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Getty Center Richard Meier...

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Dostępność: na zamówienie The Getty Center opened in 1997 to critical acclaim. Located in the Brentwood Hills above Los Angeles, the Center comprises the J Paul Getty Museum, the Getty Research Institute of Arts and the Humanities, and four other arts institutions which focus on scholarship, conservation and education. The billion-dollar project took over 13 years to accomplish, and includes extensive landscaped gardens. This text, with working drawings, offers an investigation of the building from project to built work.

Glasgow School of Art

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Dostępność: na zamówienie The "Architecture in Detail" series comprises books that focus on individual buildings noted for their exceptional character, innovative design or technical virtuosity. Each volume contains a text by a respected author, a sequence of colour and black-and-white photographs and a set of technical drawings and working details. One of the great works of Arts and Crafts architecture, the Glasgow School of Art is a synthesis of opposites: austere and delicate, dark and light, derivative yet innovative. While the towering outer wall seems to echo the Scottish baronial tradition and the exterior impression is one of imposing grandeur, the interior is a lively and complex set of spaces.

California Aerospace Museum...

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Characterized by their collage-like complexity, their shifts in geometry and frequent use of utilitarian materials, Frank Gehry's buildings blur the fine line that separates art and architecture. The California Aerospace Museum in Los Angeles exemplifies Gehry's irreverent style.

United States Holocaust...

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Dostępność: na zamówienie This building is one of the late twentieth century's most profound architectural statements. It is a living institution dedicated to research and teaching as well as to contemplation and commemoration. One of the most visited museums in the United States, this work by James Ingo Freed is characterized by the unique intellectual and aesthetic energy that drives both its form and its function. Launched in 1991, the Architecture in Detail series attracted immediate acclaim and now comprises more than 60 titles. These books are highly collectable documents, each focusing in depth on a celebrated building. The series covers all sides of the vast spectrum of architecture from the past, present and future; the individual buildings are selected for their exceptional character, innovative design or technical virtuosity. Each volume contains a definitive text by a respected author; a sequence of colour and black-and-white photographs; a series of technical drawings; and a set of essential working details. These titles are vital to every architectural library, appealing to the professional and student alike, or indeed anyone with an appreciation of buildings.

Sydney Opera House

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Sydney Opera House (1957-73) is one of the best-known buildings of the late twentieth century and perhaps Australia's most potent landmark, its white shell-like forms inextricably linked with the image of Sydney itself. A momentous breakthrough for the architecture of its time, Jørn Utzon's building remains monumental in contemporary world architecture across the world. Launched in 1991, the Architecture in Detail series attracted immediate acclaim and now comprises more than 60 titles. These books are highly collectable documents, each focusing in depth on a celebrated building. The series covers all sides of the vast spectrum of architecture from the past, present and future; the individual buildings are selected for their exceptional character, innovative design or technical virtuosity. Each volume contains a definitive text by a respected author; a sequence of color and black-and-white photographs; a series of technical drawings; and a set of essential working details. These titles are vital to every architectural library, appealing to the professional and student alike, or indeed anyone with an appreciation of buildings.

New Retail

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Dostępność: na zamówienie In the decades since the advent of the shopping mall, shopping has become synonymous with entertainment and the retail store a key player in establishing brand identity. In a growing trend, high-profile architects are designing provocative storefronts and interiors that create an aura of exclusivity to draw in customers and attract media attention. New Retail examines this phenomenon with an overview of twenty-four of the most innovative retail spaces built around the world in recent years, designed by high-profile international architects as well as smaller cutting-edge firms. Projects in the book include the Carlos Miele store in New York (Asymptote), three stores for Louis Vuitton in New York and Tokyo (Jun Aoki), Selfridges in Birmingham (Future Systems), two clothing boutiques in São Paulo (Isay Weinfeld), the Mandarina Duck store in Paris (NL Architects), and the Mpries Supermarket in Austria (Dominique Perrault). More than 250 color photographs as well as floor plans and site plans showcase the architectural and interior design, lighting, and intriguingly experimental materials that create these ultimate retail spaces. ediów i klientów.

