intriguing residential projects, but retail, commercial, and other spaces as well. Ingenuity is the common trait that makes all these spaces work, despite their physical constraints. Floor plans, drawings and detailed photographs throw light on the architect's clever and carefully considered responses to the many challenges posed by restricted spaces. Text in French and English.


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Michael Crosbie's theme for this book is the architect's own office. As with most professions, first impressions are paramount, but architects who design their own offices have their own reputations on the line, in an acutely public manner. Clients may assess a firm's style on the design of its office, and commissions can be won or lost on the basis of vital first impressions. Architects' own offices can be effective sales vehicles for their services to potential clients and they can speak volumes about the style, ability and culture of the firm. The projects carefully chosen for this collection range from the humble but superbly designed, to the spectacular showpiece, each highlighting the importance of an architect's own office and the various roles it plays.


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"View From The Top" goes inside the private spaces of some of the world's most magnificent penthouses and apartments and offers a rare insight into not only the designs and lifestyles experienced in these palatial 'mansions in the sky' but also a look at their amazing vistas. From edgy, sharply dressed apartments with front-row views of famous harbours to grand villas facing the waterfront in places like Venice and Monaco and of course eye-popping pieds-a-terre and penthouses in the heart of Manhattan and London, "View From The Top" displays visionary architecture and extraordinary settings in one richly illustrated volume that showcases the cache of living among the clouds. Come upstairs and admire the view.


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The homes featured in this book challenge the concept of domestic architecture. Concrete, steel, polycarbonate and timber are reconsidered and translated into designs for the 21st century. While they may appear irreverant at first, each advances the cause of contemporary architecture, whether in small increments or as larger gestures. A new book by Stephen Crafti, the author of the "Small Spaces" series, "Beach Houses of Australia and New Zealand" and "Designing for Success: The Office"...


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This work contains nearly 50 examples of the latest ideas and designs in the field of multi-family housing today. Drawn from throughout North America, these multi-family housing projects, presented in full-colour photographs and detailed drawings, show how living environments can be created that respond to local climate, culture and economic necessity. The projects range from affordable housing to luxury condominiums, and all display inventive, creative ways of making private as well as public space that can be shared within the community and neighbourhood at large. Essays by the author, Michael J. Crosbie, and multi-family housing architect Michael Pyatok consider the expressive and ingenious ways of making houses.


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This book picks up from where 100 Top Houses from Down Under left off with another fabulous collection of Aussie and Kiwi houses. There is something special about the way that 'our' architects and designers approach house design - in the way they exploit site, location, materials and the climate to add to the ever-evolving Down Under residential vernacular.Some of the stand-out projects in this new compilation include a former petrol station in New Zealand that is now a beautiful contemporary home (complete with mechanic's bay/wine cellar!) a house in Brisbane built specifically as a showcase of sustainability a coastal house in Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula that uses a mathematical surface as its model, with intriguing spatial results a quirky house in New Zealand that alludes to a nearby railway station a house in suburban Melbourne that brings the garden inside, encouraging ecological diversity and modelling sustainable building practices several examples of significant renovations to period homes tranquil rural properties that engage so completely with the landscape as to almost disappear some streamlined, hip hard-edged warehouse/apartment projects gorgeous beachside projects with the requisite ocean views - the list continues.There are many common themes that link these seemingly diverse projects, but the overwhelming thread is the architects' commitment to an environmental agenda. No longer are passive and active thermal and solar devices, rainwater harvesting and storage, non-mechanical ventilation and the like considered new or experimental. They are integral elements that enrich and enhance the superb architecture practised 'Down Under'.

Ken Yeang Eco Skyscrapers

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Dostępność: na zamówienie For many, eco skyscrapers are synonymous with Ken Yeang. In more than three decades of practice, Ken Yeang has almost single-handedly pioneered and developed this building genre. This book presents Ken Yeang's work on the design of ecologically responsive skyscrapers, and includes his essay on applying green-design principles to the skyscraper typology, as well as a preface by Steve Featherstone, an introduction by David Scott (Chairman of The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) and a critique by Professor Ivor Richards.Ken Yeang makes it clear at the outset that the skyscraper building type is probably the most ecologically unfriendly of all building types, but states that until an economically viable alternative is identified, it is necessary to make them as humane and as sustainable as possible.Each project is presented together with data on its climatic location, the local vegetation, plot ratio, net and gross areas. The book is invaluable to those seeking to design green skyscrapers.

Residential Style

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Dostępność; na zamówienie This publication brings together the most talented architects and designers worldwide to showcase inspirational and contemporary trends in residential interiors. Covering living, leisure, dining, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and outdoor spaces, this full-colour book also features details that will excite architects, designers and all those who admire outstanding design. The mere mention of the word 'home' evokes feelings of warmth and belonging, suggesting places of refuge, retreat and personal space that are as much a personal statement of the resident's enjoyment of life, as testament to the skill of the designer. Residential Style is a sourcebook of inspired kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, living areas, office and studio spaces, and even meditative areas, that can be adapted to suit the reader's own environment. The lavish array of fashionable interiors featured in this book, in styles that range from formal to casual, are accompanied by comprehensive captions that make this book useful to professional designers and the interested home designer. Interiors, from eclectic and eccentric to classic and elegant, are all included. Space planning, flooring features, lighting, furniture, window treatments and other areas of design, are vividly captured, making this an invaluable sourcebook on how to incorporate every element of décor to the best advantage.

