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Sciene Spaces -...

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Science Spaces like research institutes, libraries, laboratories and university facilities are nowadays not just functional buildings, they are contemporary architecture of high standards. The departments and institutes open theirselves more and more to the public and have a higher need for design and architecture. This poses a great challenge for architects and designers as high technology has to be combined with design. Aesthetic and creative solutions have been found: library buildings are decorated with ornamental patterns of writing symbols, color schemes resemble a genetic pattern, and buildings are shaped in an organic way. This books presents outstanding projects of the latest architecture for science, research and education all over the world. An index with contact information is enclosed.


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European emigrés have been changing the face of modern American architecture for decades. Winka Dubbeldam surely belongs to that long list of distinguished practitioners. Working across scales-from a New York skyscraper to a rural house-the Dutch-born architect has established herself as one of the most provocative figures in the field by seamlessly integrating function and form, technology and comfort, city and home. Folded glass facades, intelligent building cores, and interactive environments highlight the work of her progressive, process-based studio/laboratory, Archi-Tectonics. As much resource as monograph, Archi-Tectonics index explores Dubbeldam's intense, research-laden approach to over twenty projects, including the highly acclaimed From HardWare to SoftForm exhibition, Aida Hair Salon, and Gipsy Trail Residence.

Paola Navone

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In her prized creations Milanese artist Paola Navone welds together the opposite tastes of eastern and western cultures to a global, multi-cultural mix of styles. She is an architect, a designer, an art director, an interior decorator. She has presented a host of exhibition and events, designing for the great names in Italian furniture such as Driade, Knoll, Alessi, Armani Casa and Zanotta. This monograph features a cross-section of her work.


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During the last 10 years there has been a significant leap forward in the development of yacht interiors. A decisive factor here was the introduction of the computer in the production process, which has greatly shortened the design phase and allowed more freedom when simulating and visualizing models. As a result, new boat forms, as well as more aerodynamic sails, have emerged, which could be carefully designed and built. The creation of modern yacht interiors reflects current design trends. There is, for instance, a clear trend towards plain and minimalist interiors. Here the designer renounces unnecessary decorative elements and employs pale colours, like white, grey and beige, which make interiors seem larger. In addition to Asian décor elements, there are also very colourful interior designs, which are appealing for their playfulness, among other reasons. Modern yachts, then, do not take a back seat to living quarters on land when it comes to comfort and design, and it is not surprising that, besides famous yacht designers, creative personalities like Armani or Philipp Starck have discovered a love for designing yachts interiors.


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Modern Baroque Interiors deals with an extraordinary design trend: Old buildings are restored to regain their charming essence. Baroque furniture, heavy curtains, chandeliers and winged chairs are set in high-tech surroundings. Gold, silver, burgundy and black emphasize the sophisticated and luxurious nature of the baroque essence. Ornaments and glitter dominate modern interiors. Purity and simplicity are combined with complexity and voluptuousness to create an astounding contrast. The come-back of the baroque style is triumphant. This book illustrates projects with outstanding baroque interiors from the past two years. An index with contact information on the designers and architects is enclosed.

Glass Design

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Glass protects from sunshine, warmth, noise and radiation. It can be self-cleaning, energy storing, regulating and supporting. Glass can do more than encase and illuminate, it can expressively put on display and so accompanies light on its way in both directions. It is provided every time again, what phenomenal qualitites glass contributes as an architectural building block. Glass primarily offers design options by the various styles of treating its surface. Layering, printing, colouring, marking and etching create in isolation or in combination a wide range of the most diverse appearances, which allow the designer a free hand in the process of applying his ideas. This book introduces notable objects from the areas of private living, public and sacred buildings. With numerous illustrations, portraits are presented of hotels, restaurants and bars, togehter with concincingly designed projects of renowned architects.

Concrete Design

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Today, concrete as a building material has a solid place in the designs of architects and engineers. The times when it used to be regarded as 'cold' and even 'brutal' are long gone now. On the contrary, the improved image of concrete is trendy and chic, but simultaneously unobtrusive and timeless. Thanks to new technologies, in recent years it has also been used both outside and inside as a building material for facades. Considered an esthetic, high-quality material which is functional yet can still be decorative, it is the building material of our age. Concrete is used and valued throughout the world and across all cultures. The Western nations, as well as Japan and South America, are famous for their sensitively designed and constructed concrete buildings. This book shows a diverse selection of innovative and esthetic structures that have both private and public functions, including residences and schools, company buildings and exhibition structures. An index with the designer's contacts is also enclosed.