Modern House III

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Interest in contemporary domestic life has exploded in recent years, with magazines, museum exhibitions, and television showcasing the latest experiments in residential architecture. Modern House 3 documents the latest and best of these new houses around the globe — in Europe, the United States, Mexico, Latin America, Japan, China, and Australia. The houses are organized in three thematic sections: "Merging Inside and Out" addresses integrating architecture and landscape; "Reimagining the Program" presents houses that negotiate unusual programs and client needs; and "Materials, Craft, Technology" examines building with new materials and energy-saving technologies. Each house exemplifies a unique approach to contemporary living and design, such as the Naked House in Tokyo (Shigeru Ban), in which several generations share the same home; the Carter-Tucker House in Australia (Sean Godsell) and Haus Nenning in Austria (Cuckrowicz-Nachbaur), which interpret and update vernacular wood styles; and the Kohler House in Canada (Julie Snow) and Weiss House in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Steven Harris), both vacation getaways that take advantage of rugged, beautiful sites. Each project is accompanied by a 500-to-700-word description that explains the design concept, site, program, and significant building technologies and materials. An illustrated general introduction discusses precedents to these projects and current issues in residential design. Each section also begins with an essay introducing the theme of the section and how it relates to the houses documented.

Modern Japanese House

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Modern Japanese House provides an extensive overview of contemporary residential architecture in a country that is known worldwide for its design innovation. The volume covers an array of projects from the past decade, featuring both established and emerging architects in a meticulous survey of real homes across Japan.

Villa Mairea

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Dostępność: na zamówienie The "Architecture in Detail" series comprises books that focus on individual buildings noted for their exceptional character, innovative design or technical virtuosity. Each volume contains a text by a respected author, a sequence of colour and black-and-white photographs and a set of technical drawings and working details. One of the finest houses of the 20th century, Aalto used his knowledge of vernacular building, Classicism and Modernism to create the Villa Mairea, a building that is humane, rich and lyrical.


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Dostępność: na zamówienie Design in the 1960s represented energy and fun: it was dynamic, cheap and cheerful and it prompted a consumer 'youthquake' revolution. Op Art fabrics, plastic chairs, inflatable houses, mini skirts, paper furniture, pop glass and psychedelic posters were all part of the design phenomenon. When Mary Quant launched 'the look' with her range of ready-to-wear fashions in the early 1960s, its style, like the Habitat interior look launched shortly afterwards, was immediately appropriated by the trendy younger generation. The Sixties traces the transition from the organic, fluid lines of the 'Contemporary' design of the 1950s to the pure geometry of 'the look' and the styles that proliferated throughout the momentous events of the decade. In all fields of design - architecture, ceramics, glass, textiles and furniture - circular and rectilinear motifs were seen to represent futuristic space-age design. The many illustrations include contemporary and avant-garde advertising from the design magazines of the period through to the stunning architectural photography of Julius Shulman. The book further examines the rise of the global design superpowers of the 1960s. While the United States undoubtedly led in the field of architecture, and the Scandinavian style remained a potent force in the applied arts, Britain, at the centre of the fashion and popular culture explosion, and Italy, adding a whole new dimension to furniture and plastics, were emerging as the two new international design superpowers.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Tańsza, miniaturowa, kieszonkowa wersja "The Garden Book", to prezentacja najbardziej znanych, interesujących, starannie wybranch ogrodów i krajobrazów na świecie. To ogrody ze starożytnej Persji, z czasów dynastii Mogołów w Indiach, zakładane wokół chińskich pałaców, a także współczesne z Europy i Ameryki. Zarówno ogrody pałacowe, jak i te małe, przydomowe, zakładane przez amatorów, oddają najważniejsze trendy w sztuce kształtowania pejzażu. W "Księdze ogrodów" znalazły się uporządkowane alfabetycznie, poświęcone ich projektantom, noty, od Alvara Aalto, po Szymona Zuga. Każdemu z nich poświęcono jedną stronę publikacji. Zilustrowano ją zdjęciem, najczęściej - barwnym, które ukazuje jego najbradziej znaną realizację. Uzupełnia je krótki tekst, poświęcony jego roli w historii ogrodnictwa. Zawiera on również podstawowe informacje biografczne. Praktyczny system odnośników pozwala skojarzyć dany ogród z innymi realizacjami utrzymanymi w podobnym stylu, czy też pochodzącymi z tego samego okresu historycznego. Książkę zamyka słownik fachowych terminów z zakresu ogrodnictwa. Each designer is represented by a full-page illustration, mostly in colour, of their most significant garden and an accompanying text that describes the image and discusses the type of garden and its role in the further development of the tradition. Each page includes cross-references to other designers working in a similar style, movement, or time period, as well as biographical information about the designer, and complete data on the garden reproduced. :


