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More Lofts

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Tectum's earliest bestselling books were those devoted to the fashion for loft living - converting large one-storey spaces within buildings into open plan living spaces. Each volume was a showcase for desirable modern loft spaces in London, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Brussels, Scandinavia, Paris, Berlin and even China. This new photographic collection visits a wide variety of buildings from all over the world, showing how interior designers have transformed them. The choice of subjects mixes classic interior designs with iconic new ones and flea market discoveries. 500 pages of large-format colour photographs illustrate imaginative use of colour and design and the character of space in the open living environment.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie From the minimalist mews house of London's leading architect Seth Stein, to the surreal live/work space of sculptor Andrew Logan, Lofts of London explores the impact of loft culture past and present and reveals the diversity and inspiration behind each space.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie After previous publications about the lofts in Antwerp, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin and Scandinavia the publisher Tectum went on a voyage of discovery in search of the lofts of Brussels. This late-in-the-day European capitol city phenomenon has emerged like lightning. It's happened so fast that the supply of unused industrial buildings has been almost exhausted. The enthusiasm generated by the cosmopolitan public there has encouraged the actors in this market to search for new ways to expand on the generally wide perspectives that appropriate this lifestyle.


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This book will give you an impression of around 45 of the most exciting hair salons from around the globe, in pictures, words and plans. The selection will show a large diversity of different architectural applications. Wether their design is innovative, minimalist, baroque, ethnic or kitch, each of these salons will reveal it's own identity. A real inspirational tool for any hairdresser in search of new ideas for the conversion of his salon.


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Imagine having a romatic dinner in a tram as it is making its way through Milan city center. Or would you rather visit an underwater restaurant? Would you even consider dining on a toilet seat and wiping your mouth with toilet paper? Or does the idea of sitting at a table suspended at a height of 50 metersseem more appealing? Extreme Restaurants takes you on an amazing journey through the world's most bizarre restaurants, from a UFO eatery and a skyscraper restaurant to a bistro in a revolving cable car and a restaurant with only one table. Grabbing a bite to eat has never been so adventurous.

Cult Masterpieces

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Dostępność: na zamówienie There are products that are different from other products, they are striking and stand out from the crowd. A combination of beautiful design, a touch of exclusiveness and a unique history turn a normal product into a phenomenon - they become cult. They fascinate people beyond all social boundaries and influence the image of an entire generation. From a car to a piece of clothing to a coffee machine, cult products are found in all areas and are passionately revered by many people.


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Dostępność: na zamówienie Artists, photographers, designers, interior designers, architects and chefs have all investigated the impact of colour through their creations and works. Colour aides the transmission and enhancement of a mood or a feeling. It creates a certain type of ambience and awakes desire...This collection delves into six colours, one by one, in monochrome.

Colour at Home

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Dostępność: na zamówienie The book focuses on how the usage of different colours can affect people's perception of a space. Colour not only affects the way space appears itself, but also affects the relationships between a room and the objects within it. Reaching beyond simple colour changes through paint choices, this volume explains how the colour of furnishings, accessories and other details can redefine a space. Including all the colours and also special sections on blacks, greys and mixing colours, this volume features hundreds of photographs that will inspire you to re-imagine the house.

Brasseries and Bistros in...

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Photos, stories, anecdotes, and original recipes entice readers to explore 50 historic Parisian restaurants, brasseries, and bistros, all in exceptional settings. Whether antique or contemporary, each introduces a Paris which is hospitable, unusual, and gastronomically delightful. 240 color photos.


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Roof gardens are enjoying a revival. Landscape architects are now being followed by architects, project developers and owners of roof terraces in discovering the advantages of plants on the roof. In each of these locations, designers took up the challenge of the building, the urban environment above the roof-line or the landscape. Each spot is so different that it had to look for a new definition of the roof garden or roof terrace. They have come up with new architectural concepts using water, stone, wood, metal, glass, trees, plants and grass, created new green spaces or achieved astonishing effects up on the roof.


