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Modern House III

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Interest in contemporary domestic life has exploded in recent years, with magazines, museum exhibitions, and television showcasing the latest experiments in residential architecture. Modern House 3 documents the latest and best of these new houses around the globe — in Europe, the United States, Mexico, Latin America, Japan, China, and Australia. The houses are organized in three thematic sections: "Merging Inside and Out" addresses integrating architecture and landscape; "Reimagining the Program" presents houses that negotiate unusual programs and client needs; and "Materials, Craft, Technology" examines building with new materials and energy-saving technologies. Each house exemplifies a unique approach to contemporary living and design, such as the Naked House in Tokyo (Shigeru Ban), in which several generations share the same home; the Carter-Tucker House in Australia (Sean Godsell) and Haus Nenning in Austria (Cuckrowicz-Nachbaur), which interpret and update vernacular wood styles; and the Kohler House in Canada (Julie Snow) and Weiss House in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Steven Harris), both vacation getaways that take advantage of rugged, beautiful sites. Each project is accompanied by a 500-to-700-word description that explains the design concept, site, program, and significant building technologies and materials. An illustrated general introduction discusses precedents to these projects and current issues in residential design. Each section also begins with an essay introducing the theme of the section and how it relates to the houses documented.

Modern Japanese House

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Dostępność: na zamówienie Modern Japanese House provides an extensive overview of contemporary residential architecture in a country that is known worldwide for its design innovation. The volume covers an array of projects from the past decade, featuring both established and emerging architects in a meticulous survey of real homes across Japan.