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Dostępność:na zamowienie The English Garden" is an illustrated survey of 100 iconic, significant and beautiful gardens in England, from the sixteenth century to the present day. This accessible and informative source book includes an unrivalled range of gardens by designers, makers, patrons, artists, architects and literary figures - from Sir Edward Phelips Montacute House (1590), to today's award-winning designs and large-scale environmental creations, such as Nicholas Grimshaw's Eden Project in Cornwall (2001). Following the format of Phaidon's popular "The Garden Book", "The English Garden" is an easy-to-use guide with 100 gardens organised in chronological order. Each garden has been chosen for its unique contribution to the develoment of English garden design throughout time.The selection is comprehensive and covers all key styles and movements - from the Dutch-influenced gardens of the eighteenth century, such as Manyard Colchester's Westbury Court garden (1705), and the formal gardens of the nineteenth century, like Sir Charles Barry's richly planted terrace at Harewood House (1844), to the Modernist creations of the early twentieth century and gardens by today's leading designers. Other examples include the subtropical splendour of Tresco Abbey Gardens (1834), the quintessential Arts and Crafts garden of Wightwick Manor (1887), the Italian Renaissance-inspired garden at Iford Manor (1899) and the romantic herbaceous borders of the White Garden at Sissinghurst Castle (1948)."The English Garden" presents seminal gardens by early English landscape architects such as William Kent and Capability Brown, the work of great horticultural masters and plantsmen like Christopher Lloyd, Gertrude Jekyll and Vita Sackville-West, as well as contemporary garden designers, including Beth Chatto, David Hicks and Christopher Bradley-Hole, among others. Gardens of historical importance feature as well as national favourites, from Hampton Court Palace garden (1728) to Beatrix Potter's Hill Top garden in the Lake District (1905).In addition, the selection includes gardens by famous literary, artistic and architectural figures such as Alexander Pope, William Wordsworth, Barbara Hepworth and Peter Aldington. Organised chronologically, readers can trace the development of the English garden over time. Each entry consists of a full-page image with a concise text, placing the garden and its maker in stylistic and historical context. The book also features a glossary of terms and movements, a directory of gardens open to the public and an index. "The English Garden" is both an accessible reference and an easy-to-use guide, appealing to both the general reader and practicing gardeners.


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The Contemporary Garden A survey of 100 contemporary gardens, from the early 1920s to the present day. Conceived and edited by Phaidon Editors An accessible and affordable overview of 100 contemporary gardens from the early 1920s to the present day Traces the history of the contemporary garden, from the experimentations of the early 20th century, David Hosack’s Rockefeller Center Roof Garden (1933) for example, to today’s conceptual creations such as Tony Heywood’s Split (2003) Includes gardens all over the world by leading designers such as Roberto Burle-Marx (Brazil), Tadao Ando (Japan), Adriaan Geuze (Netherlands), Fernando Caruncho (Spain) and Martha Schwartz (USA) Features all types of garden, including Modernist landscapes, conceptual spaces, water and roof gardens, and urban parks Arranged in chronological order, each garden has been selected for its creative and innovative design, marking a break from tradition and introducing new ideas and methods of gardening Each entry consists of a full-page image and an accompanying text describing the garden, its designer and historical context Includes a glossary and a directory of gardens open to the public An easy-to-use guide for garden designers and enthusiasts alike


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Dostępność:na zamowienie The 20th century has produced some of the most innovative and memorable designs for private houses, which have become architectural icons worldwide. In the 1920s and 1930s, the private house was the means by which architects established the early Modern Movement, and clients looked favourably on commissioning the avant garde. Today, the house is enjoying an architectural renaissance, as private clients have returned to architects to express their wealth and status. The result is a collection of innovative projects that reveal some of the real concerns of world-famous architects, and display the talents of younger designers eager to establish their reputations. The 30 houses from around the world included in this book were completed in the 1990s, revealing developments in house design by notable contemporary architects, and demonstrating continuing links with the work of the early 20th-century masters.