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With the unrivaled success of Loft Bible in mind and the idea of appealing to an even broader public, Tectum Publishers has now published a smaller, handier and cheaper version of this definitive book about loft living. The Mini Bible comprises the same practical information on location, size and architect of the projects discussed, but is now preented in a more convenient and compact format.


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Following the success of Loft Bible and Nude Bible, Tectum Publishers have come up with a third book in the timeless Bible series: the Apartment Bible. In this enormous reference book, you are treated to an immense variety of apartments in a wide range of sizes and prices, situated all over the world. They have been decorated with great ingenuity and imagination, providing immediate inspiration for anyone interested in living in an apartment


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Loft o f Paris is the fourth in a series of seven books that Tectum is publishing on the lofts of seven European cities. After Antwerp, Amsterdam and London and while waiting for Berlin, Barcelona and Stockholm, Tectum has opened the doors of some fifty marvellous loftsin Paris and its outskirts. These lofts were selected to present the challenges of organising and decorating an abandoned industrial site or workshop. Many workshops, garages, warehouses, small factories, printing works and large sheds around Paris have been given a new lease of life.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Lofts o f Antwerp is the first book in Flanders devoted to this new way of living. A unique journey of discovery leads us on a tour of former warehouses, factories, printing plants, and schools - all now magically transformed into stylish lofts with their own individual character. Their new functions are quite varied, from private dwellings to offices, from an art gallery to a film studio.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Lofts of Amsterdam is the second in a series of seven books in which the Tectum publishing company shows you the finest lofts of several Northern, Central and Southern European cities. To follow the highly successful Loft of Antwerp, which appeared in 1999, we shall be going to London, Paris, Hamburg, Barcelona and Stockholm. Diversity is the thread running throughout the series. The image of a city and its inhabitants is defined not only by its geographical situation and history but also by economics.


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Berlin as the second largest city in Europe is not just a haven for the beautiful, rich and famous it is the perfect place for the discerning, astute investor. There is nowhere more rich in cultural diversity, media, political and business srength as Berlin. The apartments, blocks and plots here are in extremly high demand. There is to be a ready rental market for this project as a direct result of the Federal Intelligence Service setting up the headquater within walking distance of this project. Creating around 4000 members of staff needing somewhere to live. Here you will get a luxury that you can´t find so often. The 3-5 floor building is solid, massive clinker construction.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie As a reader you are treated to an immense variety of lofts in a wide range of building from all over the world. They have been converted with great ingenuity and imagination by a new breed of urban dwellers who have embraced the loft living idyll. Enthusiastically eclectic, importing ideas gathered from travel or reading, and using furniture from modern emporiums of design or found in junk shops, these loft dwellers have left the essential character and texture of their buildings intact while layering space in subtle ways so that volumetric grandeur is not lost. This tour gives the reader a glimpse of the inventiveness, vigour and pride employed in creating spectacular dwellings out of amorphous spaces.


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You will be captivated by an impressive compilation of photographs in a wide range of very diverse hotels, giving you a glimpse of the quality time you could expect when staying in these interiors, created with great vigour and imagination.


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Have you ever visited a condom café? Ever been to a double decker bus pub? Or visited a beauty salon that sells more drinks than beauty treatments? No one has ever asked you to cycle a mobile café through the city streets? No worries, Extreme bars will point you to the quirkiest bars around the globe. This book takes you on an amazing pubcrawl along the world's most bizarre bars, pubs and cafés, from an ice bar and an inflatable pub to a café on a municipal water tank and a bar in which you can stare at the other customers by means of 60 cameras. Going out for drinks has just gotten a new meaning


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Dostępność:na zamowienie The re-use of buildings is not only natural and necessary, it's amazing. This book offers a selection of churches, convents and monasteries converted for new uses. Preserving their old structure and very special rooms, these buildings have become modern and luminous spaces: art centers, galleries, hotels, theaters, lofts, houses, commercial buildings, and more. Converted churches shows 35 highly suggestive projects, as a result of this contrast between the original shell and the modern elements, transformed by renowned or just brilliant architects and designers such as Jean Nouvel, Luis Vicente Flores, Matthew Lloyd Architects or Paredes Pedrosa.