Chinese Design

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Dostępność: na zamówienie In this book Chinese Design, we are pleased to introduce a wide array of different architectural projects, and the various designers, architectural ateliers and developers that have made these works come to light. The distribution of the book has been done in three chapters according to the three main geographical areas - Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong - where most of these projects are located. A fourth chapter covers the architectural projects located in other parts of the Chinese mainland.

Wood Design

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Dostępność: na zamówienie In the modern architecture, wood plays an especially central role, and the significance of this wonderfully diverse raw material in the design of sophisticated buildings and interiors continues to increase.Historically speaking, building without wood is practically unimaginable.Over the centuries, skills and traditions in the industrial arts harbouring an immense wealth of experience have evolved on virtually all continents.The breadth of the material has thus became extremely wide; on the one hand, wood serves as a constructive material, yet it can also be a membrane-like surface.Its employment in interior decorating is just as feasible as its function as a weatherproofing facade skin. Its appearance can be rough and raw, but also sophisticated and clean.It allows a sensual perception that turns almost nuances, from harsh, almost cool, to warm and cozy, into perceptible experience.This book present remarkable object from the realm of private living space, public buildings and religious structures.Along with well-designed hotels, restaurants and bars, they form the latest currents of a modern international wood-building culture.Plans will be included. Index with contact information

Contemporary House Design

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It is true, that our society is evolving at an increasingly rapid pace. Our way of life is changing along with our needs. In recent years the climate has been changing in a way that is perceptible for the first time in human existence. Therefore new building materials, groundbreaking techniques or a simple return to traditional forms of construction, together with carefully studied systems for saving energy and making the most of the resources afforded by nature, are conforming contemporary architecture.

Young Asian Designers

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Dostępność: na zamówienie The Asian countries seek to dominate global markets not only in the area of science, technology and management, but also in the area of design, which is playing an increasingly crucial role in their strategic economic plans. One of their clear trends is the conscious use of traditional themes in combination with contemporary styles. Whether kimonos or packaging, Shinto shrines or computer designs, the viewer is stimulated by a wealth of inspiring visual stimuli. This book presents an overview of the current trends of the young Asian - Pacific design scene. Though the featured works, ideas and products vary very much from each other, they exemplify one thing for sure: The initiated dialogue between cultures and across national borders is increasingly gaining in importance.

Tropical Design

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Tropical Design is not an established architectural style, but a collective description of architecture and interior design in tropical countries, designed by architects from around the equator. Rooted in the traditional style of architecture that is typical in these countries and influenced by the European modern style, a unique architectural lunguage has developed that reflects contemporary tendencies and corresponds to the climatic requirements. As multifaceted as nature in the tropical regions, the architecture in the projects presented here is just as diversified. From " Las Terrazas" by Legoretta+Legoretta glowing under the Mexican sun to the romantic "Anantara" on the Maledives Island to the spacious and modern "LPVM House" by Biselli e Katchborian in Brasil - the book offers a small insight into the contemporary style from tropical countries. An index of contact information of the designer and architects is enclosed.

Shanghai Architecture & Design

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Shanghai is the fastest growing city at the moment and will be one of the most important metropolitan cities in the world. The diversity of Western and Oriental influences can be seen on its streets, in the silhouettes of its buildings and in their interiors, where tradition, design and contemporary tends mingle to create a distinctive language. In a mere 10 years, Shanghai has acquired a skylight comparable with that of New York, which was build over the course of more than 50 years. In this book you will find the image of the contemporary Shanghai, like the world’s future highest building to the new Shanghai International Formula One Circuit. About 35 projects are published, buildings, restaurants, shops and offices.