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Japan Style, written by one of the world's most respected scholars of Japanese art and culture, is an authoritative and wide-ranging visual essay on the aesthetics of Japan.It serves as a unique handbook that aids an understanding of Japanese culture through its architecture, arts, crafts, cinema, and literature. It gives an insight into the essence of Japanese culture, identifying its specific qualities and characteristics from ukiyo-e to Tadao Ando. The author draws connections between art, religion, history, philosophy, and mythology, using the links to frame specific examples of Japanese cultural memes. The book features over 150 illustrations ranging from the traditional to thecontemporary. Japan Style is a perfect introduction to Japanese style and culture.


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When John Ruskin attempted to disparage the Crystal Palace by referring to it as ‘a great cucumber frame’, he hit upon a truism. The Crystal Palace outdid its Victorian glasshouse contemporaries in public gardens around the world and represented the zenith of a building type that had developed spectacularly from humble horticultural roots. The Glasshouse traces the evolution of glass enclosures from the mid-seventeenth century when the desire to nurture exotic plants in a foreign and often hostile climate led to the development of the glasshouse and ingenious mechanical servicing systems, capable of creating its own artificial microclimate. Through tremendous technical advances in the early nineteenth century, large-scale constructions were built initially for private individuals and botanical societies. Towards the mid-century, with the advent of mass-production and specialist component systems, the fashioning of modular constructions, like the Crystal Palace, became possible. The Glasshouse charts the work of innovators such as Joseph Paxton and J C Loudon, and proceeds to examine their influence on the pioneers of twentieth-century design such as Paul Scheerbart and Bruno Taut.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie "Contemporary World Interiors" takes the reader on a global tour of the best and most provocative interior design and architecture projects of the past 25 years, presenting the characteristic traits, influences, and enduring ideas of the contemporary interior. Rather than simply charting passing trends, author Susan Yelavich, a veteran New York-based curator and critic, describes some 450 specific projects by famous designers and promising newcomers alike, in countries as far-ranging as Russia, Israel, Chile, South Korea, and South Africa, as well as more familiar locales in Europe, Japan, and North America. A carefully edited selection of more than 1000 color photographs and plans illustrates the book, all reproduced at a generous format. The book is organized in 11 chapters by building type, with an introduction that presents an overview of the changes and ideas affecting interior architecture and design over the past three decades. As Yelavich points out, gone are the days when any one aesthetic language dominated, as the International Style did in the years after World War II. The new interior climate is inclusive, and once-alien styles flourish side by side. All kinds of interiors - from the once-minimal loft to the once-antiseptic hospital room - show evidence of a renewed interest in ornament, in craft and materiality, and in spatial complexities, often tempered by modernist, postmodernist, or deconstructivist influences. Each chapter opens with a brief introduction of dominant historical precedents and themes, then moves to detailed descriptions of 20 to 50 individual projects, noting the designer, project name, location, year of completion, and significant aspects of the interior, including its architecture, furnishings, color palette, and materials, as well as the designer's or client's aims. The book begins with chapters on residential interiors - houses, lofts, and apartments - following Yelavich's argument that domestic space has become the catalyst for entirely new ways of thinking about other kinds of interiors, from the office worker's cubicle to the nurse's station to the librarian's reading room. The book moves on to offices, civic spaces, religious spaces, cultural spaces, retail, restaurants, hotels, and therapeutic spaces. Within the chapters, readers will find familiar names and places, such as the Tate Modern in London by Herzog and de Meuron; Nobu restaurant in New York, by David Rockwell; and the thermal baths in Vals, by Peter Zumthor; as well as new discoveries, such as the Psychiatrist Hospital in Zeeland, the Netherlands, by the Dutch firm Mecanoo; the Korean Presbyterian Church in New York, by Greg Lynn; and the Joyce Department Store in Taipei, by the New York firm Tsao and McKown.