Outdoor Living

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Dostępność: na zamówienie The importance of outdoor living spaces, such as courtyards and patios, in our daily lives is highlighted in this new book from IMAGES. Courtyards and patios have been an important architectural feature for thousands of years, and through time, their popularity has not waned. Today these outdoor living spaces play both a decorative and functional role where water, walls, lighting, plants and sky all combine to convey security, calm and quiet. This beautiful volume presents residential outdoor living spaces from South America, Europe, Asia and the US.

Out of Town

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Dostępność: na zamówienie This beautifully photographed book explores the lure of the countryside: the wide open spaces and starry skies, the lack of neighbours, noise and pollution, the ability to 'get away from it all'. Many people are choosing to persue their 'sea change' inland, and are creating some spectacular homes in well-hidden locations. However, the diversity and fragility of rural locations provide substantial challenges for the architect of today, primarily, how to insert a building into a pristine environment without affecting often delicate ecosystems. With the preservation of the natural environment a high priority, architects must work with challenging topography to create structures that 'touch the earth lightly'. Out of Town brings together a wonderful colelction of architects' responses to the challenges of building homes in the country.

New 100 Houses

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Dostępność: na zamówienie "The New 100 Houses" is the fourth book in "Images'" popular "100 Best Houses" series. "Images" has again selected houses that represent the very best in international residential architecture. The houses featured represent everything from the modern to the classical. This is a book that can be browsed through time and again, with each viewing guaranteed to inspire, delight and surprise. Outstanding colour photography captures interior design, layout and furnishings, while exterior photographs meld the house design with its environment. As well as the usual design locations, the book's scope is far more international than earlier titles in the series, with a broader listing of architects from exotic locations such as the Aegean Coast of Turkey, Slovenia, Peru's arid coastline, Bulgaria, as well as from the traditional locations in North America, the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Masters of Light

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Light is the primary language of architecture. It gives form, power and nuance. Masters of Light considers the world's greatest living exponents of design where light is paramount. Practices large and small contribute examples that maximise the use of light and shade. Great contemporary residential design is only achieved with a full understanding of the effects of light on the well-being of occupants. The language of lighting can be as obvious as the single window to the discreet aperture for special effect. Masters of Light condenses the knowledge and secrets of master architects who reveal their poetic vision and technique to fully realise the experience of place.

Houses of God

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Dostępność: na zamówienie If this is architecture for the gods, the gods must be groaning. Not to say that this big, handsome paperback look at more than 40 recent faith-centered architectural projects around the U.S.--complete with full-color photographs, plans, and excellent annotations--doesn't make it amply and diversely clear that there has been a boom in America in recent years in the building of churches, synagogues, mosques, and nondenominational chapels. And certainly not to say that architects aren't finding all sorts of clever ways to update religious iconography for modern times, or combine traditional and contemporary architectural styles under one roof--be it deeply pitched, in the style of the classic country church (like the new St. James Episcopal Church in Fairhope, AL, whose heart-redwood boards, painted bone-white, evoke the region's charming Gulf Coast carpenter-Gothic style), or domed (like Skidmore Owings & Merrill's high-profile Islamic Cultural Center, the first mosque for New York City's sizable Muslim population, skewed on its site to face Mecca, as required by Muslim law, and complete with its own dramatic, postmodern minaret of square, terra-cotta-colored panels).

Houses in the Sun

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Dostępność: na zamówienie For twenty-five years, House + House Architects has created intimate, personal architecture. Cathi and Steven House are well known for their sensitivity to form, colour, light and movement. Their ideas draw from their extensive travel experiences translating sparkling sunlight and dramatic surprise into a tangible spirit within each of the homes that they design. House + House understands a dwelling as a dialogue between site, space, materials and client. Recognised for site-specific well-choreographed, harmonious environments, they strive to bring serenity and awe to those who experience their diverse body of work. This new publication documents the firm's recent residential work throughout California, Mexico and the Caribbean, and examines their design process through exploratory sketches and exquisite photography.

Details for Living

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Architectural detailing makes every piece of architecture individual. Even Mies van der Rohe famously stated that 'God is in the details'. This book by Stephen Crafti, one of the world's most prolific architectural commentators, looks exclusively at architectural detailing for residential architecture. Details in a home can transform the building into something considerably more than just a house. It is an ideal guide for the homeowner, builder and architect. Whether it's a staircase, window treatment, the use of skylights, fireplaces or custom-made joinery, these details personalise space and create memorable architecture in the process. This book highlights many of these wonderful details.

100 Top Houses from Down Under

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Dostępność: na zamówienie In this superb publication, "Images" has collected 100 projects from the best architects and interior designers in Australia and New Zealand. Including beach bachs, city apartments, country retreats, suburban homes with a twist, holiday shacks and much more, this book is guaranteed to delight even the most jaded architectural palate. 'Down Under' architecture is indeed unique, whether due to the astonishing ocean, mountain or landscape views, the clever use of indigenous or local materials, or inventive responses to challenges of climate and site. It is always evolving and increasingly the worthy recipient of close international scrutiny. Presented with beautiful colour photographs and plans, as well as contact details for all architects and designers represented, "100 Top Houses from Down Under" is a fabulous resource book for would-be renovators and dreamers alike.

Design for Kids

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Peter Exley, AIA and Sharon Exley are teachers, educative designers, and generators of good ideas; together they have amassed an impressive portfolio of interactive environments for children. Their firm, architectureisfun, develops architecture, interiors, exhibits, and learning resources for clients interested in sensorial and enlightened experiences as part of daily life. This publication examines architectureisfun's unique methodology that integrates architecture, learning, design and experience in its award-winning projects designed specifically for children. 'Kids on the Fly' at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport is one such project. This soaring exhibit received an American Institute of Architects Interior Architecture Award and is recognised for its universality, accessibility, safety, and design. It is just one of the inventive, original and memorable projects included in this book.