Patricia Urquiola

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Dostępność: na zamówienie W Mediolanie - stolicy designu, wszyscy twórcy są bohaterami. Męskimi bohaterami. Z jednym wyjątkiem. Jest nim Patricia Urquiola. Po ukończeniu studiów objęła kierownictwo działu projektowego Piero Lissoni. W 2001 roku otworzyła własne studio i dziś pracuje z takimi markami jak: Moroso, Cappellini, Kartell, Alessi i Boffi. W pracy towarzyszy jej ciekawość - wg Urquioli przedmiot powinien wzbudzać pragnienie jego dotknięcia. Inspiracją do projektów jest świat dookoła - sztuka, podróże, moda. Urquiola dużą uwagę poświęca także rzemiosłu, wykorzystuje nowe, nietypowe materiały i łączy je w rzeźbiarskie skręty, wklęsłe i wypukłe powierzchnie. Monografia prezentuje jej twórczość na różnych polach projektowania.

Matali Crasset

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Pozycja przedstawia prace i projekty młodej, ale bardzo obiecującej projektantki przemysłowej Matali Crasset. Uchodzi za znawcę domowych zwyczajów i rytuałów oraz mistrzynię w wiązaniu ich z nowoczesną technologią.

Jewelry Design

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Jewelry is commonly perceived as a beautiful piece of wearable art: stand-alone, sculptural, and aloof. However, in order to understand contemporary jewelry design, we need to view the work as we would the product of any design field: as conceptual projects, as material studies, as social commentaries, and as connections to the past. The various creations by international designers presented in this book give us an outline on current trends and developments in the field of jewelry. Their work is presented as a snapshot of individual practices, a broad sampling of innovative creations and forward-looking designers. What unites them are everyday considerations on context and production. Pictures as well as information on crafting techniques and materials underline the infinite creative potential of jewelry design. An index with contact information is enclosed.

Jean-Marie Massaud

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Dostępność: na zamówienie This volume of a series about young but already very successful architects and designers introduces to the projects of the hip designer Jean-Marie Massaud. As a kid he wanted to be an inventor, these days, his aim is to construct a human vision of sustainable development in the service of life itself. Invention in order to bring form to thought. Constructing to give life substance. The book shows recent urban projects, interior design, furniture and objects, including numerous floor plans and outlines.

Exhibition Design by Daab

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Dostępność: na zamówienie There has barely been an important architect in the world for the past century that has not taken advantage of the possibilities of the tentative play and experimentation provided by the design of exhibition sites for trade fairs and world expos. This publication aims at providing a combination of very recent examples from trade fairs and cultural spaces. The spectacular selection of projects ranges from a small stand designed to capture the visitor's attention at a large trade fair, such as the Sci Fi project, to large exhibition sites of museum-like proportion such as the BMW Center, as well as temporary exhibition spaces in cultural centers and permanent showrooms. There are also various interesting examples of innovations in the design of exhibition spaces whose goal is simply to promote with no link to a specific commercial or cultural product.

Broadcast Design

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Broadcast design and television branding bear an important prominence in our world today. Audiovisual design, in terms of content and technology, is fast-paced: the TV landscape faces great changes in distribution channels and different content models. Those changes demand a strict strategic brand development, which should be suitable for the on-air designs as well as for a range of other media channels and merchandising. With Broadcast Design Björn Bartholdy introduces the corporate design of ten selected international TV channels like BBC, FOX or arte. It gives examples of on-air design positions, introduces the collaboration between channels and design agencies and features interviews of the channel's representatives. Enclosed is a DVD to show the audiovisual media in their natural environment: on screen.

Beijing Architecture & Design

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Apart from being one of Asia’s largest metropolises, Beijing is an ultimate visual challenge. The country's growing economy and construction boom has attracted the attention of the world's finest architects eager to create masterworks in this city. The new is rapidly replacing the old in the country's political, economic and cultural center. When Beijing won the bid in 2001 to host the 2008 Olympic Games, the city started a somewhat controversial transformation. Olympic-driven developments - from sports and cultural infrastructure to business buildings and commercial facilities - have transformed a city once characterized by conservative Communist architecture. Now the emerging Chinese middle-class can live, work and play in Westernstyle residential buildings, offices and malls, such as SOHO Shangdu and can be seen in some of the city's trendiest venues, like Philippe Starck's LAN restaurant and Zhong Song's Song Music Bar + Kitchen. An Index with contact informations of the designers and architects is enclosed.