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Mies van der Rohe at Work A classic monograph by the master architect's long-time collaborator. Peter Carter Reprint of a classic book on Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969) by one of the master architect's long-time collaborators Features enhanced reproductions of the original photography and a new foreword by Phyllis Lambert, Founding Director of the Canadian Centre for Architecture An in-depth study of 28 of Mies' most important buildings, including the Seagram Building, the Barcelona Pavilion and the New National Gallery in Berlin Analyses Mies's structural and spatial concepts, three building types and his urban spaces through extensive photographs, plans and statistics Devotes a section to the architect as educator, both at the Bauhaus and the Illinois Institute of Technology


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Dostępność:na zamowienie La Corbusier to jeden z najwybitniejszych twórców XX wieku w dziedzinie architektury. Urodzony w 1887 roku w Szwajcarii artysta, właściwie Charles Edouard Jeanneret, był nie tylko autorem najważniejszych i najbardziej imponujących budynków 20 wieku ale także malarzem, rzeźbiarzem, projektantem mebli, urbanistą i pisarzem. Jego praca i teorie pozostają dominującą siłą w świecie architektury i designu. Wizualna biografia Le Cobusiera zawiera prawie 2000 zdjęć i dokumentów, w tym wiele nie publikowanych wcześniej materiałów - projektów, planów miast, obrazów, szkiców, archiwalnych fotografii i prywatnej korespondencji. Rzadko publikowane fotografie oraz korespondencja dają możliwość zobaczenia w nowym świetle kontaktów artysty z Josephine Baker, Eileen Gray, Fernand Léger, Pablo Picasso czy Jean Prouvé. Wstęp napisany został przez cenionego francuskiego profesora architektury na Wydziale Sztuk Pięknych Uniwersytetu w Nowym Yorku - Jean-Louis Cohen'a. A spectacular visual biography of one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. By Phaidon Editors, introductory essay by Jean-Louis Cohen A spectacular visual biography of the life and work of Le Corbusier (1887–1965), one of Modernism's most influential architects, urban planners, and theorists Approximately 2,000 images and documents, many previously unpublished, feature his major built works, urban plans, paintings, publications, and furniture as well as sketches, archival photographs, and personal correspondence Rarely seen photographs and correspondence shed new light on Le Corbusier’s relationships with Josephine Baker, Eileen Gray, Fernand Léger, Pablo Picasso, Jean Prouvé, and many others Insightful introductory essay by France’s most authoritative architectural historian and critic, Jean-Louis Cohen, and incisive chapter introductions by highly regarded Le Corbusier scholar Tim Benton The same grandly oversized format as Warhol "Giant Size"


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Dostępność:na zamowienie Eero Saarinen was one of the world's most celebrated architects at the time of his death at the age of 51; he designed and built more than 35 buildings in his lifetime and collaborated on 30 more with his father, renowned architect Eliel Saarinen. Eero's career began in childhood: As the son of the esteemed Eliel, designer of Cranbrook Academy in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Eero grew up in an intellectually charged environment surrounded by art and design, and entered his first architectural competition while still in grade school. Eero Saarinen trained and practiced with his father until the early 1950s, when he established his own firm and began to design some of the most influential institutions of his day, among them residential colleges and a hockey rink at Yale University, an auditorium and chapel at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, American embassies in London and Oslo, and corporate complexes for General Motors, IBM, and Bell Laboratories that spearheaded the creation of the modern suburban office park. While all of these projects blur the boundaries between architecture, art, and landscape, none share a single, identifiable style. Saarinen explored new materials and techniques in every building, developing innovative uses of granite, glazed bricks, reflective glass, concrete, and curtain-wall technology to suit each program. Such wide-ranging approaches to his architecture made Saarinen difficult to classify, and interest in his work dissipated soon after his death. This volume is the most thorough monograph published to date on Eero Saarinen and the first major publication on the architect in 40 years. Organized chronologically in 14 chapters, it traces Saarinen's life and career from his childhood in Finland to collaboration with his father, through his iconic airport projects of the 1960s, documenting more than 60 commissions and competitions. The approximately 300 illustrations include period photography by renowned architectural photographers Ezra Stoller, Balthazar Korab, Harvey Croze, and others; rarely seen original sketches, concept drawings, and plans; and more recent color photography. The book also quotes numerous interviews with Saarinen's colleagues and architecture critics, such as Robert A.M. Stern, Florence Knoll, and Cesar Pelli, examining how Saarinen was viewed in his own time and today.

MODERNISM. Richard Weston

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Starannie napisana i zilustrowana książka pióra Richarda Westona oddaje wyjątkowo istotny wkład tego tak znaczącego okresu obowiązującego w architekturze, wzornictwie i sztuce, jakim był modernizm. Ukazuje również niezwykłe bogactwo przyświecających mu idei oraz teorii. W 1998 roku publikacja ta została wyróżniona nagrodą International Architecture Book Awards przyznaną przez American Institute of Architects.